Suicide Silence To Play Special Show To Raise Funds For Mitch Lucker's Daughter

The surviving members of Suicide Silence will play a special show on December 21 as a tribute to their late singer, Mitch Lucker, who died November 1.

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The surviving members of Suicide Silence will play a special show on December 21 at the Fox theater in Pomona, California as a tribute to their late singer, Mitch Lucker, who died November 1, after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash in Huntington Beach on Halloween night, Blabbermouth reports. All proceeds from the event will go towards the education of Mitch's five-year-old daughter, Kenadee Lucker. The concert announcement was made on Saturday, November 24 during the sixth annual California Metalfest at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California.

Speaking to the audience, Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun said (see video below), "We f--king lost our brother; I'm sure you all know that. We all miss him more than anything in the f--king world."

He continued, "I think something that is really important to us is that we consider Suicide Silence a family - as far as the band goes, as far as any crew member we've ever had, anybody that's ever worked for us, and the fans... Everyone is family; that is the greatest thing that's ever happened to us and we're so grateful to be a part of this.

"This is the most difficult thing we've ever had to deal with; I really don't know where to start. We're just dealing with it day by day, and I hope everybody else is dealing with it. It's just unreal to have to be up here right now talking about this.

"We wanna say thank you all so much for donating to Kenadee's education fund.

"Everybody's been asking what we're gonna do as a band. We're putting together a show. It's gonna be at Fox Theater on December 21. Just kind of the best show, the best event that you could possibly imagine. Obviously, Mitch is not gonna be there. We're gonna have a different singer every single song. We're gonna put the best show that we possibly can together. It's already in the works. Tickets go on sale next Friday. Hopefully everybody can make it out. It's gonna be really fucking special. And all the money that is going towards the show is going to Kenadee's educational fund. So it's going to a cause and Mitch would really appreciate it and we appreciate it. Thank you very much."

A funeral service for Mitch Lucker was held on November 8. The ceremony was attended by family and friends, including Suicide Silence bassist Dan Kenny, who tweeted afterwards, "Had to bury my brother today, he looked peaceful when I saw him. It was very hard but it was needed! To the fans just know Mitch loved yall".

Suicide Silence has launched a memorial fund to provide assistance to Lucker's family. Those who donate $20 or more will receive a commemorative t-shirt.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lucker struck a light pole near the intersection of Main and 13th streets and was thrown from his 2013 Harley Davidson. The motorcycle continued sliding south on Main Street and struck a northbound 2007 Nissan Titan pickup.

Lucker, who was treated at the scene by paramedics, died shortly after 6 a.m. at UC Irvine Medical Center.

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    Full respect from me, I think it's great what the band are doing! RIP Mitch.
    I never enjoyed his singing but it hits me hard when you read about all of this stuff and when I saw on my news feed the reaction from all the companies I had liked on Facebook paying their respects. Even if you're not a fan, you can't help but feel a special person like Mitch deserved so much more. He touched a lot of souls and I can only wish I was half the guy he was and how many lives he affected. Rest In Peace buddy
    For those other deceased drunk drivers, most of them don't have a band or bands putting on a show to raise money for their surviving relatives. As sad as Mitch Lucker passing is, it doesn't change the fact that he drove drunk while ignoring his wife telling him not to. It is indeed lucky he didn't take anyone else down with him like Ryan Dunn did
    Who is Suicide Silenc?
    One of the coolest metal bands I never got to see. Who did they get to sing?
    I know how you feel. I should've seen them at Roskilde festival this year, but I chose to go home and shower instead (it was the last of 10 nights, and I was so damn tired). I made a huge mistake that night.
    I could have seen them with Abigail Williams in Nottingham but I didn't go because my friend wasn't up for it. I have since then vowed to always go to gigs that I want to go to, whether I have to go alone or not. I will never miss my favorite bands live again!
    Ryan Withers
    wow really? how about sympathy for his ****ing daughter? yeah it was a bad mistake on his part, but to say you have no sympathy is freaken wrong.
    Honestly i dont like Suicide silence its a bit too extreme for me, but i still respect them, and am sory for them, loosin the vocalist can be very tough, not only emotionaly but it is hart to replace the vocals, this is great what they are donig, and i support them RIP Mitch Lucker
    My Last Words
    I like the fact how you find this music a bit too extreme while at the same time you have dimebag darrel as an avatar which could indicate a love for Pantera. Seriously brah, even "ride my rocket" (look it up) is more metal then Suicide Silence. In all seriousness tho, I feel sorry for the girl. As for the singer, that's what you get for being irresponsible.
    I don't remember hearing anything about being being drunk (which I assumed you meant by "irresponsible") I thought he just lost control. Even if he was, that doesn't mean he deserved to die. Nobody does.
    If he was riding drunk he doesn't really deserve any sympathy though. His wife said he was drunk. Either way, at least someone is helping his daughter. Hopefully they'll continue to look after her since he can't because of his foolish mistake.
    This is amazing, but I'd just like to say; Mitch Lucker was announced dead on November 1st. There was a candlelit vigil, a funeral and mass outpourings of grief across the globe in the weeks since. Why is this the first news story UG has published in relation to his death? You don't miss a single occasion when Dave Mustaine or Ted Nugent makes a twat of himself, report stories that tell us nothing new at all, yet it takes 3 1/2 weeks to make even a mention of an event RELATED TO the death of a prominent musician! Disappointed, guys!
    They posted an article 'RIP Mitch Lucker' on the 2nd of November so do calm down.
    When your life's journey progresses to the point of you having kids, you have to think about more than just yourself. Anyone that makes the choice to get drunk and get behind the wheel of a car or hop on a bike is a fool, but to do do with a 5 year old child waiting at home is a complete c**k head. Much sympathy for he's poor family left behind to pick up the pieces from such a stupid act.
    His wife was begging him not to leave that night because he was drunk. I thank God that he was the only one that was killed, what a selfish prick. NO SYMPATHY FOR DRINKING AND DRIVING!
    I'm no fan of drunk driving either, but a little sympathy won't kill you. Regardless of how he died, and how selfish you think he is, the fact remains that his five year old daughter is now without a father. No one deserves that.
    I agree, unbelievably sad that his daughter will have to go through life without a father and nobody deserves that. But he did that to her, I have incredible sympathy for her, even more so because that she has to go through life knowing that her dad wasn't thinking about her or anybody else but himself when he left drunk. All support for her, but let's not forget daddy's decision that lead to it.
    His post never said he lacked sympathy for the daughter. His post was directed at Mitch, who really doesn't deserve any. Having sympathy for the people around him, especially his daughter, I can agree with.
    Sammy Mantis
    True, looking at that picture of his daughter up there, it's hard to imagine how a drunken joy ride on a motorcycle could have seemed more important to him. I sympathize with his wife and daughter, but certainly not him. As you said, at least he only killed himself and not anyone else.
    Well cast the first stone, then. Fucker. There are many stupid driving decisions you can make while sober , and those decisions kill just as many people as drunk driving does. So if you die because you were going too fast on icy roads, or you ran a stop sign or red light, or cut off another vehicle, don't expect any sympathy, right? Christ.
    If you really think that running a red light while sober is even slightly comparable to getting behind the wheel while not being in a fully conscious state, then I truly hope you don't have a license. Drunk driving is responsible for more than half the deaths on the road, and the majority of the victims are completely sober innocent people. Again, very thankful Mitch's death was the only one that night. Nobody deserves to die in the wake of a selfish loser.
    Glad to know you don't make mistakes, man. Must make life pretty easy for you.
    Yeah, that was what I said, verbatim.
    Well then let me clarify myself, then. The sober decisions I listed happen more often than not because the driver is either A. not paying attention, by choice or B. Uninformed (which really is hard to imagine, particularly with the icy roads situation. How the **** do some people not know that you have to slow down on ice?). One way or the other, these other decisions are just as much a decision as driving drunk is. All I'm saying is don't condemn the dude. He died. He paid enough of a price. It could happen to you, too.
    I'll condemn him as much as I want and will continue to do so. He is a shinning example of what a loser is: Drunk with his wife screaming at him not to drive off while his little girl is sound asleep unaware of what her life will become in the morning. What a man he was! Come on, let's get real. Kind of ironic he was in a band with the name "Suicide" in the title, cuz that's what he did. And by the way, it already has happened to me, luckily I survived being hit by a drunk driver. No sympathy, not a ****ing drop. He is a shitbag, sorry, dead shitbag.
    And you survive on the road on a daily basis because you have to watch out or perfectly sober drivers who are really really stupid. I'm not saying it isn't any different, and I've had family killed by drunk drivers, but last time I checked the behind the wheel had a family, and friends, and a life, and plenty to lose as well. Everybody says they'd never drive drunk. Unfortunately, many of those people eat their very words quite consistently. Drunk driving is a problem, no doubt, but do we forgive the person who makes it home? You're condemning a good majority of our population with your claims. I'm not trying to condone it, but there's a larger perspective here. Loser isn't the only word that can be used to define Mitch Lucker, I'm sure.
    Masta' Exploda'
    Actually, it was not a fully conscious decision, because he was drunk and his judgement was altered by that, so it's not because he was selfish that he went to ride that night, but because he was drunk and couldn't think properly about the situation.
    Then the man should have drank more responsibly. If he was an alcoholic he should have gotten help. I know many, many people who get smashed far too often and yet they don't ride carelessly into the night. Partly because they're responsible enough to take proper precautions so that it doesn't ****ing happen. I've been right before the point of blacking out and still knew I shouldn't get behind a wheel. I'm not accepting any excuses for drunk driving. Also @ BwareDWare94: Things like inexperienced driving are not really comparable to things like driving under the influence. They're two very different things. If you're going to stick up for Mitch please find an argument that is actually sound and logical, not one that just appears to be.
    Being drunk is not some kind of excuse. He is the one who chose to have alcohol. He should have been more responsible.
    RIP Mitch. it's still hard to believe he's gone and i didn't get to see a great performance from a very influential band in many ways.
    Can't say I'm a fan of Suicide Silence. Saw em live at Mayhem and walked away. But, lack of respect for the music aside, losing family sucks. Condolences to the band and to Mitch's daughter. My heart goes out to them. R.I.P.
    "Was thrown from his 2013 Harley Davidson." How did Mitch have a bike from the future?
    ... really? I'll assume you're not trolling and point out that new year vehicle models come out before the actual year.
    whether you like them or not, this is not the place to bash someone for making a mistake. we've all made mistakes, and a lot of us here have probably driven a vehicle after having a few drinks ourselves. Is it too much to ask of people to show a little sympathy? The guy had a little girl that will now grow up without her dad, for ****s sake. show some respect you neanderthals.
    I think that is the point: the fact that this little girl will have to grow up without a daddy, all because he chose to ride whilst drunk.
    Funds go to his daughter's education? does this mean they're raising money so that she can go to a fancy school..?
    Just as a point to those condemning Mitch, when you're drunk, you aren't in full control, so to say he was irresponsible for driving drunk is just ****ing ignorant. He was irresponsible for getting drunk, yes, but enough to say that he's a selfish son of a bitch that deserved to die? I don't think so. RIP Mitch. These *****s don't know the first thing about moral judgment.
    So what you're saying is, if somebody got drunk and killed a bunch of people, it wouldn't be their fault since they were drunk?
    i've seen so many bands do covers of suicide silence songs since mitch lucker died, glad they're touring and glad the bands are paying respect. Rock In Pieces Mitch
    And if you die because you, while sober, drive like a dumbass and cut somebody off, or run a stop sign or red light, or hit ice driving too fast, then you can say shit like this. Drunk driving isn't the only stupid on-road decision that can be made, and the ones I just listed kill as many people as drunk drivers do. No sympathy? Fuck you. If you can't find some empathy, you can take your self-righteous ass and cast the first stone. Fucker.
    This was meant to be a reply to sk8aman. Looks like it as a general comment after I logged in.
    im not mental
    i'll be in northern california for this otherwise i'd make the drive to pomona. hopefully they make a dvd of this.
    I never even liked this band, but I can respect them for this show. Very noble of them to do it for Mitch's daughter. And I really like the sound of having a difference vocalist for each song. Hopefully they can get Brook Reeves on board.
    Hmmmm its cool what the band are doing.... but the guy they're doing it for....a total cock. Its a shame he lost his life but being pissed and riding is a total ****s trick. Everyone makes mistakes but people still have to live with the end results.
    That must have been so hard to say.... RIP bruv \m/ and all thr love in the world to his family
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    This is a good thing to hear. I certainly wouldn't say he deserved to die, but unfortunately you take a gamble when you get on any sort of motorised vehicle whilst drunk. I just hope at least one person reading this will take note and be a bit more careful whilst on their bike. Being drunk is not some kind of excuse to be irresponsible.
    I don't really enjoy the band at all, but that's still incredibly sad for his little girl and his wife. Nothing like this should ever happen.