Tame Impala Announce Biggest Ever Show

Tame Impala have announced details for their biggest ever show.

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The Australian psych rockers, whose second album "Lonerism" will play London's Hammersmith Apollo on June 25.

Reacting to getting the Number One slot, the band's Kevin Parker said he finds it difficult to be completely satisfied with his own work. "You never really finish an album," he says, "you just run out of time."

He added: "When you're making an album, it's very difficult to still be in love with it at the end in the same way you were when started it. By the end of 'Lonerism', I was doubting everything. I worked myself into a state of mind where I was questioning everything."

As NME notes, he also said he now believes the album is his best work:

"I had that moment with every one of the record's songs where I'd feel like it was the best thing I'd ever written. I still think it's the best bunch of music I've made so far."

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    It's only a matter of time before they're the biggest band around.
    I hope so, it'd help their (and my) hometown of Perth get on the map! We have a great local music scene waiting to be tapped.
    You bet your ass it will! A ton of great bands from there, including members of Tame's other project Pond. Pond rocks just as hard.
    Glad to see some UG covrerage of Tame Impala. They are a great new band with solid rock roots and sounds. EVERYBODY LISTEN TO MORE TAME IMPALA. Right on.
    Might actually go see these with my bands drummer, we are both really diggin' these guys right now.
    If you don't like regretting things, I say go and watch a historic show.
    I fortunately got to see them before this band starts to get massive. Lonerism is the best album of this year by the way.....
    Likewise. Saw 'em here in Austin in 2010 and was blown away. Will be seeing them in Houston AND Austin come 2013, and have no doubt that it will be my best concert experience.
    Saw them a few days ago. Incredible live show. Quality band! They should be/will be huuuge!
    I saw them around 2009 and they were the worst band I've ever seen! Glad to see that they've gotten better!
    Come to the US Impala so we can witness the "great" originality of music that we use to once have here!