Surviving Beatles to Reunite?

Paul and Ringo may celebrate Ed Sullivan anniversary

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The surviving Beatles may be reuniting to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their game changing appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show,  Showbiz411 is reporting. David Letterman's people are reportedly working with CBS to make a partial reunion happen in the first week of February.

Letterman tapes at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, where the Beatles made their American television debut. The Letterman Show would repeatedly feature a week of Beatles celebrations in the lead up to the reunion performance.

If such reports are to be believed, it would mark the first time that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have played together since the memorial concert for George Harrison in 2001. That concert also featured appearances from the likes of Eric Clapton, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Albert Lee.

What do you think? Would you want to see Starr and McCartney reunite? Let us know in the comments.

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    Paul, Ringo, Julian Lennon, Dhani Harrison?
    Now there's a question, who would work better, Julian or Sean?
    Sean hands down. Julian is nice and all, but Sean is a very good musician in his own right, and a pretty darn good songwriter too. (not to mention he plays guitar, unlike Julian)
    Doesn't play guitar? Really? His wikipedia page says otherwise
    "Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want, so you know you are getting the best possible information." -Michael Scott
    Pablo Mortis
    "The problem with taking quotes from the internet is that you can never be sure they're genuine." -Abraham Lincoln
    Wikipedia is actually a credible source as you need to source your information before it's posted now. So.. yeah..
    Knowing how to strum chords it different from knowing how to play guitar. Julian is mainly a frontman, he is no more of a guitarist than Freddie Mercury.
    Paul and Ringo played together after the Concert for George. In 2009 at Radio City Music Hall for the David Lynch Foundation. Check it, writer.
    Jacques Nel
    Half of the Beatles with two-thirds of Nirvana? Seeing as Paul played with Krist and Dave recently...
    All proceeds are split between Courtney Love and Yoko Ono....this idea just got a little more terrible.
    Jacques Nel
    And Paul and Ringo can take a bow at the end while Krist and Dave destroy the set behind them.
    it's weird ringo is supposed to look old but he doesn't :S
    Yeah. For guys in their seventies, they look and act very youthful. Paul obviously dyes his hair (if not more), but Ringo definitely seems to have aged really well.
    Ringo kinda has life beat. I mean he's a solid drummer but nothing special overall, and he was in a "songwriters" band where he can sit there a play simple beats. Luckily for him, The Beatles were the biggest band ever. You'd look good at that age if you lived his life too!!
    if paul McCartney eats 2 cheese burgers dave will give a million to diabetes
    I feel bad for Ringo, every time he even touches a drum stick everyone starts talking about the Beatles reuniting
    Not really. He has been touring and playing music for years now on his own with his band.
    I agree. The only way that would not be the case is if Ringo had been secretly a frontman, hidden behind the drums like Dave Grohl. If, like Grohl, Ringo had gone on to front his own very successful band, the single-minded Beatles association wouldn't be quite so strong. But it is the way it is. I really think Ringo has probably come to terms with it, and the bills are paid.
    Have Clapton fill in for Harrison based upon his past close relationship with Harrison and the Beatles (i.e. the awesome solo from While My Guitar Gently Weeps). Julian can fill in for John. That would be pretty awesome.
    That could've been the last chance to see them performing together, cause they won't live forever... So, get it done.
    two remaining members of the Beatles plus the two remaining members of Slayer, how could you go wrong with THAT lineup? you may begin trolling in 3... 2... 1...
    Lord Waltaa
    Interviewer: Do you think Ringo is the best drummer in the world? Paul: Heck, he's not even the best drummer in the Beatles! That's one lucky bastard.
    That was John who said that. And he was joking around.
    Lord Waltaa
    Oh, you're right. But hey, this is UG, it's not like ANYONE checks their sources, right? :cheers:
    I think its pretty funny. Paul was the best drummer in the Beatles, and piano player and obviously bass player too. George was a better guitarist but Paul is still a very good guitar player. Anyway Paul's new album is incredible.
    Julian Lennon should accompany. He's older and sounds more like John. Sean is Yoko's puppet.
    Imagine if they got Pete Townshend and Jimmy Page to fill in for John and George...
    The beatles suck dick.
    they are far too old now... not the music though.. just the age
    McCartney is still in quite good form, musically. I'd give my left nut to be one tenth of the musician he still is.
    I don't care much. Beatles were cool, maybe their reunion would be cool, but nothing too special.
    It's not a real "reunion." It'd just be Paul and Ringo getting together to play a couple old songs. They've been doing this sporadically for decades (including recently). The real news here is the whole '50 years since coming to America and playing the Ed Sullivan show' thing.