Supermarket Starts Buying HMV Stores

Six stores have been snapped up by a British supermarket chain, putting hundreds more music-loving HMV staff out of work.

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A British supermarket chain has started to buy stores from HMV as its administrators tries to pay off its crippling debts.

Morrisons has bought six stores, which it will turn into convenience stores by the summer, according to NME. We previously reported that up to half of HMV stores could become supermarkets because of their desirable locations in shopping centres across the UK.

Last week HMV announced it would close an additional 37 stores, putting 464 people out of work. In Ireland, the company will close every one of its stores, where 300 more will lose their jobs. That puts the total tally of HMV job close to 1,500.

Despite the closures, record store fans are keen to support the retail chain as the last nationwide music retailer.

A spokesperson for Universal UK recently said that mainstream artists like Elton John are considering live performances in remaining stores to help draw in music fans.

"We've got lot of artist support for HMV," said David Joseph from Universal UK. "Last week one of our biggest global superstars said why don't we get a lot of the biggest artists to start doing gigs in HMV, just to turn up and say these are music stores, come and get your music here."

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    The sale in my local HMV is 30% off everything (Talked to the staff, it's soon to be 50% then 80%) The entire shop is still full, it's like there isn't even a sale on or they have just stocked everything...except one section... The metal section is near empty. 1 or 2 albums by bands that look a bit crappy and a few from older bands that they stock way too many copies of (Sabbath, Megadeth). Basically, from about 200 Metal CD's there are about 13 left. Kinda shows what majority buys music.
    After reading this article and all the others on UG today, I've come to the conclusion that this is the slowest news day that ever happened in music history. Ever.
    I really hope that now Rise can come back to swindon. At least the don't buy a ridiculous amount of large stores and the fill then with complete shit. I see a massive opportunity for them here.
    The loss of HMV is not a bad thing for the UK music lover or the music scene here. It is a very bad thing for the poor bastards who work for/used to work for HMV but as someone who loves music im glad to see the back of HMV. Im honestly surprised it has taken this long for HMV to die. The days of having big stores dedicated to dvd's and cds sold at an extortionate rate are finally over.