Ted Nugent: 'If It Wasn't for My Politics, People Would Admit My Songs Are Masterpieces'

"These are monster compositions," the Motor City Madman adds.

Ultimate Guitar

Controversial axe master Ted Nugent recently admitted that his strong political stance is getting in the way of his songs being acknowledged as masterpieces.

Discussing his upcoming US tour over on Ultimate Classic Rock, the Nuge stated, "I love songwriting. I think that someday when somebody gets past the politics, somebody’s going to have to wake up and go, 'Holy sh-t, look at these songs that this crazy Detroit guitar player wrote! They're masterpieces going back to 1967 when he was a teenager!'

"You listen to songs the first Amboy Dukes album and the 'Migration' album and the 'Marriage on the Rocks/Rock Bottom' and 'Rattle My Snake' on 'Survival of the Fittest.' Listen to these songs!" Uncle Ted shouted.

Further praising his tunes, the Motor City Madman added, "'Dog Eat Dog' was a masterpiece, 'Stranglehold' is a masterpiece, 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang' is a masterpiece! 'Crave' is a masterpiece! 'Still Raising Hell' on 'Love Grenade' is a masterpiece.

"These are monster compositions and if it wasn’t for my politics, someone would probably admit it. [Laughs] So I'm admitting it right here with Ultimate Classic Rock, because I love these songs and obviously people still love these songs because I'm going on the road for a wonderful ... I guarantee it’s going to be the greatest tour of my life," the guitarist concluded.

Nugent is set to hit the road on July 3 in Wichita Falls, Texas and trek throughout the States until August 16 performance in Fort Worth, Texas. Full tour itinerary on the official website.

Ted's new album, "Shutup&Jam" is due out on July 8 via Frontiers Records. Check out the recently-premiered new track "Never Stop Believing" below.

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    I think Ted is right. Far right.
    Ted doesn't need a gun or a bow and arrow to kill people. The statement about his music slays.
    God dammit I misclicked and downvoted. Jesus christ dude, that was ****ing hilarious. Would upvote if I could.
    Bollocks, some of my biggest idols in music are thick, aggressive, arrogant ****s. I just don't think that your songs are that great, Ted. "Stranglehold" is a good one, though.
    Thrash Addict
    Master pieces? No, but he has great albums. You should digger deeper into his discography. Just forget that its this *******.
    Song critique: The country rock vocals don't quite fit the VERY punk-y vibe and they're way too low in the mix but the instrumentation is pretty cool.
    If I wasn't known for wiping before I poop, people would acknowledge my killer meatloaf recipe.
    I may be a conservative and might like a couple songs from him, but I definitely do not think his work are masterpieces.
    ya he's got some good stuff but the only reason people still talk about him is BECAUSE of his politics
    I don't think anything named 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang' will ever be a masterpiece, Ted.
    Well Burzum is quite popular within Metal despite Varg Vikernes being a Neo-Naiz/Odalist, and I'm talking about people who don't share his beliefs as well. So Ted's point is invalid.
    I was about to say the exact same thing about Dissection - I think if it wasn't for his politics people would've just forgotten about him years ago
    Nugent isn't just delusional about politics or just delusional about music... he's delusional period. During the 70's he was a decent rock guitarist who scored a couple of big hits and hasn't shut up about his guns and right-wing bs since. If it weren't for his politics he'd probably actually have LESS fans... He appeals to far-right nut jobs who agree with his ignorant rants and eventually remember "oh yeah... He did 'Cat Scratch Fever'!!!"
    Every time a Ted story comes out I say this, I met this man once and he is the biggest dick I've ever met. He talked up his songs as if they were masterpieces and made racist comments about Japanese people. I was like 13 when I met him so had no interest in politics then that could've ever swayed my opinion. I didn't like him or his songs because his songs are cheesy garbage and he is a dick who is full of himself.
    When did you meet him? Ive met him twice and both times he was one of the nicest most down to earth people I've run into.
    I really dig his music and I do listen to it. I differentiate between a good tune and an ******* talking shit. I also listen to Megadeth, no matter what Mustaine says (except the last couple of records).
    yes ted, you are correct. The list of top musical masterpieces would go as follows 1. Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven 2. Caprico Arabe - Fransisco Tarrega 3. Cat Scratch Fever - Nuge 4. Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner 5. Toccata And Fugue - J.S. Bach Sorry dude, you got bumped from this list because of your hatred of Obama
    Just because someone hates Obama doesn't make them stupid or mean they shouldn't be as respected as someone who likes Obama. Ted Nugent says a lot of dumb things but his hatred of Obama shouldn't be the reason.
    No, it's actually kind of dumb the way he hates Obama. He talks casually about graphically killing him to express his hatred...that's a little ridiculous. In politics, we've found it's ideal to speak civilly and constructively about issues. Even if that ideal isn't often realized, what he's doing isn't really gonna (and shouldn't) change anything in the grand scheme of things.
    Anyone with a brain hates Obama.
    Anyone with a brain realizes that the Republicans need stronger candidates than they have been having to beat the loons the democrats nominate
    According to the Nuge/Obama Theory, you will never write a masterpiece because of this comment
    When I was a small child my dad took me with him when he met ted nugent after a show and I kicked him in the shin...has nothing to do with this article, I just find it funny lol
    Even before he went super crazy I always thought of Nugent as a second class rocker in terms of the music he put out
    Then shut up n play yer guitar. And I'm sorry, Ted, but any song entitled "Love Grenade" is not going to go down in history as a masterpiece, you idiot.
    Thrice Capades
    I'll admit that anytime Stranglehold comes on the radio I put politics aside for a moment. However, anytime anything else of his is played I say "this jackass' songs suck."
    Funny, cause I think the nuge could write better songs if he put half as much energy into making music as he does running his mouth.
    That new song of his "Never Stop Believing" is an obvious Don't Stop Believing knock off. All 4 chords and everything.
    agreed. it sounds like he recorded this in his basement. I couldn't take anymore after he said he had a dream like martin luther king...nugent peaked a long long time ago
    I think some of his songs are really good (better than a lot of stuff that gets a ton of praise and hype on this site), but it's really hard to notice with that attitude of his.
    Uhh, no. Everyone knows Dave Mustaine is a mentalist, but no one denies his skill or songwriting abilities. Nice try, Nugent.
    Is Ted being serious or is he joking? If he is being serious he is badly disillusioned.Ted nugent isn't even in the top 150 guitarists of all time.He can barely play. In fact all his songs are in the key of A major and he has never played anything other than a 5th position A Pentatonic minor blues scale,ever! I have 12 year old students that can bury him. That's the God's honest truth. It would be one thing if he played something innovative,but he has never even played anything worth learning.Sorry Ted but your mouth is the only thing that keeps people from forgetting you ever existed,not you sorry music.
    credit where credit is due.. I've never even listened to 99% of his stuff and i want to punch him in his smug face everytime he spouts his bullshit opinions. BUT I'm absolutely willing to believe that he wrote some really great tunes.
    It's so weird how delusional some mainstream Republicans are. They're psycho! And people wonder why their politics get criticized.
    Both parties are nothing but ****ing *******s who force their shit down everyones throat. This 2 party system has become shit. This country would be better off without both!
    And yet somehow other parties bent on forcing an entire population to twist to their specific set of desires are not as insane?
    I am about 90% certain that most of the people on this website don't understand very much about politics. I non-stop hear "BOTH SIDES ARE CRAZY". Well maybe if you looked into it you wouldn't say that, but it doesn't matter because opting out of politics doesn't exactly make you an expert in politics. But hey, nobody on here is an expert in anything so I don't expect any logical discussions to take place. Nothing but "BOTH SIDES ARE CRAZY", well in that case then I guess it's time to vote Libertarian since everyone seems so fond of THEIR craziness.
    Won't speak for everyone but I did get pretty into politics. Not professional study level or anything but I did look further into how the government works, I'd read every bill that was on the ballot and research every person. In the end it just disillusioned me to politics as a whole. You can argue what's the least painful way of getting murdered but it doesn't matter if the end result is the same. And I've stopped believing that such an end result is a necessary part of life.
    Kuellar and MaidenisGOD are correct, if you're going to bash one party for being a delusional you have to wake up and realize your side is also delusional.
    you only hear about the radicals on both sides, thought I agree with Ted on a good amount of things he has also said and done some wacky things, and I'm sure most left wingers are not as radical as idk Billie Joe Armstrong or Tom Morello
    Wait so the worst liberals are Billie Joe Armstrong and Tom Morello? Sign me up they're way better than Dave Mustaine and Ted Nugent!