Sum 41 Guitarist Quits

After more than a decade playing together, Sum 41 and guitarist Dave "Brownsound" Baksh have parted ways.

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Sum 41 and guitarist Dave "Brownsound" Baksh have parted ways, according to report.

In a statement released by Upper Management, the company that represents Baksh, the guitarist attributed his exit to the old standby of creative differences, but said the split was completely amicable.

"I couldn't continue on creatively in Sum 41 without being a thorn in the side of the band. As people grow, they change," the statement read. "All I can ask is that our fans understand and accept my thanks for being there for me whenever I was feeling happy, sad or depressed.

"The first thing Steve [Jocz], Cone [McCaslin] and Deryck [Whibley] told me was that they just want me to be happy. It was awesome to hear that we all had the same feelings," the statement continued. "We are brothers, and no matter what, they are Sum 41 and they will make an incredible album! Peace love and all of the above."

According to Mike Renaud, the president of Upper Management, the split was simply a matter of Baksh wanting to focus his creative energies elsewhere.

"Dave and his wife are not having a baby. The reason he's going is because he felt it was time to go. He's got a new band called Brown Brigade, and he felt it was time to make a switch," Renaud said. "There's no bad blood between anyone in Sum, and Dave is incredibly proud of everything he did with the band. It's just that after they finished touring for [2004's] Chuck, they took a break, and in that time, Dave decided it was time to make a switch to Brown Brigade."

Brown Brigade will have more of a "classic metal" feel to it, Renaud said, adding that Baksh is currently working on songs and auditioning singers for the band. He also added that Sum 41 are in the early stages of writing a follow-up to Chuck.


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    sum 41 is good, and i'm sure theyll find a better guitarist than baksh. even though baksh is really good. keep goin on sums!
    Why the hell is everyone saying he had no input to their past albums... Ever heard of the album Chuck. Well guess who fused metal with punk.... Brown Sound! If you guys dont know the whole story then dont open your mouth!
    They are called sum 41 because they were 41 days into the summer when they made the band and thats the truth.....(sory if somoneone alredy sed it)
    I grew into the punk\harcore\metal\emo cos of sum 41. They got me into all this. Since then i have been an avid fan of them. Ya can say i was their crazy fan. To me they are the one of the best band around now. If ya all had followed their ablum frm half hour of power till chuck. ya will know that they are a very talented band and eveyone members play a part in it. Look at their rendition of walk this way medley, iron maiden trooper,metallica, pain for pleasure. They have shown wad a band they are. I'm really really sad to have heard this news. Dave brownsound was a gd guitarist i loved his guitar solo in 'in too deep'. It was awesome. Its a real shame he had left. But it does not mean sum 41 will be going dwn the dumps. They are up there for a reason cos every single one of them are gd. All 4 to me are juz gd musicians. I love them back then and i still love them now. W shud wish both dave and sum 41 the best. Dave will still be as gd and so will sum 41. We can all see sum 41 had matured into a real band these years. No matter wad sum 41 to is the best. Bizzy d , Brownsound , Cone and stevo 32 will forever be the best thing of sum 41. Their music will live in me but i do not know for ya guys. However sum 41 to me will juz cont to be the best around. Peace!
    Brandon138 wrote: Thats such a load of bs, punk is so underated its not even funny.
    too right punk rules.
    just gotta say i agree with the above. sum 41 rules,hence my name, and i heard there not gonna replace dave till after their new album's out in summer's gonna rule.
    dave is my hero guitarist and sum 41 was the band that got me really into guitar! this sucks but it will be interesting to see how sum 41 goes and if brown brigade is any good and u cant say that dave was 99% of ther talent...stevo is one of the best drumers going around and even tho bizzy d is bangin avril hes still a good singer/song writer ... a good sign that they wont turn pop/punk because of daves departure is that he pretty much lost intrest in the band after AKNF and bizzy d was the brains behind the lyrics and riffs
    whitebluesboy wrote: \m/(-_\m/ wrote: Besides its impossible to get good from playing "punk rock".
    Thats such a load of bs, punk is so underated its not even funny. Look into the ACTUAL(counting sum 41 as actual) punk bands and you will find great underated guitarists. Like the bassist in Rancid.
    i dunno if this is dope or lame cuz itll make sum 41 worse but this new band might be rad...
    wow, some of you guys have no idea what you are talking about. deryck is a really good punk singer, stevo is amazing at drums, dave was my favorite member tho. and whoever said that sum 41 will have a touring guitarist is an idiot. deryck even said that he cant solo worth crap. they'll bring in another guitarist. why does everyone think the hell song and bitter end have the best solos. you guys have to hear 88. thats a freakin awesome solo.
    hey vin2254 pieces was a mint song!!! and i think dave should stay because i'm pretty sure that if he goes dereyck or woteva he's called is gunna let avril lavigne become 2nd guitarist and she does SUCK!! sum 41 r my fav band
    that sucks. They are gonna sound like "Pieces" like the whole time now that daves gone.
    They are making another album. Deryck, Cone and Stevo all think this album is their best so far and the production of it seems to be coming along amazingly quick.
    they'll still be just as metal. Brownsound had little to no creative input on the last two, more metal, albums. he only really played live with them.
    I think a lot of people here are neglecting the talent of the drummer Listen to Sum 41's "32 Ways to Die" and tell me Dave was 99% of the band's talent :o
    xXbleed4meXx wrote: is it just me, or is "brown brigade" the dumbest band name youve ever heard?
    lol. uh, well Sum 41 just lost about 90% of the talent right there...wait, 99% of it.
    Logz wrote: Spam deleted. I liked sum41. Good little band imo. I thought it was funny to hear daves nickname was "brown Sound"
    Also that his new band is called Brown Brigade. haha..
    wat? he cant quit, they were just getting good, i liked Chuck, was talented and pretty good. o well, hes a awesome guitarist, i dont think he gets the recognition (sp?) he deserves.
    they wont SUCK but I just wont like them I dont see any green day agenda for them though. It's just their music wont be as heavy
    Oh... sad. This crapped my day. First blink-182, and now Sum 41. What's next?! Damn I miss blink-182.
    Sum 41 has NOT broken up, once again. Dave wasn't a real hand in their creative department, so this will not affect their sound that much. And we don't know that Deryck isn't as good a player as Dave, he probably just focuses his efforts on singing in concert. Let's wait for the new album (due 2007) before we make judgment on whether they suck now or not.
    dave wasn't a creative part of the band anyway after all killer no filler and they made 2 awesome albums after that, but now they're gonna stay as a triplet which is good, and only using a back-up guitarist for live shows
    "He won't divulge many details about Brown Brigade's music, except to say that he expects Iron Maiden comparisons." awesome
    Well , I guess we have not 1 but 2 albums to look forward too, yes thats me Mr. Brightside...ha!
    dave was the best thing about them, bringin' in the metal influences and such...hey dave, you want a job in my band? really tho, w/e band he goes to will be that much better. hopefully a metal band...or at least a punk/metal band.
    he is a quality guitar player-The Hell Song and Bitter End have some insane solos
    nah Does This Look Infected is a really good example of brownsound being irreplacable.
    guitarbreaker wrote: Well that's to bad chuck was a decent album because of him, Sum 41 probary will go back to there poppy sound.
    nah Does This Look Infected is a really good example of brownsound being irreplacable. chuck was good because of him, but in a certain way that he was replacable. i mean there weren't kind of beautiful guitar MELODIES on it.. it was just kickass guitar playing. and well just good guitar playing.. you can find guitarists anywhere. chuck was kind of uninspired anyway (except for maybe 2 tracks). linkin park and metallica was all over the place in way too literal, obvious ways, and sum41 was not itself there. i hope they WILL get back to Does This Look Infected or All Killer No Filler style.
    :'( i'm glad to hear they're still good friends like bro's.. i love sum41 i hope they'll find a new good guitarist but i doubt it... brownsound was really part of their sound now their sound is gone.. this really sucks!
    That blows. Brownsound was teh good at guitar. Sum will probably replace him with someone just as good though, and it'll be all good.
    Yeah his new bands name is kind dumb I just hope that his new sh!t doesn't get over shadowed by the Sum 41 stuff. (example Dave Ghrol sad thing is foo fighters have more talent that nirvana ever did they just didnt kick start an entire genre)
    Well that's to bad chuck was a decent album because of him, Sum 41 probary will go back to there poppy sound.