Tate Claims He's the 'Winner' in Queensryche Saga

Operation: Mindcrime frontman happy with out-of-court settlement after legal wrangle.

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Geoff Tate says he is the winner in the long-running Queensryche saga.

As Metall Hammer points out, the former Queensryche frontman and his ex bandmates finally reached a legal settlement in April of this year which will see Tate relinquish all rights to the name.

He was sacked from the band in 2012, but formed his own line-up of Queensryche while his former friends hired Todd La Torre as singer and also continued using the name.

In April, it was agreed that La Torre and co will continue as Queensryche while Tate decided to perform under the name Operation: Mindcrime – named after the Queensryche concept albums.

Now Tate claims he is the winner after the out-of-court settlement.

He tells San Antonio Metal Music Examiner: "I'm very happy. I'm extremely financially happy right now. They had to pay me, which is what they should have done all along. That's exactly what the whole court case was about.

"So they finally agreed to pay me for my share of the name and the business. So here I am. I'm continuing on doing what I do and they can continue doing what they do, and we'll all be happier.

"A lot of people are saying now that the other guys 'won' the name. Well, they didn't win it. We never went to court. It was all an agreement on a settlement out of court. It was a financial arrangement. So it wasn't like a 'win-lose' thing. In my opinion, I think I won."

Operation: Mindcrime consists of Rudy Sarzo, Robert Sarzo, Simon Wright, Randy Gane and Kelly Gray. They'll start recording new material in September.

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    "while his former friends hired Todd La Torre" Former FRIENDS? Seriously did UG forget "bandmates" was a word? I doubt that they were "friends" with Geoff, they've thought that he's a bellend for at least the past few years.
    "So it wasn't like a 'win-lose' thing. In my opinion, I think I won." Does he even listen to himself?
    I was thinking the same thing. I need to stop reading articles about Tate. Every time he says something stupid it just pisses me off more.
    Way Cool JR.
    He's hypothetically speaking. If it were a win-lose situation he feels that if anyone is considered a winner,that he is the winner, even though it is not a win lose situation. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out.
    Delusional 1. Having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions. 2. Psychiatry . Maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness. 3. Geoff Tate . All of the above x1000. I thought Axl Rose or Sebastian Bach were hard to top but man, Tate takes the doucheness concept to a whole new level. I haven't seen anyone so delusional and self-absorbed in my entire life!
    All he says in this article is that they paid him to give up the name. Your comment suggest that they didn't and Tate genuinely believes they did. If they paid him, he isn't delusional. Unless you were there and know for a fact they did/didn't pay him you have no place judgementally quoting excerpts from the dictionary.
    He believes he's won (despite saying himself it wasn't a "win-lose thing"), and yes, they paid him. But in the end he's lost the right to use the name (which was why he sued the band to begin with) and has been forced to walk away from the courts with less money than he wanted. He's fine with that because he knows that if they didn't reach a settlement he'd probably have walked out pretty much empty handed. And now he's decided to keep playing with his hired guns in grill bars in front of roughly 100 people at most, as seen in the videos from his current tour. I wouldn't call that winning, that's what I mean. He believes he's doing wonderfully and plays the happy and free card, but the truth is he's at an all-time low, doing exactly the same thing he's been forcing Queensryche to do for the past 20 years but without a solid band to back him up (at least live, because now we know that in some albums they didn't even play) and without the name's fame and the audience it brought.
    Horseshit Tate, you wouldn't have been touring under the Queensreich banner if it hadn't been about the name. Just move on from the whole thing like the band did and stop trying to make it sound like you won. There were hardly any winners from this embarrassing saga, the band for having their careers disrupted and you for showing the world what a total arse you are
    "So it wasn't like a 'win-lose' thing. In my opinion, I think I won." ... You just said it wasn't a win-lose thing...
    I'm seriously beginning to wonder if any of you actually read the article. There's such a focus on small phrases he said that this guy simply doesn't stand a chance anymore. The headline is against him; the commenters are against him. No matter what he says, he will always be hated, I guess.
    "It's not a win-lose thing, but I think I won". What a stupid egomaniac. Good luck in obscurity, Tate.
    Now he will tour with a mediocre bunch of has beens and hangers-on, and they will play mindcrime over and over again to each new generation of wanna-be metalheads.....Just like Roger Waters did with the wall, but instead of playing to tens of thousands, it will be to 20-30 people who remember it was an awesome record.
    GT definitely came out the winner in the situation. Unquestionably. I mean ffs they fired him over two years ago and he's STILL successfully and legally touring as Queensryche! Just that alone is victory. Saw him TWICE this year while the others haven't managed to play here since 2011 when everyone was still together in one band. Sad. But wait. Now those guys finally paid him God knows how much money to put an end to that. So what's gonna happen next? Well, surely everything will be different because now he'll ONLY be able to tour and record as "Operation: Mindcrime featuring Geoff Tate, the original lead singer of Queensryche". Lol. Flawless victory.
    Oh man, you're still here! Still don't know how you can suck this doucebags chode any harder (maybe you're actually him?. The difference between venues and money are no where near a "Win" for Tate, and rightfully so. No creativity, self-inflated money *****s belong nowhere in this genre. Take him and his radio rock elsewhere, but stop defending him like there's anything left to respect.
    Also my guess is that he's already spent that entire settlement pay (the last money he's getting from the band) on head wax and self-smelling fart gas, so yeah, having his QS pay end there is gona suck cos god knows his acts are not going to make anywhere near to sustain himself. He's ****ed.
    Also my guess is that he's already spent that entire settlement pay (the last money he's getting from the band) on head wax and self-smelling fart gas, so yeah, having his QS pay end there is gona suck cos god knows his acts are not going to make anywhere near to sustain himself. He's ****ed.
    Well, he's right. Let's face it, the name 'Queensryche' means very little and will most likely make very little money, because not enough people care about them, if we're honest. He's made money selling them something that is not worth the price, so very well done to him.
    Well yeah, playing large theaters and recently, smaller arenas is definitely "meaning very little".
    I'd care if they hadn't broken up. But now...nah. It's another lame Guns 'n Roses.
    I'm fairly certain EVERYONE (especially the fans) lost big.
    Actually I think quite the opposite. Tate-fronted Queensryche was becoming an increasing disaster (Dedicated to Chaos is HORRIBLE), while the Todd-fronted album is probably the first positive attention they've had in years. The band doesn't have to deal with his monumental ego anymore and can actually show their full potential again, and Tate's fans (if they exist) still get more of his radio rock material and endless returning to Mindcrime.