Ted Nugent: 'Maybe I Should Be More Mature, Maybe I Should Calm Down'

"I'm not only the world's greatest guitar player, but also the person who the president hates the most," Uncle Ted shouts moments later.

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Ted Nugent was in a ranting mood as always during his recent Salt Lake City show, dropping quite a few headline-grabbers, along with a question, "Should I calm down?"

"Maybe I should be a little more mature?" the 66-year-old Nuge asked the Depot crowd. "Maybe I should calm down?"

As theĀ Daily Herald reports, the Motor City Madman rounded up the night with a series of hit singles and steaming rants, taking on anyone from the state of Colorado, to New Jersey, and President Obama himself.

"Remember when Colorado was Colorado? Now it's a suburb of San Francisco," Ted said. "We were in New Jersey ... It's good to be back in the United States," Ted continued. "Make sure you stay Utah. Don't let those Californians f--k you up," Ted was still talking. "I know some of you ... don't kill stuff. Don't worry, I've got you covered. I'm a lot like Mother Teresa with a bow and arrow," another rant went. "I'm not only the world's greatest guitar player, but also the person who the president hates the most," the axeman added to crown the rant rampage.

"If I'm getting too political for you, you're in the wrong place," Nugent concluded.

Ted's latest studio effort, "Shutup&Jam!" saw its release on July 4 via Frontiers Records.

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    World's Greatest Guitar player? Really Ted?
    I don't have a problem with Ted Nugent musically, and I think I share the same stance as other rock listeners, but every time he opens his mouth and sets his ego loose it becomes embarrassing to say you were even a fan of him.
    I share many beliefs that he does politically it's just that somehow, someway he finds absolutely the worst way to express them!
    As ridiculous as he is, I think or at least hope he might be kidding...
    But if he stopped being an idiot then UG would have nothing to report on.
    There's always Metallica...
    The best career move that Ted Nugent could ever make would be to stop speaking. Immediately.
    Would it though? While obviously everything he says is utter crap, he now has millions of people talking about him and waiting to see what he does next because of it
    he is definitely not the worlds greatest guitar player by a mile. but i can understand why he hates a piece of shit like obama
    Nero Galon
    Always rely on Ted to be modest.
    Seriously... he gave the title of best guitarist in the world to himself, compared himself to Mother Theresa AND claimed to be persecuted by Obama in the same rant. Delusions of grandeur, meet mr. Ted.
    im sure the president doesnt give a trillionth of a sixth of a **** about you teddy boy
    Couldn't agree more. In Ted's fantasy world he's "the world's greatest guitar player", he's relevant and President Obama cares about him. On Earth none of these things are true.
    Kanye West v2
    Haha pretty much. They're both delusional narcissists. The only real difference between them is that at least people are interested in Kanye (I don't get it). Nugent hasn't been relevant in almost 40 years.
    I think people don't mind Kanye as much because he just rambles about himself, and Nugent is on a constant political rant. The latter tends to get people more upset.
    Neon Knight
    its time to petition UG to ban stories about Ted Nugent except in exceptional cases (like if he actually attacked Obama).
    Pikka Bird
    Next time, Nuge, don't forget to mention how you're actually the blackest musician that ever lived, bunghole.
    Wow. I'm shocked he didn't have any ranting to do about all us Mormons here while he was at it.
    every ted nugent artical is exactly the same.
    Every artical on UG follows the same recipe, 90& are a 5 second read of the first few lines, and the rest is often irrelevant garbage related to the artist(s) in question - I basicly solely come here for the comments now, as good, worthwhile stuff does actually happen down here once in a blue moon.
    It was too good to be true, he started nice with "I should be more mature, should I calm down?" then he once again f**k it up with his arrogance.
    He's wrong... speaking one's mind is the most mature thing a person can do... the most rational and independent thing a person can do... freedom of speech. Those who disagree with him are voicing an opinion and are just as independent as he is... or as arrogant. Something to think about.
    I thought about it. I disagree with your statement. Speaking one's mind and maturity don't have anything in common. Anybody can speak their minds, to include immature persons. Also, independence and rationality don't have anything to do with freedom of speech. Speaking is an action. Something we do. The other things you mentioned have to do with the substance of the speech itself.
    I love how whenever someone calls out a right winger on something stupid they say, all of their fans start screaming "If you don't agree with what he says you're oppressing my free speech!"
    Oh trust me it's not limited to right wingers, or even politics as a whole. It's a strange response though, I always found argument to be one of the benefits of free speech, not a downside. If you weren't allowed to call out someone when you think you should it wouldn't be very free.
    I hate it when people say this. Freedom of speech doesn't protect you from criticism, it protects you from the government fining or jailing you. If I'm criticizing you for something you said, it's within my own right of freedom of speech and certainly my criticism won't lead to your getting fined by the government or being thrown in jail.
    Another day on UG another article from The Nuge, Mustaine, or Metallica to try and piss people off.