Ted Nugent Apologizes for Calling Obama 'Subhuman Mongrel'

Although he won't apologize to the president himself.

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Last month, Ted Nugent caused a storm of controversy when he described US president Barack Obama as a "subhuman mongrel" in an interview with Guns.com.

"I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame, enough Americans to be ever vigilant, but not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America. I am heartbroken but I am not giving up."

Now, as NME notes, the guitarist has issued an apology of sorts in a radio interview with Ben Ferguson. While Nugent notes that he doesn't necessarily apologize to the president, he apologizes on "behalf of much better men than myself" and wishes he used "more understandable language."

Nugent is no stranger to making controversial statements. Back in 2011, he told Piers Morgan that he was "repulsed" by the idea of sex between two men, considering it "against nature."

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    Being criticized by Ted Nugent is basically a compliment.
    Being that the comment came from a draft dodging pedophile I guess I wouldn't let It bother me too much..
    I saw Nugent speak at WMU a few years ago. The dude is a troll. He says things intentionally to piss people off. It is the only way he feels that he can stay relevant. Ignore him.
    Why the hell is Ted Nugent's opinion relevant in any sort of way?
    It's not. Whenever he opens his mouth it gets hillbillies and bigots excited and pisses off anyone with a preschool education or higher. I guess Nugent's quotes are a good way to gauge which side of that fence you're on...
    "More understandable language"... Oh, so you must mean Ni**er, right Ted? Get over yourself, Ted.
    Holy hell, I forgot about one Ted. I'm used to having his existence shoved down my throat with articles that quote his every word.
    Yeah, cause Obama is soooo ****ing communist right? If Obama were to a Canadian, he would be considered right wing, perhaps even more so then our already right wing Harper. When will America stop fearing socialism/communism?
    Thank you. The "communist" and "socialist" propaganda has gone so far and people don't realize how far off they are. People treat "socialist" like a dirty word and don't realize how many long-standing institutions they use and rely on are technically "socialist." And yes, the Obama presidency has been more of a moderate/conservative democratic presidency.
    Exactly. Police, fire, schools, and the military currently operate under a socialist principle Taxes pay for these services, mainly because they are too expensive for the individual to afford out of pocket. Can you imagine if your house is burning down, and the fire department tells you they will put it out after you pay them? Ridiculous.
    Haha Obama social commie? Bullshit. Obama is selling our rights to CORPORATIONS. He is the most capitalist right wing economically, with a guise of socially left.
    Agreed. Obama isn't even close to communist. True communism can be a wonderful thing.
    Communism has never had a real reason to happen yet though, or at least, it's never been fleshed out as it should be. However look at socialist countries and you'll find many of the happiest countries in the world
    Exactly what I've been saying for years. People look at Stalin-era Russia and point out the obvious reasons that sucked, failing to recognize that it was pretty damn far from true communism. Lenin-era was much closer (and happier), and Denmark, being socialist, is one of the happiest (and prosperous, scientifically advanced, and progressive-thinking) countries in the world, as you said.
    To be fair the general theory of communism has the in-between dictatorship as a step. Even if Lenin-era was happier than the following USSR years, having so much power centralized and monopolized was just open for corruption. It's not just bad luck that a lot of those countries that tried to go the communist route ended up with horrible dictators and saw their advancement as a society make a sudden halt
    You need to check up your Bolshevik history if you think the Lenin years were great.....
    Socialism doesn't always work, case in point the National Socialist Party of Germany a.k.a the Nazi's.
    More like "I'm sorry that my racist spew didn't catch on like I thought it would."
    Why is what he said racist? He obviously hates the president but he's not making any reference to his race in any way
    "Sub-Human", less-than-human. (as in the Human Race ) Slave-owners perpetuated the notion that black people were not human and could therefore be treated as such. That's about as racial as it gets. Mongrel is a synonym for Half-Breed, and a term used for animals with undesirable genetic Heritage . 2 for 2, bruh
    Mongrel could be argued but how is sub-human specifically about race? I personally don't hold politicians in high regard either regardless of what kind kind of inherent qualities they have. Slavery itself too was a giant mess of human ownership and power that affected many cultures so it's not specified to one race. Now how in depth Nugent really is with these comments is another story.
    "Mongrel" is a long-used slur against people with multiracial backgrounds. Who knows if Ted was using the word that way, but pretty coincidental seeing that the president is of a multiracial background (and that Ted is juuust a bit of a bigot).
    As a black man with two biracial kids, that was the first thing I thought when I heard about this. Being as old as he is and coming of age during the 50's and 60's, I find it hard to believe that he didn't understand how that word would be interpreted in relation to the president.
    To be fair I don't think Ted understands the subtext of the vocabulary he's using. Either that or he thinks that only his fellow bigots are clever enough to read between the lines and chuckle to themselves. But assuming he doesn't know any better and is completely ignorant to his misguided prejudice makes him the perfect poster child for the far right tea party morons. Somebody put that face on a campaign button!
    How is referring to a half-Black, half-white person as a "mongrel" not racist?
    Except using the word "mongrel" which could be incredibly offensive to mixed race people.
    EVERYTHING is incredibly offensive to mixed race people. Hell, calling them mixed race is probably incredibly offensive.
    I need no facts to know with certainty Ted Nugent uses the N-word at least once daily.
    He plays the race card by never referring to Obama without mentioning his middle name is Hussein. That's pretty racist.
    I actually had to go back on the article and see what exactly he said that was racist. Nothing racist there.
    "Mongrel" is a word used to describe dogs of mixed-breeds and ignorant, racist losers (like Nugent) have been known to use it as a racial slur towards multiracial people. He is also misusing the word "communist". There is so much wrong with Nugent's quote it's tough to even know where to begin...
    He did call him sub-human, which might be percevied to be slightly unfortunate in this context, especially in combination with the word "mongrel".
    Ted Nugent is against nature, homosexuality is found in every species on this planet. Homophobia only in one.
    Animals in nature are notorious for eating each other's feces, vomit and their own children. Just sayin.
    He didn't say that it's in nature and therefor must be right. He just said that it is in nature and therefor not "unnatural."
    I read that some pack hunting dogs shun the other members if it is homosexual. For example the coyote. But I'm not a biologist.
    Ted definitely went too far on this one. Obama is definitely a pretty bad president, but there is no need to get personal. I met a lot of people who do their job terribly but they are nice people.
    Who gives a f*ck? I mean honestly, people don't get on UG to give a f*ck about other people's political opinions.
    It's sad how people still kiss Obama's ass.
    How cute, another "patriot" brainwashed by the conservatives. Just because we don't condone insulting the PRESIDENT (which would never have been acceptable had the president been white), it doesn't mean we're kissing his ass. Obama has a lot of flaws, but that doesn't mean that a) the Republicans are any better and b) that Ted Nugent isn't a racist *******.
    Have you forgotten how badly insulted Bush was? You're kidding, right?
    Yeah, except back when Bush was the president, it was considered unpatriotic to speak negatively of the president. What were his exact words again? Didn't he say something like "If you're not with us, then you are against us" in regards to his administration and the "War on Terror"?
    It wasn't considered unpatriotic at all, it was common practice every time you turned on the tv.
    If you say so, but thats not how I remember things. Ever hear of Clear-Channel? You know, public radio. . .
    "Mudslinging" - the actual term you are looking for, has been around longer than you care to know probably. So suck it up, accepting a presidency means you are going to get shit on. Bush/Obama weren't the first, nor will they be the last. It's a matter of perspective.
    Bush had a lot of crap (and shoes) thrown his way around the 2nd term. The whole dichotomy of terrorists was just people being blinded by post-9/11 hatred but after a few years the effects started to wear off and people saw what kind of shit the country fell to. The economic crash didn't help either for the opinion.
    I love how you liberals assume that if someone doesn't worship the ground Obama pisses on they are a right-wing Jesus loving ****stick. "I hate conservatives, but I really ****ing hate liberals." - Matt Stone
    Actually, I'm not a liberal, I criticize all political sides. However, I can't stand how much flack Obama is getting just because he's black. If that makes me a stupid liberal hippie than I guess that's what I am!
    It's not cause he's black it's cause he's as incompetent as Bush if not worse. To make it a race issue is stupid, Ted only says ridiculous stuff like this because it gets a reaction. Same with Ann Coulter and other people like that.
    Battery Chicken
    50% of the problem in US politics is that there always has to be a side. Seems like the moderate politician got his head blown off in the war between the right and the left.
    I can't figure out the appeal that conservatives feel towards Nuggent. He is not exactly a social conservative in any way/shape or form.
    I don't care if you agree or disagree with Ted. But for the record, if you are not a fan Obama, it does NOT make you a racist. Enough of the racist card when it comes to disliking the President. It doesn't hold water anymore!
    Criticizing the President does not make you racist: calling him a mongrel does.
    Ted Nutcase is a Nazi, that sh*t his pants to avoid military service, is a racist, bigot and gun nut, anything he says is mostly insane or nonsense.
    Is this guy even a musician? I've heard not one of his songs, but I ALWAYS see his name in headlines like: "C*nt professes owns c*ntship publically, mistakenly regards it winning"
    You're joking right ?
    one better, I'm British.
    I've only ever heard Cat Scratch Fever and that's only because of Pantera. Nugent might've been big in America but his music is not well known in the outside world. Probably because most people cannot relate to his world view in any way.
    I think he's a friggin idiot, but he had some killer tunes back in the day. Just What the Dr Ordered, Free For All, Hey Baby, The Great White Buffalo (by Amboy Dukes)among others I can't think of off the top of my head.
    haha still, are you joking?
    a touch of hyperbole, but I honestly don't think I've heard his music, and I DO constantly read these headlines
    a drummer
    Got you in a stranglehold, baby!!! You best get outta the way!! you've probably heard [i]stranglehold and didn't know it was him..and he's not even the one singing it. really though you're not missing much.
    I wish he followed through on his "I'll be dead or in jail" threat if Obama won a 2nd term. Alas, he still lives & breathes & walks among us. Just like most conservatives, all talk & no action.
    I'm the guy with pedo jokes. With the black jokes. With the jew jokes. JUST MY THING.. But, honestly? I somehow feel offended. What a disgusting man.
    That's because offensive jokes are only offensive if you actually intend to offend the target of the joke (not that some people won't be offended either way, of course). There's a difference between me, as a man with no prejudices (inb4 somebody citing some study that says we all of subconscious prejudices), telling a racist joke, and an actual racist telling a racist joke.
    I missed the apology. He said he wishes he would have used more understandable language? That's hardly an apology and besides, one could write a 1000 page book based on stupid offensive shit he's said that he hasn't apologized for. I don't want him to apologize, I just want him to **** off.
    I don't understand why The Nooge would bench himself off the team. He knows the play book so well!
    Subhuman? Hmm... Skid Row put out Subhuman Race when Bach was still in the band...and Ted did that show Supergroup show with Sebastian years ago... OMG DAMNOCRACY IS FINALLY GOING TO RELEASE THEIR ALBUM
    "How is anything he said racist?" - There really are some ignorant ****s on this website. Idiots.