System of a Down Say They Will Make a New Album 'At a Certain Point'

Drummer John Dolmayan confirms there will be a new SOAD album "when the time is right."

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Ever since the System Of A Down announced their return to the music scene in 2011 after a five years long hiatus, fans were highly anxious to hear about the release of the new material. Almost eight years since the last studio effort and 2005's "Hypnotize" is definitely a long time, so it's no wonder that everyone is yearning to hear something new.

Therefore, the fans will be very pleased to hear that there definitely will be a new studio album from the rock four-piece, according to the band's drummer John Dolmayan. In a recent interview with the KROQ radio, the drummer discussed the new record, saying "it's just a matter of right time" when it will be released.

"We are going to make a new album at a certain point, it's just a matter of when the four of us decide it's the right time to make it. We don't want anyone to go in there and do it because the rest of us want to do it. We all want to do it because it's the right thing to do for everybody. I wouldn't want to go in and make an album that doesn't represent the best that we have to offer. If you force someone in the studio ahead of when they're ready for it, then you're probably going to make something mediocre."

The band has been taking things a bit more slow since the reunion, with a summer European tour and a mere single US concert date confirmed for 2013 so far. The US show will be held on July 29 at LA's prestigious Hollywood Bowl, which has been on the group's bucket list for quite some time, according to the bassist Shavo Odadjian.

The latest SOAD studio effort, "Hypnotize," came out back in November 2005 via American Recordings, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 320,000 copies sold.

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    Yes! Now I just wish RATM would do the same
    System of a Down, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Pixies, Pantera, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana... All will release albums before Guns n Roses
    One day my friend... One day...
    And Pixies!
    Refused, Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, and At the Drive-In!
    It makes me sad to think about it, but I don't think the world will ever see a new Rage album.
    Awesome. SOAD are a one of a kind band. I got into them when I was a teenager. Since then my musical taste has evolved and matured a lot but System of a down songs are still as utterly awesome as they always were when I play them now.
    We've been craving for a new album like forever. i'm scared that they might not satisfy the fans...I mean...have you heard Serj Tankian voice nowadays? its not as metal as it used to be. Although he is a nice singer...he needs to get back to his old voice.
    im so tired of seeing these once every couple of months. it would be cool to see a new album but shit i dont wanna hear about it until they confirm they will. i dont wanna keep hearing we will at a certain point when were ready we already know this
    Diony x
    I hope they make a kick-ass one. Been waiting this for LONG time!
    I hope Serj lets go of his new solo career singing technique for this album or else they would have to write "Serj's Nose" on wikipedia too
    The new scars on broadway is a more tangible release. I look at that as an appetizer for any new soad content, since Daron does most of the riff writing.
    But the engineer will compress the shit out of it and make it unlistenable. End the loudness war!
    This has been said a thousand times already, they always they'll make one when everyone wants to. Stop bringing false new please
    Would love to see it happen but it wont.Just like RATM new material.Does anyone else notice its the lesser relevant members of the bands that say these things.Ie the bassists and drummers.
    I didn't notice that, because drummers and bassists are just as relevant as the guitarists and the singers..
    The point im trying to make is that Tom and Zack from RATM and Daron and Serj from SOAD are the main composers/songwriters so basically until they are ready nothing is going to happen.Im sorry if i came across as if theyre not important as the others as they cleary are important but they dont have the same influence as the other afore mentioned members.
    New material would be awesome, i just wish the band would stop acting like they are bloody royalty. They are a band for **** sake, bands make music. If they arn't going to make new music then why the hell did they reunite?
    First Tool now SOAD with the vague responses about a new album. Ugh you're killing me guys!
    Fuck their solo projects. SOAD needs to follow up to Hypnotize! It should be more aggressive than any previously released album to show that time off has had any adverse effects on them!
    And "at a certain point" I might get over their goffy-ass sound. But, surely not now...They will be like my avatar; system of a clown.
    Do you like anything showing a glimpse of creativity? Seriously, I'm asking... O_o
    That's such an invalid argument. Just because someone doesn't like a band you do, doesn't mean that person doesn't value creativity. Why don't you prove to me how liking this band shows I value creativity as a whole. By your logic, I would like every single band that has ever existed. Which means, YOU must like every single band and musician that has ever existed...Choose your statements/questions a little better next time.
    Dr. Bacon
    Don't bother arguing with him. He's 19 and already knows everything about the world.
    Obviously some bands are more creative than others. By your logic you would say a lover of rice would go out of their way for a single grain rather than look into getting a bag.
    I hope it sounds more like their debut than Mes/Hyp. I also hope that it has less of Malakian's crappy whiny vocals.
    I couldn't believe all the hate for Malakians vocals. I thought they were fantastic and added a lot.
    actually Malakian had quite good vocals on the Scars on Broadway Project, I'd say Serj's voice sounded a lot more whiny in his post-soad projects.
    Scars on Broadway and Serj's solo stuff are neither here or there. I agree that Serj's solo stuff is a bit whiny, and I don't think I've listened to Elect the Dead more than 3 times since getting it whenever it came out. I think Serj has a great voice when he actually sings properly, and I really like the harmonies on songs like Kill Rock 'n Roll. And Daron can sing, I just think neither of them should do the really high pitched stuff. Still, if we get songs like Hypnotise, Kill Rock 'n Roll, Lost in Hollywood, Innervision, etc, it would be awesome.
    Malakian sings great, it's just that in their later material he was in the forefront WAY too much in my opinion. I dug his singing roles in Toxicity and Steal This Album. Leave the lead vox to Serj in SOAD and Daron has Scars to do his thing.
    Ye, but that was the time when Serj was actually really on top of his game. His singing was so energetic. Although he has improved a lot technically compared to the first records, it did influence his style. I guess Daron had to step up to balance it up a bit.
    It's the chemistry that doesn't work in my opinion. They're both good vocalists in their own right, but on choruses, they sound shit. No offence.
    Really?? I find their harmonies to work really well actually. They complement each other perfectly: eg just check songs like Raddio/Video etc
    IMO, most SOAD songs have two parts, BYOB being a prime example of this. Fast crazy part and a mellow grove part. They use this method a lot and it only makes sense that they'd do they same vocally.
    Gotta agree.. I didn't even bother buying the Mes/Hyp albums because the Daron's voice bothered me so much on the singles that were released. He's fine when singing backup but dear Odin keep him off lead vocals. Lonely Day was such a horrible song...
    Why is "at a certain point" in quotes? It makes it seem like they're saying something ridiculous when they're not.
    I don't understand how people can claim to enjoy and be a fan of this band and not appreciated Daron's vocals. If it weren't for his singing on Mezmerize and Hypnotize, those songs just wouldn't be as great or feel complete. All I can say is if you can enjoy all the group's work then you are a true fan, but if you only like some of it then you really have no business here.
    If being a "true fan" means absolutely loving everything a band has ever done without any questions or criticism, then I don't want to be a true fan. That being said, I'd love to see a new SOAD album
    OMG Ellis!! It's soooo great to hear from you again! Girl, You should totally go out with Manuel if he is making that much a week! Btw... Checked out that website... Seems totally legit, maybe even 2 legit 2 quit! HAHAHA OMG LOLZ. Anyways, Girl let me know how it goes with Manuel! *kisses*
    I for one am excited. A lot of people complain about Mezmerize/Hypnotize but I think those are their best albums. And I think that unless they let their side projects way over-influence the sound of this new album, it'll sound great. I for one like the presence of BOTH singers, so I can't wait to see what new ideas they bring to this band since 2005.
    It's great to hear it again, but honestly, this is what they've said since the reunion. So again, it's nice to hear an up to date confirmation of it, but nothing new here.
    Daron may have lost it, not that he was ever sane but his new SoB stuff is kinda gay. Only heard one song and was like wtf.. but he could be saving the good stuff for System. (Highly Doubting) We'll just have to see, but Daron needs to get his shit together.
    while I love SOAD, I'm not sure how good this album will be. I couldn't get into Hypnotize/mezmerize (face it, it was filled with crap, and had at best a child size handful of good material IMO). To be honest, it sort of feels like their time has mostly passed. mostly.