Students Apologize To The National For Republican Video

The band were furious to hear their music as part of a pro-Mitt Romney video on YouTube. Now the students have backed down with a sincere apology.

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A group of students have apologized to The National after using one of their songs in a pro-Mitt Romney video.

The band were disappointed to discover their 2007 song "Fake Empire" on an advert promoting his Presidential campaign.

"Our music was used without our permission in this ad. The song you're using was written about the same backward, con game policies Romney is proposing," wrote singer Matt Berninger in a comment under the video which has since been removed. "We encourage all students to educate themselves about the differences between the inclusive, pro-social, compassionate, forward-thinking policies of President Obama and the self-serving politics of the neo-conservative movement and Mitt Romney."

The students wrote back via Spin to set the record straight: "We apologize for offending The National and their fans by using a cover/remix of the band's melody for 'Fake Empire'," they said. "Unfortunately we've learned that partisan divide exists on YouTube and in music as much as it does in Washington." The students have promised to re-upload the video with a new soundtrack.

The National recently said they had been targeted with hate mail for supporting Obama, but stand by their decision to support and vote for him.

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    I wouldn't call that a 'sincere' apology.. But I wonder if the band would've nailed the students with the whole 'Our music was used without our permission' line if it were a pro-Obama video. Does the artist really have power over how people interpret and use their music? If the kids thought the song was a good fit for their message, then who is the artist to say they're wrong? If anything, using a pro-Obama band would work against the campaign, so why does The National need to go the 'holier than thou' route? Let Republicans and Democrats share their love for good bands and good music!
    I think they probably would've gone lighter on them, or said nothing at all. But also I wouldn't have been to happy is someone used my music to promote something I was against.
    What stuns me is that ever time one of these surfaces. The song used/referenced is anti everything the person stands for. i.e. Ryan and his love for RATM! Why don't pro republicans stick to Megadeth and Ted Nugent songs? Those guys would bend over and take one to be associated...
    Why not? Obama uses his freedom of speech right when Liberals don't believe in freedom of speech. See Chick Fil A.
    Of course YOU of all people would defend Chick-Fil-A....
    What wrong with Chick-Fil-A? I eat there sometimes. Its not great, but not crap either.
    They gave money to anti-gay organizations that perform Gay To Straight Conversion Therapy, which is clinically proven to be psychologically harmful. The money you gave them, in part, went to the psychological abuse of LGBT people, some of which are teenagers enrolled against their will.
    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism. Freedom of speech is a two way street. No one was trying to pass laws against him saying whatever the hell he wants to say. It was also never even a free speech issue. It was an issue of where the money was going. The man's comments triggered these protests getting more attention. They've been going on for awhile. Because it's about the money going to groups that actively discriminate against the LBGT community. Sending your money down that pipeline is indirectly funding those groups. Being tolerant does not mean tolerating intolerance. It means tolerating and accepting people as they are. Not tolerating backwards ideology.
    Theres this cool word in the dictionary called "hypocrisy". You should check it out. All the cool kids are resembling it these days.
    Republicans can't even see when a song stands against themselves and still people want to put them in the control... *sigh*
    Right, because I only listen to music that supports my personal beliefs. If the singer has a message that I don't agree with, it must be bad music and I must not enjoy it!
    You know, we've all got our own reasons for listening to what we choose. Listening to Christian metal does not make you a christian and refusing to listen to Satanic metal does not make you a close-minded *****. One of my favorite bands is Red, who are obviously very rooted in Christianity, and even though I may not be a Christian, I enjoy them immensely because of their performance/production value. Does that make me more right than people who enjoy them for the exact reasons I don't? Of course not. Keep calm and turn it up
    That's kind of how it works..... For example, Johnny Rebel. For all I know, his music is actually great, but I along with most people don't want to listen music with a racist message. It's an extreme example, but it's an example.
    I disagree completely. And your extreme example doesn't work. If someone tries to tell me why racism is so great, then that is not someone that I will associate with. But I have plenty of friends with different beliefs than I do, and very much enjoy having discussions with them, political or otherwise. Whether or not I agree, I can understand their side of the argument. I enjoy a very wide range of music, and some of my favorite bands have different political beliefs than I do, but that sure as hell isn't going to keep me from enjoying their music.
    This is not an insult to Conservative people, or musicians, but I would probably agree with you if there was a band with a conservative message that I enjoyed. I'm not a fan of Ted Nuget, Megadeth, Kid Rock, KISS, Prince, Meatloaf, 90's Misfits, or The Beach Boys. Most of them don't even bring up their beliefs in their music, but possibly for a psychological reason, I find their music uninteresting.
    Well maybe you need to be a bit more open minded (not necessarily about those specific bands, none of whom I particularly enjoy lol). My point is just that I like everything from Country to Punk Rock, and enjoying the music does not have to have anything to do with agreeing with the lyrics
    When you're LGBT, half Native American, and have a mental disorder you have to be open minded lol. My library includes everything from John Mayer to Marilyn Manson to Zedd. But I don't listen songs that send messages I disagree with, like patriotic songs, songs about how great wealth is, and songs about partying. But that's because I'm a dual citizen, I don't aspire to be rich, and I don't party. How am I supposed to enjoy a song when the vocals come in and say something that I completely disagree with or I can't relate. I talked with someone about this same topic awhile ago, and I feel that if you ignore the lyrics, you're ignoring a part of the song, like if you cut out the drums or guitar. Thrash Unreal by Against Me! Would just be a mediocre catchy Pop-Punk song if you ignored the lyrics.
    I completely understand that, I always really appreciate a song that speaks to me. I don't ignore the lyrics, but I decided a long time ago that I appreciate the emotion and power of a song more than the specific message. I just don't like being told what type of music I should or shouldn't listen to, which is what I felt the original post was doing.
    That's my opinion with Christian music. The musis might be great but I am completely against the message so I don't listen to it.
    I had a friend who only listend to christian rock. I have no problem with christianity, but most christian bands are bland to me, so I don't listen to them.
    i am a christian and i cant stand "christian music" unless its some heavy ass metal. BLAND. thats the word i have been looking for. like how they just play three chords over and over and sing the same damn lyrics. its annoying and not an enjoyable listening experience. i dont mind the message but hearing it over and over the same way is just not good music.
    Did I said that they're not allowed to like it? No, I said it's weird for them to use a song that stands against their own ideals to SUPPORT THEIR IDEALS.
    J.R. Legrasse
    The National > Koch Brothers Youth
    Second Rate
    I wonder, do you people bellyache to the same level about George Soros and his shady campaign funding or do you just do it when a couple of libertarians get a lot of money?
    Should be using some good ol Five Finger Death Punch anyway... who the hell is The National?
    Five Finger Death Punch is a great band the remake of Bad Company is great watch the video.
    No they aren't and that is one of the worst covers I have ever heard.
    Different opinions are a good right to have so what yours is makes sense to you and to me I disagree with yours but still whatever you like is your opinion. peace
    Comeback Kiddd
    Go watch the movie Warrior. At the end when brother fights brother, a song by them starts playing and you get that feeling of sadness/tears start invading your eyes
    Is that the homoerotic softcore porn movie passed off to the masses as a film about MMA? No... I won't be watching that.
    Rush Limbaugh uses Muse. Paul Ryan loves Rage Against the Machine. Pro-Mitt Romney students use The National's music. Seriously? Can they really be THAT stupid?
    -1 replyiommi600posted on Oct 30, 2012 11:17 am # Republicans can't even see when a song stands against themselves and still people want to put them in the control... *sigh* replyBigMikeBDDposted on Oct 30, 2012 042 pm # Why not? Obama uses his freedom of speech right when Liberals don't believe in freedom of speech. See Chick Fil A. Thank you b/c the person first really has a need to do some research about what he states b/c Obama is the worst pres. even worse beyond light year of J.C. Mitt is a good person FIRST AND IT WAS M.L.K. THAT SAID JUDGE A PERSON BY HIS CHARACTER NOT THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN AND BY THE WAY HE WAS A REPULICAN ALSO!
    Second Rate
    Pro inclusion, pro compassion policies of President Obama? What rock have The National been living under? This is a man who has EXPANDED every liberty killing measure that his predecessor put in place. This is a man that has deported more people in 4 years than his predecessor did in 8. Pro inclusion my ass. Also, if any of you can get in touch with The National... please ask them what a Neo-Conservative is, because many people throw around the word and few of them actually understand the real reason why they are bad (and it's not because they are too different than left wing democrats).