Tate Blames Labels For Queensryche Album Let-Downs

Sacked Queensryche singer Geoff Tate has shouted down suggestions that the band endured disappointing album sales because of a lack of quality in their musical output.

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Sacked Queensryche singer Geoff Tate has shouted down suggestions that the band endured disappointing album sales because of a lack of quality in their musical output(via ClassicRockMagazine).

And he insists the allegation that he refused to play some of their older songs is simply a lie.

Instead he says record labels are to blame for telling them what kind of songs to write then failing to support the resulting releases.

In the latest round of fighting that's resulted in two Queensryche lineups coming into existence, the frontman refutes his replacement Todd La Torre's suggestion that his musical direction was not the fans' satisfaction.

He argues that while some recent material including last album "Dedicated To Chaos" was more pop-oriented, other albums including "American Soldier" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" were hard rock releases.

Tate tells The Metal Circus, via Blabbermouth: "'Dedicated To Chase' was a a very experimental record we've done those before. 'Empire' was an experimental record a pop record, it wasn't a heavy metal record. In fact, 'Operation: Mindcrime' wasn't what most people would consider a heavy metal record either.

"But the problem with 'Dedicated To Chaos' is we signed with Roadrunner Records, who were at one time a very strong label. They said, 'Create another 'Empire' record, will you?' And we said, 'Sure'. We can write from that standpoint. We're very accomplished musicians we can write anything.

"So we set about writing a record with variables that had some pop tracks on it. By the time our record came out the company had financial difficulties and they were going out of business. They didn't promote the record at all.

"We gave them what they wanted and then they dropped the ball".

He says a similar situation had occurred when Queensryche delivered "Hear In The Now Frontier" to then-label EMI. "We had a very pop-oriented record and the company at the time was going out of business. They actually went out of business several weeks after they released the record. So it didn't have a chance to sell as well".

And Tate accused his former colleagues of indulging in a "smear campaign" by claiming he didn't want to play older material.

"The last tour was a 30-year anniversary tour, where we played songs from all our records", he says. "If you look at our setlists over the last 10 years you'll see Queensryche performed old songs, not-so-old songs and new songs. You cal look on the internet and see those set lists".

Tate will release his new solo album, "Kings And Thieves", on October 29.

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    Since when have record labels been supporting Prog Rock? If you want the record label to get behind you, you need to grow tits and learn to dance, LOL.
    I'm beginning to see this guy blames everyone else for his problems. Man up! You wrote a record that the record label wanted and not what the band thought was best. (band should take partial blame) You f'd up/sold out. Take some responsibility for your music. Good music isn't dependant on a labels promotional budget. I wouldn't want Tate in my band either (if i had one)
    Or it could be the fact that you can't make good music anymore. This storyline has gotten to be pretty funny.
    Josh Reubenking
    It was because of the shitty songs Tate wrote. Duh. Anyways, glad he's out of the band. He was good before, but now he sucks. Todd La Torre is BADASS!
    Another casualty of the massive changes how music gets sold. Like most long-established acts, the "new record" gets less and less interesting to casual fans. The ones who are left want to hear the hits at the shows. Blame on both sides here but Tate seems to have a more rational assessment than the other guys' "He was mean to us" so we ran him off a la Creedence Clearwater Revival to John Fogerty. Time to put the QR name to bed and continue as Geoff Tate. Love the rest of the guys but putting in a clone is just sad.
    Well I have to agree with him, they always kept playing older songs. It's just that now he's gone, they completely dropped EVERY song that's not so old. That new QR album with La Torre on vocals better be one hell of a record or I'm through with this new incarnation. Geoff Tate on the other hand has premiered the first track to his new album on youtube and it sounds pretty solid to anyone who liked albums like HITNF or DtC, such as myself. Tate might've been a douche in the band, but he's got the musical direction and expression I like best.
    I get the feeling that most of the problem is because almost everything they've done since Promised Land has been pretty subpar. Although, I'm sure these issues with record companies didn't exactly help them out... I wonder where they'd be today if Degarmo had never left.
    Degarmo left because of Tate. Queensryche's internal problems have beem ongoing for 10+ years.
    I was a long time QR fan. Only albums I bought after HINTF were Q2K and OMCII - both I regretted because they were awful with only about 4 listenable songs between the two. I listened to all their other CDs and didn't like them at all. Label or not, they sucked. Was it just Tate, or the rest, I don't know. But that is what happened to your sales.
    Didn't Tate say he wrote 90% of Queensryche's music? Man up Tate, admit you don't care what the fans want. You treated Queensryche as your own personal project, and didn't take to heart what we, the fans who pay your salary, want.