Surviving Doors to Reunite

Densmore and Kreiger make peace.

Ultimate Guitar

Two living the Doors members, Robby Krieger and John Densmore, will reunite to play a memorial show for the late Ray Manzarek, Classic Rock reports.

While Densmore had been feuding with the rest of the band for almost a decade, the drummer made peace with Manzarek before he died:

"The inner circle knew Ray had cancer for a while. Then I heard he was really sick and called him. He said thank you for the prayers, and told me chemo was fucked. So there was a closing, thank God."

He is also back on speaking terms with guitarist Robby Krieger, and the pair are planning to play together again.

"I said to Robby a few weeks ago in an email: 'Let's have our musical reunion for Ray. Let's play some Doors songs. It's like to break the ice that way.' It should happen pretty soon.

One of the reasons that Densmore fell out with the band was because of their plan to use signature tune "Light My Fire" in an advertising campaign, something which Jim Morrison had once strongly opposed.

"What blows my mind is that 'Light My Fire' was primarily Robby's song. Jim threw in 'love become a funeral pyre.' Typical Morrison. If he flips out over 'Come on, Buick, light my fire,' what does that mean about his caring for the whole catalog, everything we represented? I'm not going to forget that."

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    For once a UG article that isn't misleading, and actually satisfying to read.
    totally agree but I wonder what UG likes to think when they read about how much their readers think they suck
    Harry Marsh
    Should get Eddie Vedder to sing with them again!
    I've always thought that Glenn Danzig or Scott Weiland's voice would fit The Doors' material pretty well (even though they both seem like much more of a pain to work with than Eddie Vedder).
    "chemo is ****ed" I'm so glad I got to see Ray when they played in Cleveland a few years ago. Glad to see that Rob John can be friends again after all the years, but I also wish it had been sooner so the three of them could've done a concert together. Rip Ray. Eternal jam session with Jim, Jimmy,Janice and the rest
    I'm glad to hear that Densmore is finally coming back into all of it. I suppose losing another close friend made him realize that he can't live forever, and understands why Ray and Robby did it all this time.
    The Funkshake
    I had no idea that this was the reason they fell out. Props to Densmore for respecting Jim's wishes. It's good that they'll re-unite for this gig but I wouldn't be too bothered about a tour to be honest. Without Manzarek and Morrison, it wouldn't make sense to me.
    Ian Astbury, Eddie Vedder, or (somehow?) Travis Meeks on vocals would be nice. Maybe all three? That'd be nice too.
    I knew that name sounded familiar but I had to look Travis Meeks up to see who he is, and holy shit, I had no idea that he was only 17-18 when Days of the New released their first album. That's impressive.
    This makes me so damn happy. Manzarek is the reason I play music.
    The Doors are the band who opened my mind to "real" music. I personally think they are the most original band of all time, and no other band has come close simply because of WHEN the Doors were around. They were making all those crazy sounds 50 years ago when the Beatles were still singing "Love Me Do" haha
    "They were making all those crazy sounds 50 years ago when the Beatles were still singing "Love Me Do" haha" The first Doors album came out in 1967; same year Sgt. Pepper did. So no, The Beatles weren't "still singing" Love Me Do. You couldn't be more wrong.
    Check out Rx Bandits' Mandala album,if you haven't immersed yourself in that greatness already. A lot of the material reminds me a lot of the style that made The Doors so damn good.
    When I first read the headline I assumed it was about a band called "Surviving Doors", who I didn't know had split, or even existed, in the first place.