Teacher Placed On Administrative Leave For Playing HIM During Class

artist: HIM date: 02/22/2008 category: music news
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FoxCarolina.com reports that parents of some students at Excelsior Middle School said a teacher there has been playing songs about suicide and death including HIM's "Join Me In Death" to their children during class. The school district said sixth-grade science teacher Karen Hipp has been placed on administrative leave while they investigate the parents' claims. "These are sixth-graders listening to songs about committing suicide or killing others," said one of the parents who did not want to be identified. "I found it very inappropriate." This parent said he first heard the music after his children brought home a CD which they say has a sampling of the songs Hipp plays in class on it. His children also told him that Hipp has downloaded several of the songs for the students to take home and listen to. One of the songs, called "Join Me In Death", is by a rock band called HIM. It has lyrics like, "We are so young. Our lives have just begun. Baby, join me in death." Another parent said although she was upset to hear the music, she said she is relieved that the superintendent took swift action. "When they're exposed to something like this, (the children) have mixed feelings about what's wrong and what's right," said another parent. School officials said they are investigating the accusations against Hipp, but they said it is too early to talk about the case. Thanks for the info to Metalfromfinland.com.
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