Streamed Songs to Be Included in the UK Charts for the First Time

Could this shake up the Top 40?

Ultimate Guitar

George Ergatroudis, head of music for Radio One, has confirmed data from streaming services such as Spotify will soon count towards chart placement, which could bring some serious changes to the UK's Top 40.

As Gigwise notes, Ergatroudis was speaking at the "Radio Academy Playlists: What Makes a Hit?" event last night (February 17), as reported by MusicAlly, when he revealed that plays on Spotify and a variety of other music streaming services will soon be incorporated into the UK charts.

Up until now, a seperate chart has been compiled for streaming of songs. In February 2013, following US chart Billboard's announcement they'd be incorporating YouTube plays into its chart data, the Official Charts Company said they wouldn't be following suit.

However, it seems now that streaming software's popularity is at an all-time high - with a revenue of £103m and plays of 7.4 billion in 2013 alone - they've wisely changed their minds.

The UK's current No 1, "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit, recently became the most-played track in a single week on Spotify, having been streamed more than 1.09 million times in a seven day period. It's been played more than 3 million times on Spotify since its release.

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    I honestly thought this would already have been included. Shows what I know.
    Likewise. But the industry is light years behind the behaviour and consumption of fans.
    P.S. They added 'airplay' into the chart stats not so long ago (even though it's less important than streaming), maybe you were thinking of that.
    But to be honest, it won't change much. It only means that some songs would be included on the charts (unfortunately I doubt that metal or rock songs would feature on the charts). I would like to be proved wrong, but that's my feeling.
    Jacques Nel
    What do charts matter in any case? Is it a type of guideline towards what music we 'should' be listening to? Well I know it's made up of the most played/requested songs at the time but honestly who cares?