Study the Greats: The Habits of John Frusciante

Not how to match his tone, not how to learn his licks, but how to utilize the tricks that make the essence of John's style.

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Study the Greats: The Habits of John Frusciante

Guitar instructor Tyler Larson of Music Is Win presented a useful video guide, showcasing the habits of RHCP guitar master John Frusciante.

The musician explained: "I am not trying to match his tone, I am not trying to show you his licks - I try to dissect the guitar player's playing, figure out how to take what they do and infuse it in my own guitar playing and give that knowledge to you so you can use some of the best tricks and tips from your favorite guitar players.

You can check out the lesson below.

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    Haven't listened to Incubus in ages, but I would love a Mike Einziger one of these. He has a way of getting his chord progressions, and fucking around with them and the chords that I love. And the two from Mastodon. I'd leve to incorporate those distorted arpeggios in to my own music
    Mikes double stop bends don't get enough respect! It has probably been done before but he's the first guy I noticed using them regularly and they sound awesome
    I would do many things to be able to play like this guy.
    Me too - like learning theory, practicing scale runs, learning how to simplify, endless practice.... Hopefully we both get there! Cheers!
    The awesome mister Dave Simpson has a whole series dedicated to the style of John Froosh: