Ted Nugent: 'Maybe I Should Be More Mature, Maybe I Should Calm Down'

artist: Ted Nugent date: 08/04/2014 category: music news
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Ted Nugent: 'Maybe I Should Be More Mature, Maybe I Should Calm Down'
Ted Nugent was in a ranting mood as always during his recent Salt Lake City show, dropping quite a few headline-grabbers, along with a question, "Should I calm down?"

"Maybe I should be a little more mature?" the 66-year-old Nuge asked the Depot crowd. "Maybe I should calm down?"

As theĀ Daily Herald reports, the Motor City Madman rounded up the night with a series of hit singles and steaming rants, taking on anyone from the state of Colorado, to New Jersey, and President Obama himself.

"Remember when Colorado was Colorado? Now it's a suburb of San Francisco," Ted said. "We were in New Jersey ... It's good to be back in the United States," Ted continued. "Make sure you stay Utah. Don't let those Californians f--k you up," Ted was still talking. "I know some of you ... don't kill stuff. Don't worry, I've got you covered. I'm a lot like Mother Teresa with a bow and arrow," another rant went. "I'm not only the world's greatest guitar player, but also the person who the president hates the most," the axeman added to crown the rant rampage.

"If I'm getting too political for you, you're in the wrong place," Nugent concluded.

Ted's latest studio effort, "Shutup&Jam!" saw its release on July 4 via Frontiers Records.
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