Taking Back Sunday Lose New Members, Gain Old Ones Back?

artist: Taking Back Sunday date: 03/31/2010 category: general music news

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Rumors surfaced yesterday and it is official, guitarist Matt Fazzi and bassist Matt Rubano have left Taking Back Sunday. The two members issued statements on the band's website declaring that their time with the group had come to an end. Rubano recorded three albums and toured with the band since 2003 while Fazzi was just introduced as Taking Back Sunday's new guitarist last year when they released New Again. "To everyone in the TBS family, it is with great sadness I am announcing today that I am no longer a part of Taking Back Sunday," said Fazzi's statement. "It's something that I never once took for granted and that I will never forget." Rubano also released a statement of his own, indicating he would be departuring as well. "I am proud of the music we made together and cherished every moment of it," he said. "I am happy to have met and befriended so many of you. I will miss you all." Soon after both Rubano and Fazzi released their statements, a picture of the old 2002 Taking Back Sunday lineup was posted on the band's website. The picture features the original members with their eyes crossed out, speculating a possible reunion of the lineup that recorded the band's debut album Tell All Your Friends. In response to the photo, both former guitarist John Nolan and bassist Shaun Cooper posted on their Tumblr and Twitter pages respectively, saying "Look Out!" and "I have a feeling things are about to get extremely weird..". Although it isn't official, both Nolan and Cooper appear to be back with the band. Both members left Taking Back Sunday in 2003 and formed Straylight Run, which recently went on an indefinite hiatus this past February.
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