Ted Nugent: 'Jack White Lacks Soul, I'm Not Hearing a Tight Groove'

artist: Ted Nugent date: 07/08/2014 category: music news
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Ted Nugent: 'Jack White Lacks Soul, I'm Not Hearing a Tight Groove'
Ted Nugent has recently criticized Jack White for lacking soul in his music and overall performance, focusing on the musician's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" appearance.

"Anybody see Jack White on 'Fallon?' wtf was that? No Motown soul," Nugent tweeted.

Elaborating his stance in more detail, the Motor City Madman noted during a Fuse interview, "I was quite shocked. I don't want to be critical - I want to celebrate Detroit - but I just didn't get it.

"I know he wants to be avant-garde and I know he likes the dissonance, and I could tell he was looking for conflicting rhythms and sounds. And I'm a fan of Sun Ra, Yusef Lateef, John Coltrane, so I get that. But it doesn't make me want to shake a tail feather," he added.

"It did not make me want to shimmy. But I'm spoiled because I came up around - and created - the ultimate shimmy music of all time. I'm not hearing a tight groove [with Jack White]."

Continuing with criticism, Ted stated, "I just couldn't connect with the overt scramble for making a fashion statement with his hair, hat and suit from 1966. Sure, it was stimulating, but so is a Ferris wheel."

Pointing out that his comments shouldn't be taken as ill-willed, the guitarist added, "I wish Jack godspeed - he's made some brilliant musical statements throughout his career and I expect he will do more, but his performance was a grave letdown. And I wanted to love it because it's so Detroit. I'm so hopelessly Detroit.

"And Detroit for me means the Motown Funk Brothers, the Bob Seger groove, the Eminem groove, the Kid Rock groove, the Amboy Dukes tightness. And I know good music that makes me want to shake, and Jack didn't. I was let down. I don't think I was mean-spirited in my tweet, do you?"

Asked to single out a few contemporary musicians he loves, Nugent replied, "Oh God almighty, another Detroit monster is Chad Smith of the Chili Peppers. Their music is intoxicating between Flea and Chad Smith. They're contemporary because they're still making good records, but I don’t think there's anything new that has a groove and soulfulness.

"The Chili Peppers just stink of soul - and that's the ultimate compliment. They continue what James Brown created. I like Dave Grohl, I guess he's a little newer. It makes you shake, it's uppity and spirited."

Finally, Uncle Ted shared his thoughts on the Black Keys. "It grabs me, but not as much as it grabs some of the other people that rave about them. They have a nice funk thing going on and it reminds me of Funkadelic, but it's not quite grinding enough for me. I think the Chili Peppers out-grind the Black Keys.

"I respect and admire the Black Keys, but there's no guitar solos. With the Black Keys, I'm missing crescendos with the sax, keyboard or guitar solo. It never comes to me. All my favorite music is rife with crescendo and I'm not hearing enough with them. If you can get the Black Keys to hear this, tell them I offer my crescendo guitar anytime they desire it."

Nugent's new album, "Shutup&Jam," is due out on July 8 via Frontiers Records. Check out the recently unleashed track "I Love MY BBQ" below, as well as White's "Lazaretto" performance on "Fallon."

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