Ted Nugent Calls Obama Voters 'Soulless Fools'

Ted Nugent is, unsurprisingly, extremely displeased with the result of last night's Presidential elections.

Ultimate Guitar

Ted Nugent is, unsurprisingly, extremely displeased with the result of last night's Presidential elections, referring to those who re-elected Barack Obama for a second term as "soulless fools" who "just voted for economic and spiritual suicide" in an angry series of Twitter posts this morning.

The legendary rocker repeatedly and publicly endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney throughout the election campaign, criticizing (and perhaps even threatening) President Obama to such a degree that he wound up getting a visit from the Secret Service back in April.

However hard he huffed and puffed however, Uncle Ted couldn't blow the President's political house down, and as a result spent much of the morning venting his frustration via a series of tweets, including one declaring that "pimps, whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters have a President to destroy America."

He also demanded to know "what subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birth control abortions & lives," and attacked Obama's plan to increase the tax burden of the upper class: "So Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonworkers. Shared opportunities my a--."

Thanks to UltimateClassicRock for the report.

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    [i]"what subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cellphones birth control abortions
    What the actual ****, UG just ****ed up my comment? Well: He attacks Obamacare while voting for Mitt Romney, who created Romneycare in the same patterns before Obama was even elected for the first time... lol
    Romney invented a state healthcare system, not a national healthcare system. Just because someone supports something at a state level, does not mean they will support it at a national level.
    I do believe thats what the Civil War was all about... State rights...
    A lot of people aren't pleased that Obama was re-elected and are looking for ways to punish those who voted for him. Whether they're just being babies remains to be seen, but one Colorado landlord is guaranteeing an Obama-voters-rent hike. Source for this article: https://personalmoneynetwork.com
    I saw Ted Nugent about 10 years ago. He opened for KISS. Anyway while he put on an excellent show, all he talked about in between songs was Bill Clinton. And he wasn't even president.
    If all the Romney voters moved out of the US then all the Obama freaks whom seem to think your money is not yours but all those who do not work for no other reason than being lazy gee.. there free checks are gone and they may have to get dirt under the clean fingernails.
    Alright, I know this is an American site, but surely at least 50% of UG's population don't hail from the United States, right? To me it's just the lesser of two evils. I'm tucked away in a little country at the bottom of the world, and whether it's Republican, Democratic or whatever, the rest of the world does not give a flying ****.
    This is why I love reading the comments section on politics-related articles; it becomes much easier to separate the narrow-minded, shallow, hypocritic idiots from the ones who are somewhat down to earth.
    TBH, both of them were as bad as eachother, Gary Johnson should have got in, problem is, nobody ever votes for anyone other than democrats or republicans, i think its like 8% or somthing
    Please stop with the politics...put up some terrible music articles we can all poke fun at!
    Why does it seem like 90% of people on this site are democrats. Every pro democrat post gets upvoted for no reason and every pro republican post gets downvoted.
    Why does this get down voted?
    Because 90% of the people who post seem to be children or college age at best. It makes sense because 90% of everyone I knew at that age were "liberal" types (myself included). The real people of the world are too busy working and doing actual productive things to waste time here. They would be your "conservative" types.
    Europeans... They don't know what it means to be free. Doesn't mean they aren't happy with their system or whatever, but they certainly don't share the American spirit. Plus they are just bitter we kicked their butts a few times.
    The way you use the word "Europeans" obviously shows that you can't distinguish nationalities from each other. Also, you might want to lay off the US supremacism rhetorics, you're just making yourself look ridiculous.
    Kind of the way you guys use the word "American" or rather "Murican" and can't distinguish different States or cultures from each other. Also, you might want to lay off the European supremacism (sic) rhetorics (sic), you're just making yourself look ridiculous. See there, I can do that too! And it works exactly the same!
    Dr Funkenstein
    American ignorance at its best.
    Yes now watch the falling of a great nation. I think all the vets whom either are still here or died THEY ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE LOST THE MOST.
    Translation: "I'm a white male with money that owns assault weapons and should reserve the right to own slaves, bitches, and more weapons."
    ^pretty ignorant comment al,oat half of America feels that way, including me, and none of us feel that way. his radical redistribution policies are polarizing America and hurting the economy
    No dude. Not half of America feels that way--at least I hope not. There is a better way of expressing yourself than saying people who don't agree with you are "pimps, *****s, and welfare brats."
    That's not what he nor I said. most republicans are tired of their money being taken and spent on things they don't believe in or support. so you can that comment out of quotation marks
    That is what he said. What the **** are you trying to spin here? It's right there! How can you say he didn't say that when it's right in front of you??
    This is a good example of the ignorant people we allow to vote in our elections.
    True, but you gotta take the good with the bad if you believe in the American system. If anything, those people show how well Obama actually is doing: He won despite the masses who think he would repeal the 2nd Amendment, or mandates "death panels" as part of Obamacare, or is secretly a Muslim cactus from Kenya.
    I wonder how many Fucks I give about politics....oh way none.
    He's the oblivious guy driving the wrong way on a highway: The majority disagrees with me, therefore I am right and everyone else is wrong. Maybe it's time to look at your values and whether or not they are actually what's right for the country. And stop being so presumptuous about others' values. Being a citizen has responsibilities, Ted.
    How many times has the herd gone in the right direction? Every time there is an advance in society it has come from the rebel.
    I'm not even going to insult this guy anymore, it's been done enough. This is one of the reasons I prefer Democrats. Republicans are such self-indulgent pricks who know nothing other than to swear off their opponents. Such a narrow mind...
    I came here hoping for a Ted comment and, unsurprisingly, was treated to some moronic ramblings from him. Thanks UG !
    So Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonworkers. Shared opportunities my a--.
    Clearly he has never watched Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel.
    I would've been disappointed either way. I was hoping a little more for Romney, but people like Nugent and Trump make his supporters look like fanatical idiots. I'm glad I voted for Gary Johnson.
    Yes! That damn tax burden! How dare he have rich *****s who play guitar for a living contribute something to the lives of people who have to work 2 jobs (Which pay minimum wage) just to make rent every month!
    Why should he contribute to them exactly? They could easily learn guitar and put some effort into becoming a rich rock start themselves. Why is it his responsibility to pay for them?
    I'm surprised UG didn't get Dave Mustaine's opinion lol
    The moment I saw Ted Nugent in the title, I knew it was going to be a babbling idiot.
    Josh Reubenking
    If I ever had the displeasure to meet this guy, I'd tell him he's a fool, he's an idiot who doesn't have a damn clue what the hell he's talking about, go ****ing move to another country if he doesn't like our president, and to go **** himself. I lost all my respect for this hack a long time ago.
    Hell no! You can keep him! Don't even try and put him off on someone else, we don't want him haha
    I say this every time a Nugent story comes up. I met this man once and he was the biggest dick I have ever encountered. He talked about Cat Scratch Fever as if it were on par with the classics like Zeppelin and made racist comments about Japanese people. If you have an ounce of respect for Ted, I feel sorry for you.
    While he is very blunt in what he is saying he is completely right. Obama is the most clueless president there is. Yeah he can talk a good speech, but he can't back up the majority of things he says. Also, people always attack Romney for being rich, even though he earned all his money fair and square. A good businessman is what we need. Lastly, when people critizize him for avoiding some taxes you also ask Obama where is his birth cert
    I totally agree with ceed194. During the presidential debates Romney burned his ass many times. Not to mention he gives all these minorities free money, so guess what everyone you guys are all paying for the minorities. The people who actually need disability can't even get it.
    Obama FTW
    I was actually buying everything you said until that last statement. I have a question for you; are you mentally challenged? Don't you think if he was born in a different country, the government would have found it out. They may have found it out maybe 4years ago before he was elected. And maybe they would have found it before he was elected.. twice? Maybe.. Although, if you being sarcastic I apologize. Its hard to tell with people on UG.
    Kinda weird how your username is Obama FTW, but you say you were buying almost everything he was saying.
    Haha I was just being sarcastic, didn't mean to offend anyone. While I am a Romney supporter, Nugent is way to extreme and when someone talks like him no one is really going to listen, regardless of what he is saying.
    Obama FTW
    Watch out Ted, we comin for yo guns!
    Anybody that votes for obama is a nieve liberal and they dont even know what the hell theyre talking about and should use some common sense. Ted Nugent FTW!!!!!
    You are too "naive" to spell the word correctly. Maybe paste your comments in a word processor so you can get the little squiggly line and fix it before you look more ignorant.
    That little red squiggly line under your words mean you misspelled them. Perhaps you should pay attention to it in the future.
    "So Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonworkers. Shared opportunities my a--." These are the words of an utter moron.
    I actually agree with him, people take advantage of the welfare system constantly. True, there are a lot of people who do need it, but for the people that don't, that are just using the money to buy booze or drugs, those people do not deserve the money. Send them to rehab.
    There has been a lot of rage at local department stores around here lately... Women (with their 4 or 5 kinds in tow) trying to buy DVDs, electronics, useless crap, etc with their government EBT cards. The clerks tell them no, they can only use the cards for food, and the women freak out and cause a scene. Its hilarious and requires great restraint from the people who are paying to fund that EBT card from beating the lady to a pulp.
    Oh I know it, I work in retail. It's really annoying, they whine they can't use it even though they didn't do anything at all to earn it. Then, when you tell them an item is not on clearance, because the signs clearly state it is not a clearance item, they like to claim you have a bad attitude and then call corporate. There was a girl at my work who was let go because an idiot called her a racist, even though she said nothing of the sort and was one of the nicest people I know. It's people like that that make me want to beat them to a pulp, lucky for them I'm not really a fan of being incarcerated.
    For the life of me I can't figure out why people are against drug testing welfare recipients. The general working population get drug tested when starting a job and most employers utilize random drug testing.
    If Obama is a socialist, he is the absolute worst socialist I have ever seen.
    I thought we were done with polotics, but now i gotta read someone talkin about 'merica, **** it im gonna play halo 4 t(-_-t)
    Nugent really needs to get a life. How much is he really working hard to contribute to the economy? Probably not much, since he's already filthy rich and doesn't need to work for anything anymore. Anyway, I think it's very insensitive to outright victimize the voters themselves, because there are many people who vote based on their own opinions , not what Ted Nugent says their opinions should be.
    Why won't someone just please shoot Nugent already?
    If you're such a tough guy with all the answers, go shoot him yourself. Good luck. Wear lots of body armor or bring a tank.