Ted Nugent: 'Americans Will Go Down in History as the Dumbest Society in the History of Humankind'

"Obama wouldn't qualify to drive my tour bus," Uncle Ted says.

Ultimate Guitar

Ted Nugent recently took a massive jab at the US government and President Barrack Obama, saying that their behavior will cause the Americans to go down in history as "unappreciative and dumb."

"The government is so out of control," Motor City Madman told the Huffington Post. "It is so bloated and infested with fraud and deceit and corruption and abuse of power. The American government today will go down and the American people, it breaks my heart to say ... will go down as the dumbest, most unappreciative society in the history of humankind." Nugent then focused on President Obama, calling him a "monster in the White House" who "wouldn't qualify to drive my tour bus." The rant came as the guitarist's reaction to recent government shutdown. When it comes to music, Nugent discussed his upcoming "Ultralive Ballisticrock" live record. Scheduled for an October 22 release, the album features a show recorded back in August 2011 and some of the Nuge's staple hits. "When I'm onstage, it really is out of body - it really is untouchable," he said. "That Motor City throttle is purely driven and conveyed via the music. Time stands still - just at extreme velocity."

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    He does have half a point at least. The government is full of corruption and abuse of power.
    Very true, although based on most of his previous comments, I think he's only referring to one party, when its pretty clear that all parties are full of corruption and abuse of power. And he's probably right that Obama isn't qualified to drive his tour bus...I doubt he has the proper license
    It's easy to buy into the "this specific party is to blame" game, when I think it's more accurate to place the blame on both and the corrupt two party system they operate. Why do you think we never see a 3rd party in a presidential debate? The Repubs/Democs refuse to allow it and since they control the money the media doesn't even question it. As Frank Zappa said when asked what party he'd run under (he was actually considering a presidential run in 1984), "democrats and republicans are two sides of the same coin." Ya, Obama might not be qualified to drive Ted's bus, but Bush wasn't qualified to fill the gas tank.
    In the case of the shutdown however, the Republicans are clearly to blame if you look at it objectively.
    Yes, it is. But remember he's also the person who said "Obama personifies everything wrong with humanity and Romney everything right", or something to that degree.
    The fact that Ted Nugent is calling anyone dumb amazes me.
    Very true. Though I'll give it to him here, the headline is true also.
    No, I think that award still goes to Ancient Rome. They literally hired the guys who conquered their territory to defend them. Granted, when they hired them, they had no idea they would conquer the Roman Empire. But still...you don't hire people who aren't even citizens to defend you, Ancient Rome.
    In the like 8,000 years of civilization, the chance that "the most" of any category will occur in the past 20-25 years is very, very unlikely. Anyway, from one history buff to what I'm assuming is another, kudos good citizen
    Smart people seem crazy to stupid people
    There is a thin line between insane and genius
    ez of rez
    And that line has a lot to do with the ability to escape Infantile solipsism. Good thing ted is no where near smart enough to transcend selfish douche bag to transcend to actual crazy.
    It's a shame that the US has a reputation for being a stupid country, because (and I'm probably going to get hate for this) most Americans *aren't* as stupid as Fox presenters. It's just one of those situations where the bad qualities of a few affect the image of many. Not saying that stupid sh*t isn't happening over there right now, just saying that there's plenty of smart folk out there too. You don't get to be a leading economic superpower by being stupid now, do you?
    The problem is that our power is declining because of the proliferation of right wing propaganda, funded by corporate interests like the Koch brothers. They may be an extreme minority, but corporate money gives their extreme views a nationwide platform, and essentially allows them to control half of the political discussion (or lack thereof in their case).
    I think a lot of people would agree with the statement in the title, but for completely, COMPLETELY different reasons.
    Tell us what you really mean, Ted...."The President is a n!gger and doesn't belong on my bus". That is the reason for your hatred you douchebag, so stop trying to sugar coat it with the rest of the white, rich, republican clowns.
    Pencil Man
    That's right, I forgot. Every time you disagree with someone, it's because of race.
    No other president has had to deal with such unprecedented backlash even before he was elected. From day one, Fox News was calling him a failure. Is it a coincidence that the first black president has had to deal with a record number of filibusters from the other party? Has any other president been portrayed as Hitler by his own citizens?
    Ted's right about one thing--we're idiots. Consumption-driven, egotistical, social media dependent (seriously, I can't believe there are people in their 20s to 60s who can't go 10 minutes without posting to Facebook or Twitter), WiFi addicted gigantimorons. We're so stupid I needed to invent a new term to properly describe it. We're blatantly selfish and obsessively vain. I don't think we even realize how ironic the concept of "selfies" is. I don't need to snap my picture over and over again to verify that I exist, and though that's not the main reason people do it, I don't have to boost my confidence by taking a million pictures of myself, looking for that perfect one where all my flaws are seemingly hidden by angle and light, either. Fuck, man. How insecure are we, as a society? Selfies. Are you ****ing kidding me? /end of that rant.Where Ted is wrong is in his blatant stabs at Obama just for the sake of it. The mere fact that Barack has dealt with easily the most uncooperative Congress in our nation's history is going to save face for how he's remembered, and let's not overlook the fact that racism fuels much of the Obama hate, Ted's included. Any American who doesn't think that racism is still a major problem has apparently been hidden under a rock since the 2008 election. The way people talk about Obama, even the Republicans in office, is pretty much unacceptable.
    nugent is an idiot.. overly biased.. overly opinionated..uneducated idiot..seriously.. why do people think he is even relevant is beyond me
    Why is this discussion even happening? It's happening because Uncle Ted has a soapbox to stand on, a soapbox built out of 30+ years of grinding out, sub-mediocre, errr rock(?) music. It's like a sports star endorsing gardening products. What the hell do they know about gardening, or products (LOL). In truth, in knowing nothing, they still know more than UT does about what he's talking about. Motor City Mouth, more like it.
    Such seething hate! He sounds like one of the politicians. Oh, that's right, he wants to be one. He'll fit right in. He's part of the problem. Extreme politics!
    If the US really does go down in history as humankind's dumbest society, it will be because of people like Nugent. Sorry, ted.
    Monster in the White House is being kind.
    I love how insanely liberal this website is, if Bush did some of the things Obama's done in the last 5 years there would have been a 24/7 angry mob in front of the White House. Ted's crazy, he's not a politician and never will be one. The fact is we've had 13 years of the worst election outcomes in the history of this country from a public too ignorant to see the truth and allowing a corporate media controlled by a handful of people to think for them. Keep thinking Obama is any different than Bush. Two puppets same puppeteer.
    Oh please, Bush did tons of things way worse than anything Obama's done. The worst thing he's done is continue Bush's foreign policy. I agree with you however, that the corporate owned media very much controls what people think.
    Sorry but I'd have to agree. It isn't some insane conspiracy theory to say that presidents, regardless of their party, have a similar agenda.
    Ted, shut up and play your damn shitty music. Only open your mouth to sing lyrics.
    Hey, considering how many people think he's a joke now I kind of respect him for NOT shutting up and continuing to express what he believes in. Only problem is the ****ing stupid things he says.
    He calls the American people dumb as hell and then wants to go into politics? Fuck him.
    matteo cubano
    You need to be an american citizen to vote for Ted. According to Nugent American citizens are some of the dumbest people of all time. Therefore we can say that you need to be some of the dumbest people of all time to vote for Ted.
    i thincks Turd r a wheelie start guy he make correctful stuff bout hour govermint thay r sooo dumbness
    Righteous itch
    If you aren't joking then you seriously need to be slapped numerous times with a dictionary.
    ez of rez
    He might be right but if he is, Ted and the tea tards will be leading the "human kinds dumbest parade!
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