Sum 41 Drummer Quits

Steve "Stevo" Jocz decided to part ways with the other band members.

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Steve "Stevo" Jocz took to Sum 41's official Facebook page last night April 17 to announce his decision to part ways with the band, NME reports.

Sum 41 are due to release a new album later this year but it is currently unclear whether all the tracks had been fully recorded before the drummer's departure. Jocz, who was a founding member of Sum 41 along with frontman Deryck Whibley, made the post thanking fans for "making the last 17 years possible."

Jocz did not explain the sudden post or the reason for his departure but said that he has "had a blast." He also says: "I've had the opportunity to see and experience so much and for that I am truly grateful."

The full statement reads: "I'm sorry to announce that I've decided to leave Sum 41.Touring with the band has been an amazing experience that has taken us far beyond our old practice space in my parent's basement to countless countries around the world. I've had the opportunity to see and experience so much and for that I am truly grateful. I just want to thank all of our fans for making the last 17 years possible. I had a blast. Thanks again, Stevo."

Guitarist Dave Baksh, who was also a founding member, left Sum 41 in 2006 to join new band Brown Brigade after citing the classic line: "creative differences." Last week, Sum 41 dropped out from supporting Billy Talent on their Canadian tour because of Whibley's reoccurring back pain.

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    im not mental
    he did all their rap bits too didn't he? ****, fat lip will never be the same.
    He also was like 90% of the bands humor. Very sad news as they are on of my favorite bands. =(
    This has to be the end of the band really, him and Dave were easily the strongest members. Sad, as their work from 2000-2005 was superb, they've been hit and miss since then.
    I miss Brownsound (lead guitar). Admittedly, I haven't listened to their latest release, but Chuck is by far my favorite.
    Chuck was just amazing! I didn't follow them after Dave went away though.
    I had no idea these guys were still around...
    You should check out "Screaming Bloody Murder" then. I listened to it for the first time a few months ago, and it's their strongest release yet imo.
    It's alright. They've had better albums though that were more punk.
    That's probably why SBM is good. It's less punk and more musical depth. Then again, I always did like Chuck and DTLI? more than AKNF and UH.
    vppark2 and vash, you guys are both wrong, of course they did write some punk rock song such as "never wake up" and "anic" but it does not mean they did a punk rock album. I wish Stevo32 luck on on his futur plan tho
    I was set to see Sum41 with Billy Talent two nights ago. They dropped out of the tour five days before the date I was going to due to Deryck's back issues. Upon reading that announcement, fans who have already seen them play said that Deryck was too drunk to function, and it's possible that Deryck's alcohol and/or drug abuse could also be at cause. I chopped that up to idiots being idiots. Then I realized that Sum41 has done this the past 3 tours.. just drop out at the end of them. So I didn't think much of it, went to see Billy Talent. Ben from Billy Talent had some words about Sum41. A couple times saying "So before Sum41 f***ed off," and another time when people boo'd Sum41 not being there Ben said "Don't boo me. I kept my obligations." So it seemed like there was a bit of a fallout during this tour. Not saying Ben should have acted this way.. But now seeing this.. I think it's quite clear that there is some kind of problem involving Deryck. I wish them all the best, however.
    the first band i ever saw live, hope they can carry on without him
    Same here, first band I really got into. Its a shame he had the most talent in the band, and was the main reason I watched their interviews. They wont be closing with Pain for Pleasure any more. Only one vocalist left that recorded Fat Lip. Definitely going to miss him.
    No not Steve! He was the best! Definitely won't be the same without him. Gotta be the end now that Brownsound and Steveo are gone.
    going to be hard to find a replacement.. listening to Pain for Pleasure when they do it live will not be the same, as the drummer and singer switched around for that song.
    Hmm. So many people who love Sum, but yet so many Green Day haters. Fuck logic.
    Sum 41 are a pop-punk band much like Green Day. The difference is that the members of Sum 41 can actually play their instruments and use more than four chords in a song.
    Are you ****ing kidding me? Look at 4.43 Mike - best pop-punk bassist ever Tre - Surely in top 10 best punk-rock (and all it's belonging subgenres) drummers. Jason - a kickass guitarist. There is not a single person in Sum who plays their instrument better than guys in Green day. And yeah...Green day is a much better band than sum. More constant, more influential, more diverse, with better lyrics...
    I don't mind Green Day but to say Tr Cool is up there with the best pop punk (and all belonging sub-genres) drummers is insane. I'm assuming you're going to throw skatepunk under these other sub genres, in which case I could name 10 off the top of my head that are better? Even if your not, as a drummer I'd rate Travis (obviously... :-\), Ron Welty, SteveO, Rory Koff and Zach Lind as better and I don't even like pop punk that much so I'm just naming the drummers from pop punk bands I do know. Tr does what he needs to but he uses a lot of the same grooves and fills over and over. Oh and, for my money, Matt Riddle > Mike Dirnt This isn't to shit on Green Day - I like Green Day. They're just not the best individually at what they do. Oh and Brownsound and SteveO DEFINITELY play(ed) their instruments better than Jason and Tr do....
    Ok, I understand if you like stevo Better than Tre, but calling Matt better than Mike? That's I mean - Longview, Armatage Shanks, Panic song, Stuart and the avenue, JAR, Green Day, Makeout party etc.
    Being a drummer I don't know too much about what makes a great bass player but when I listen to No Use For A Name I always find Matt's bass lines are more fluid to the direction of the song. The whole of Hard Rock Bottom has good bass on there IMO. Mike always struck me as a guy who was a guitar player first and picked up a bass so he could be in the band. Just my opinion though - everyone's entitled to one
    i saw sum 41 a month before steve dropped out.. deryck didn't look all that well to me. i kind of always wonder if avril's engagement/wedding bothered him (but who really knows). anyways, i'm really concerned about his health i sure hope that sum won't quit making music... that will be devastating. i really hope deryck will get better.