Students Apologize To The National For Republican Video

artist: The National date: 10/30/2012 category: music news
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Students Apologize To The National For Republican Video
A group of students have apologized to The National after using one of their songs in a pro-Mitt Romney video. The band were disappointed to discover their 2007 song "Fake Empire" on an advert promoting his Presidential campaign. "Our music was used without our permission in this ad. The song you're using was written about the same backward, con game policies Romney is proposing," wrote singer Matt Berninger in a comment under the video which has since been removed. "We encourage all students to educate themselves about the differences between the inclusive, pro-social, compassionate, forward-thinking policies of President Obama and the self-serving politics of the neo-conservative movement and Mitt Romney." The students wrote back via Spin to set the record straight: "We apologize for offending The National and their fans by using a cover/remix of the band's melody for 'Fake Empire'," they said. "Unfortunately we've learned that partisan divide exists on YouTube and in music as much as it does in Washington." The students have promised to re-upload the video with a new soundtrack. The National recently said they had been targeted with hate mail for supporting Obama, but stand by their decision to support and vote for him.
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