Sugarland Lawyers Blame Fans For Stage Collapse Injuries

artist: Sugarland date: 02/22/2012 category: music news

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Sugarland Lawyers Blame Fans For Stage Collapse Injuries
Sugarland's lawyers have issued a statement blaming fans for any injuries sustained during the Indiana State Fair tragedy. In August last year, seven people were killed and many more seriously injured before a gig from the American country duo after a storm with winds up to 70mph caused the stage to collapse. 48 of the survivors from the show launched a lawsuit against the band in November last year, claiming that they could have prevented the accident by cancelling the show, but the duo's attorneys have now said that the high-speed winds were an "act of God" and denied that their clients had a responsibility to either warn fans or for the construction of the stage. According to ABC News, the statement also implies that the fans were responsible for their own injuries, claiming they had "resulted from their own fault" because they had "failed to exercise due care for their own safety". However, a statement from the band seemingly distanced themselves from the legal dispute, in which they said: "Sadly when a tragedy occurs, people want to point fingers and try to sensationalize the disaster. The single most important thing to Sugarland are their fans. Their support and love over the past nine years has been unmatched. For anyone to think otherwise is completely devastating to them." The duo had originally hosted a free show in Indianapolis last October to honour those affected by the accident. In the aftermath of the August show, Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles had said: "There are no words to process a moment of this magnitude and gravity. "There are only prayers for peace in the hearts of the bereft, and prayers of thanksgiving for those who were spared or safe." Thanks for the report to
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