Ted Nugent Blaming Liberals for Detroit Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy was caused by "blood-sucking liberal democrats," says Motor City Madman.

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As his hometown Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection last Thursday (July 18), guitarist Ted Nugent expressed his outrage, saying that the city has been sabotaged by the liberals for decades.

In his statement for TMZ, Motor City Madman revealed that he is "shattered but not at all surprised" by the current situation.

"Liberal democrats took hold of the greatest, most productive city on earth and turned it into a bloodsucker excuse-making hell," he said. "Liberals seem to think that what Mugabe did to destroy the breadbasket of Africa in Zimbabwe is somehow a desirable model."

The Nuge pointed out that President Obama is also to blame for the biggest city bankruptcy case in US history. "If allowed to continue, our President will do the same to the whole country," the axeman said. "Heartbreaking and tragic."

According to numerous reports, Detroit has been facing rough times in recent years, as it lost quarter-million residents in the past decade, hitting local business hard and causing the crime rate to increase. The city owes a hefty sum of $18 billion to creditors, with a significant part of city's debt consisting of health and pension obligations to public sector workers.

Nugent has been fairly vocal about the recent major topics, as he also adressed George Zimmerman's murder trial, defending his actions as "the purest form of self-defense there is."

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    Yabba Who
    Who does he blame for not writing any music that anyone's cared about in over 30 years?
    Comparing 'liberal democrats' to Mugabe? Does he know a single thing about Zimbabwe? I don't think I've come across anyone who's as eager to share their ignorance with the world as he is.
    Never the republicans' fault of course, just always everyone else's, huh Ted?
    considering the local government of Detroit are Democrats, there really isn't anyone else to blame. Both parties **** up consistently but this time Ted happens to be right however rare that may be.
    You have to admit that it's a little bothersome that the Republicans have turned into the Party of No, while the Democrats have lost some of their spine. The country functions better when both parties are at their best, rather than bickering and fighting.
    Quite shortsighted to say just because a Democrat is in control right now that they're to blame for the issues that have been building for decades. Their economy is tied to the auto industry, so if you really want to play the blame game, it's greed that killed Detroit (and is killing the whole country).
    that city's been run by the democratic party since the 60's, don't believe me look it up.
    I just did. You're right. I almost never agree with Ted Nugent, but in this instance a statement he made out of ignorance happens to be correct.
    Actually, i don't to sound like an *****, and Ted does bring it the mindset to new levels, but the "blame everyone and it's not my fault" mindset is common throughout most of the western world, especially conservative people, and especially in the USA.
    If I remember correctly, didn't the Obama administration put a ton of money into the auto industry in Detroit just to try to keep it afloat? Don't blame liberals for the fact that America hasn't been able to build a decent car in over 2 decades. That's the blood supply of Detroit and they've been behind the 8 ball relative to the rest of the world since the 70's oil crisis.
    If the auto industry goes bankrupt, it is the government's fault for not helping it. If the government helps it with not going bankrupt (aka interventionism), then the president is a bitch for using OUR (tuk ar jobs!!!) money to save the economy. You can't win against republicans. Just ignore it, man.
    As an auto enthusiast, I'm very proud of the huge strides American automakers have made since the bailout. Obama did the right thing, and saved a whole industry. If only he gave Wall Street the same strict conditions to keep them from reverting right back to their old ways.
    Not to say who is right and who is wrong for Detroit but the putting of money into the auto industry was a bad move. It supplied the top crust with the ability to continue with their behavior while not using the money to disseminate to the people. It is kind of like the housing epidemic, the mortgage companies got a hand up while still wanting EVERYTHING that was due to them by the people that were/are suffering. So they both got their return that they needed but continued to bleed the people who were already bled dry.
    blame labor unions for demanding ever increasing pay, so they can pay the taxes that their democrat leaders need to funnel into welfare and the like. That's why most of those auto companies moved down south to right to work states that don't have unions.
    Making shitty vehicles and outsourcing for cheaper labor has something to do with it?
    If you have benefits ar your nonunion job or not working for practically nothing or have some sort of a retirement plan than you can thank the unions because the semi-honest employers wanted to keep them out.
    It's a good thing you're not trying to solve the problem and instead looking to blame someone. Could, I dunno, organize a charity concert (or something) to help a food bank (or something). Nah, screw that, just point at liberals and yell "THEIR FAULT!".
    I live near Detroit. I hear about the city and the state's issues and problems every day. It's getting to be really sad that, not only in Detroit but around the country, republicans blame and patronize democrats and vice versa instead of coming together and doing something about it for the benefit of EVERYONE. I'm not a political expert by any means but in my opinion, one of the reasons this country has gone to shit is because of people like Ted Nugent.
    It's not the Republicans, and it's not the Democrats. It's those who are unflinchingly partisan who are running this country into the ground.
    And that would be Republicans. There are very few extremist liberals (not like granola eating hippies pose a threat to anyone, anyway), and no liberal equivalent to Fox News. Most liberals are just reasonable people who can't see that the two party system is a failure.
    do you not know that MSNBC exist, you know the station that doctors footage to help further their agenda, the one with the slogan lean forward? Fox is as right as CNN is left. Both parties have unflinchingly partisan members. What's ruining this country are career politicians, who from both parties have been in office since the 60's and even 50's.
    Sammy Mantis
    To his credit, it was indeed decades of liberal Democrat politics that ran Detroit into the ground. Unfortunately this dude just can't seem say anything in a remotely tactful manner, so he loses credibility by spouting off like some unhinged moron. Then again, that's exactly why liberal media outlets report on the things this guy says. He makes all conservatives look bad by association.
    Dennis Archer was the only responsible one though and left because he was tired of the corruption. Ted is partially right but some of the blame falls on the citizens that re-elect these people.
    Without a doubt, my point exactly. There has to be some sort of middle ground. Anyone with a brain should be able to figure that out and help work out the country's differences. Wow meant to respond to WhatIsThis's comment
    I'm from Detroit, and where you're all mistaken is in actually believing there's a difference between republicans and democrats... and as long as this train of thought continues this country is going to have plenty more to worry about than just one city
    Two words: Coleman Young.
    Good call on the just giving them a name. You force them to become knowledgeable by looking him up and learning for once instead of being the sheeple they are.
    Agreed but Kwame Kilpatrick needs to be added because he took out billion dollar loans for the city while he pocketed tax payer money.
    I wish that we'd just go back to not listening to Ted Nugent so he doesn't feel a need to open his fat, bigoted piehole.
    Ugh... I've got nothing witty to add. I'm sick of this guy. Seriously. The next Nuge article I really wanna see is "Ted Nugent Apprehended for Tax Fraud". A dude can dream, can't he?
    If liberals don't like him, he must be saying something right.
    Yet, you can't tell if he's saying something right or not. Goes to show a little about your political knowledge...
    Those damn liberals that only voted Obama because they want handouts, by any chance? Please, tell us more.
    This guy cares about detroit probably as much as he cares for iraq or any middle eastern country.
    The more I read articles on what Ted Nugent has to say, the more I hate him. I'm done.