Tame Impala Release New Video

The hottest school teacher in the world appears in their slightly NSFW video for "Mind Mischief", which you can see here.

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Tame Impala have revealed a new video for their song "Mind Mischief", which you can see in the player below.

It tells the story of a schoolboy mesmerised by his attractive teacher, which results in a psychedelic (and slightly NSFW) animation, and was co-produced by clothing chain Urban Outfitters.

A full US tour is set to be announced soon, and will appear at Coachella festival before returning for dates in Europe.

The "Mind Mischief" single will be available on digital and vinyl in March. Their latest album "Lonerism" won accolades from press worldwide, and topped Album of the Year lists by NME, Filter and Triple J magazines.

Watch the video for "Mind Mischief" by Tame Impala here:

YouTube preview picture

See the video's 'Making Of' documentary here:

YouTube preview picture

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    Tame Impala is something new nowadays. Great band, love "Lonerism".
    Awesome. Just to say, a lot of Aussie teachers have asses like that
    Great band ! Thieir music brings back the shrooms within me !
    I love Tame Impala so much but I hate this video to be honest. Urban Outfitters tries way too hard to make things "provocative" (back of receipts, Christmas catalog, etc). Doesn't even really go with the vibe I get from the song or Tame Impala in general. Trippy animations are cool, but not when they're overtly sensual like this. Naked cartoon people? That's just plain weird if I might say. Just my opinion though.
    Gonna see these guys in Austin. Lonerism was my favorite album of last year, so I'm super excited.