Suicide Silence Announce Studio Entrance: 'This Is for Mitch'

"This record will be the grittiest, most meaningful piece of work we've ever stood behind," the band says.

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US deathcore act Suicide Silence confirmed they will be entering studio this week to kick off the recording sessions of their new album, the first one since last year's death of singer Mitch Lucker. The news comes as somewhat of a follow-up to the announcement of now former All Shall Perish singer Hernan "Eddie" Hermida taking over the vocalist duties. As the group also pointed out, Steve Evetts will be in charge of album production. "This record will be the grittiest, most meaningful piece of work we've ever stood behind," reads the Facebook announcement. "We cannot wait for everyone to hear it. Steve Evetts is someone we've worked closely with for a long while, not only on The Black Crown, but also on some instrumental demos just prior to the tragedy last Fall. Here we are a year later prepping to record the nastiest, heaviest, most disgusting work we've ever done. Expect the unexpected. This is for Mitch." Hermida recently gave fans a reassurance that he's capable of delivering a top-notch performance worthy of the group's legacy by just briefly saying "Trust me! I got this.

"We are writing as I am typing this!" he told Metal Injection. "So stoked to see this all come together. Such a different writing process. A lot of musical clay molding going on. Expect heavy, expect different." The announcement was accompanied with a studio photo below. The band's latest studio effort, "The Black Crown," dropped in July 2011 through Century Media Records.

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    They're better off without Mitch to be honest. Now that they're moving on with a new vocalist they can get some real fans instead of just a bunch of fan girls getting moist over Mitch. I mean they write some great material, but they don't get credit for that. They just get credit for having a vocalist that appealed to girls, and when people mention Suicide Silence most people think of Mitch Lucker. They don't think of an amazing band writing amazing material, so I'm glad they've got a new vocalist but losing Mitch was still a terrible tragedy.. R.I.P
    By the way I don't mean any disrespect to Mitch what so ever, without him the band wouldn't be where they are today. I'm just being optimistic about the bands future now that they've got a new vocalist since alot of people seem to be all like "it's not suicide silence without mitch!" The band should be known for their music, not a sole person.
    i agree with mitch being the posterboy of the band, but maybe the band actually liked it? also, i always liked the band for the music first and mitch complimented it in my opinion.. WHATEVER, new music, new era. Let it begin.
    It's true in a weird way. Bring Me the Horizon have the same issue, that their lead singer is a massive poster boy who averts the attention away from the music half the time. If he left the band, they probably wouldn't have such a large fanbase
    I'd rather have a smaller fanbase that cares more about the musical output than the image, than a large fanbase full of idiots
    I'm sure many bands started out that way, but then they get corrupted with money and fame. Look at three days grace: Adam Gontier left because the rest of the band wanted money through more mainstream music, rather than being unique. Other times you're just in the niche market: great artists who are incredibly underrated. They tend to make the best music though and are most consistent (no fans always whining over the changes in their music).
    if he left the band there would be no band. they arent as big as SS and wouldnt have the "sex appeal" front man to bring in all the fangirls
    They finally made some noticeable progress with The Black Crown. Hopefully that continues.
    Unfortunately this is true for a lot of modern metalcore. Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, BMTH, Of Mice & Men etc only their lead vocalists get attention. In my opinion metal is about being ugly and angry and really connecting to the outcasts of the world, rather than like you said, a bunch of fangirls thinking the vocalists are hot or whatever. And I mean the bands I listed imo do have hot vocalists but it seems like they're the main selling point of the band, rather than the music.
    thank god i got here before the hate comments, i'd love to see new SS stuff and i really like the snippet of You Only Live Once, you can actually understand the lyrics he's screaming, it's much better, but still doesn't compare in a way
    Hopefully it'll be a punch in the face to the fangirls who suddenly loved them after Mitch died and only know the popular black crown songs
    totally agreed. if those fangirls listened to the cleansing they would s*** bricks
    I've seen SS twice with Mitch still around There ain't ONE fan girl.... tahahahaha Watch the music video Unanswered and you tell me But much luck to these guys! I'm excited for the future
    Suicide Silence are just the bait for scene kids that think they have it tough in life. They're musically generic and their last release was the coup de grâce to any hope I had for them to succeed. Downvote all you want, but just remember that all their songs had the same rhythm and I didn't hear much of Mitch's real voice as they layered it to hell in The Black Crown. Sorry, but that's my opinion.
    The Black Crown was bad; I can't name anyone who would say otherwise. But I loved their first album, and I'm hoping a new vocalist and creative input wold bring out the potential they have.
    Hopefully it won't be all drop A breakdowns and blast beats. You could tell what they were trying to do on The Black Crown, but they just didn't have much variety. It got repetitive. Hopefully we'll get some complex, crazy shit
    When I think of suicide silence I think of brutal breakdowns. I really hope the next record is simila to the black crown. Good luck you guys
    I agree - I was able to process the music on The Black Crown a lot better than the previous two albums. I hope the new music continues in that direction.
    I don't understand these shitheads who claim to "hate" Suicide Silence because they got a new singer. It's like Metallica getting Jason Newsted, they weren't gonna get a new member if he really was bad, or wasn't as good, if not better, than the original.
    I also disagree with the hate, but getting a new singer can have slightly more of an impact on the bands sound than a new bassist (Ignoring songwriting skills).
    Agreed, changing of vocalists has probably the most effective change on overall sound of a band than any other member. That being said, there are examples that prove it can be for the better: Taneli being replaced by Ville in Sentenced, Paul being replaced by Bruce in Iron Maiden. However, I did love Mitch's vocals and I prefer Hernan to be in All Shall Perish, still checking out the new album though.
    I dont understand all the hate towards Eddie. Im pretty sure Mitch wouldve wanted the band to move on. And plus Eddie was one of Mitch's close friends..... RIP Mitch
    I don't like their music at all, but it's great to see such a young band move on relatively quickly, it's very mature and I'm sure there are lots of great things ahead of them.
    I'm really glad they're moving on with new stuff. It'll be tough for me to hear them with Eddie, just like hearing ETF with Ronnie as opposed to Craig (yes, I like SS and ETF). I loved Mitch's voice, but Eddie's segment of You Only Live Once was good too. It'll take time, but I think everyone who liked them for their music will like them with Eddie.
    why you all talk about black crown... the cleansing is obviously their best, BC ist even deathcore.... new singer is from All shall Perish old scool deathcore not for pussy scene kids
    I'm willing to give it a try like everyone else should. This is for Mitch and he would want the band to move on because they didn't come all this way for nothing. Mitch was amazing and Hernan "Eddie" Hermida isn't a replacement he is honoring his fallen brother like the rest of the band because that's what mitch would want. Mitch Lucker R.I.P.
    What a load of shit 'This is for mitch' Shut up, just accept you're moving on as a band without him, I ****ing hate how bands have to act as if there is some new found ****ing inspiration due to a member dieing and then releasing a record that sounds equal to the rest.
    You're right, I'm sure that losing one of your closest friends wouldn't effect you in any way (definitely not emotionally or creatively). How dare they dedicate their upcoming release to their deceased vocalist, or move on doing what they love in spite of their loss. Makes me sick to think that bands can get away with such atrocities to nature.
    I think the sum of the parts is greater with Hermida. Look, I don't mean to be a dick, but Mitch Lucker's vocals were incredibly, INCREDIBLY processed and fake and just downright annoying. They've got a real vocalist, now, and they'll be better than they ever have been. It sucks that the guy died, but I'm not going to start acting like he was some phenomenal vocalist when he wasn't.
    I'm looking forward to new material from them. I do however find it odd that people on here seem so supportive of Suicide Silence moving on without Mitch, yet god forbid Slayer does anything without Jeff. Seems like a double standard.
    Because Jeff could play what he wrote, and he didn't have to process it with a bunch of computerized garbage to get it to sound good. Unlike Mitch, who sounded incredibly phony in the studio, and sounded like Donald Duck live.
    I think you're thinking of Alex from Chelsea Grin. Mitch sounded amazing live. Well, not during his last year of touring.