Ted Nugent Calls Racist Accusations 'A Clear Act of Desperation'

"Everybody knows I'm not a racist," says Uncle Ted.

Ultimate Guitar

Ted Nugent has stepped up his attack on the left wing following the cancellation of one of his concerts. In a new interview, he emphatically denied any charges of racism, while pointing the finger at those he feels were responsible for the decision.

"So they literally have an army assigned to destroy Ted Nugent," he told Radio.com (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "To call me a racist is a clear act of desperation. Because everybody knows I'm not a racist!"

Yesterday, the Coeur d'Alene Casino in Worley, Idaho announced that they had canceled Nugent's Aug. 4 concert, citing, without examples, "history of racist and hate-filled remarks." Nugent says that his record speaks for itself.

"My [former] bass player Johnny Gunnel happens to be a black guy," he continued. "My [former] bass player Marco Mendoza was born in Mexico! Are you kiddin' me? I pay tribute to Martin Luther King in my songs, I've always said my music is a direct result of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, and all the black musical heroes of my life."

Nugent also said that his vehement pro-gun activism has made him a target of the liberal Democrats, the Huffington Post and the Saul Alinsky gang. "They hate that I'm so effective.

"These sick, sick, stoned, hygiene-challenged Michael Moore fans," he added. "They call in and complain that I'm a racist, they claim I'm a pedophile, that I dodged the draft. They call all the promoters, they call all the venues, they call all my sponsors, every day. Meanwhile, what am I doing? I'm going to rock my ass off tonight. And tomorrow night. And the next night. I'm having the greatest tour of my life and I'm going to have - I promise you - the greatest hunting season of my life."

Nugent is currently tour in support of his newest record "Shutup&Jam!" The tour is slated to wrap up on Aug. 17 in Midland, TX.

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    I never thought he was racist, just a gun lovin' self lovin' trash talkin' old fool who is best to ignore rather than getting worked up over his rants. Just like a few facebook friends I know.
    From an interview he conducted with Grand Royal magazine. NUGENT: You know how many times I've watched MTV? Once in my ****ing life. BOB MACK: You got to be on top of these things. NUGENT: I don't have to. You know what I'm on top of? I'm on top of a real America with working hard, playing hard, white mother****ing shit kickers, who are independent and get up in the morning. MACK: Aren't there any blacks? NUGENT: Show me one. Show me one.
    hate 2 admit it but he's so not racist in fact he tells more truth than most of my non black friends but yup he comes off a fool also.
    Oh jeez... listing the black people you've worked with or admired is a really cringe worthy way of trying to convince people you're not racist.
    When you aren't racist and people accuse you of it publicly and that affects your career, what would you suggest as a netter alternative? I agree that it's not usually the best argument, but really, if he was racist, he could easily find a white bass player.
    Except that his opinions are clearly racist despite what he may claim. No, he's not overtly racist, because you can't be in society anymore. So they have to be sneakier about it, by supporting the institutions with racist policies, like the prison system, stop and frisk, fox news, etc.
    Floyd Phoenix
    'I'm not racist, some of my best friends are black!' Welcome to the 21st century Ted, where that argument doesn't work anymore and just makes you look even more dumb.
    C. Jasper
    he wouldn't even have to bring it up if it weren't an accusation. Racism is something drummed up by our government. We put so much emphasis on race and it's not important. Why do we have to label our race on certain documents? Why do we have black history month, asian history month, and hispanic heritage month? It's nice to celebrate our culture but the labels create segregation. Why is a black man african-american? If he is born here and lives here, bleeding red white and blue, then why isn't he an american? The government puts emphasis on this to keep us fighting with each other instead of uniting to stand up for what is right.
    Time for white pride month and straight pride parades Seriously though, "pride" of any kind is bogus, all of it should be banned.
    George Carlin said it best: pride should be reserved for something you achieve or attain on your own, not something that happens by accident of birth.
    Pride is about solidarity. You can argue about specifics, but our system and society does, broadly speaking, favour white people. Race in itself doesn't matter, but it is quite simply harder to get by in the US and in the west generally if you aren't white. Which is why pride exists. It's all about saying that despite opposition which still exists within society, black, asian, LGBT, etc. people aren't willing to accept lesser treatment. The pride is that they can survive in a society that treats them as lesser. Is it as bad as 50 years ago? Nope. It's still there. That's why "pride" movements exist, and it's also white, male or straight pride events are silly and childish. Why should it matter that the US president is black? Because every president and the vast majority of the people with power and wealth in the country are white, and because a large enough fraction of the electorate still holds some level of racist opinion that in an election as close as the last couple it really could've made the difference. The idea that race doesn't matter is complete bullshŃ–t for as long as the west is still basically run by white people.
    I see what you're saying. As a Hispanic who lives in New Mexico, I still see the difference in the way we're treated compared to white people. I hate playing the race card more than anyone, but my wife (also hispanic) worked in a CPA firm as a high level auditor. She got paid as much as an entry level auditor (who was a white male) and it stayed like that for years. He got regular salary increases while my wife got nothing. Her boss was an older white man and he seemed very misogynistic as well as racist. Like I said, I hate playing the race card card, but it was hard to ignore the way that old bastard treated my wife. It was awful.
    Floyd Phoenix
    Except the pride isn't for the accident of birth; it's for taking a stand and not being afraid to be black or LGBT etc in the face of so much adversity...
    No matter how much you deny it, racism still exists. Trying to act like it doesn't and erase it's existence from history is pretty fascist and ignorant. You are trying to argue that if people didn't point out racism, it wouldn't exist and that's just ludicrous. The government has nothing to do with it... I don't even know where you're getting that from but then again your comment was hardly coherent anyway.
    "Why do we have black history month, asian history month, and hispanic heritage month?" I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and think you're not just using one of Stormfront's copypastas, it's because pretty much every other day is "white history day". In school the majority of history you learn when it comes to the USA or Canada is majorly based on the history of whites. Outside a handful of things, like maybe a unit on MLK or a small "oh, Chinese immigrants were used to build the railroads"/"oops, we put the Japanese in camps", there isn't much said about non-white Americans. I don't think it creates segregation at all, no more than trying to balance a scale by adding more to the side with less makes the scale unbalanced. While I absolutey hate putting pride in things the person had no say in, such as place of birth or their skin colour, things like black pride and gay pride come off less about being proud and more about celebrating perseverance in the face of adversity, something most minorities still have to deal with, even with all the social progress we've made. At the same time, Gay Pride parades in the more progress parts of the world also seem to be promoting sexual freedoms more than anything. "Why is a black man african-american?" Isn't the preferred term now just "black" precisely because of the reason you mentioned? Though, with that said, there are an equal number of American-born people who like to identify as German-American, Dutch-American, Italian-American, etc,. etc. despite being second or third generation Americans. Are you as equally against that as well? "The government puts emphasis on this to keep us fighting with each other instead of uniting to stand up for what is right." I'm unsure whether you're aware of some secret government initiative to create racial tension, or you're one of those guys who thinks anti-discrimination laws are bad. Besides, class-based divisions are far more effective and everyone knows it.
    He is racist with his daily Obama Rant. He fits the quintessential redneck profile. Btw, he is a great guitarist though
    The media portrays him as a racist because he does not agree with their agenda
    He fits the racist profile: -Goes hunting -Wears camaflouge -Probably drives a pickup or a classic camaro -Does bbq on sundays -Drives over a possum at 55mph and calls it 'fast food' -Uses a dirty rag as a gas cap
    This is probably a nerdy comment, but whatever: is it just me or this guy really resembles the Soldier from Team Fortress with his mentality?