Ted Nugent Slams Sebastian Bach as 'Weak'

Rocker criticises former Skid Row frontman's alcohol issues, despite singer saying he's sober.

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Ted Nugent has lashed out at Sebastian Bach, calling the former Skid Row frontman "weak" because of his battle with the bottle.

As Classic Rock reports, the pair appeared on US reality show SuperGroup in 2006, in which Nugent and Bach were joined by Scott Ian, Jason Bonham and Evan Seinfeld in a Las Vegas mansion. Over a 12-day period, the five artists were filmed as they planned a one-off live performance.

In one episode, Nugent was forced to take Bach aside and warn him about his excessive drinking and the outspoken guitarist says the singer has learned nothing - despite Bach insisting he's quit drinking.

Nugent tells Radio.com: "Sebastian Bach is a great guy. I love the guy and he's incredibly gifted and a gentleman for the most part - but he's weak. He doesn't understand the concept of the body as a sacred temple. He doesn't understand accountability and he doesn't understand how his indulgences and his poisons ruin his life, his relationships, his marriage and his musical capabilities.

"I love you, but when you're the drunk Sebastian Bach, you're nowhere near the Sebastian Bach you are when you're clean and sober."

Nugent also reveals he warned a raft of musicians about the dangers of addiction - but says they didn't listen.

He continues: "I told Jimi Hendrix he was gonna die. I told Bon Scott he was gonna die. I told Keith Moon he was gonna die. They all thought I was an idiot. They called me an asshole and a loser because I wouldn't drink and puke and drool.

"I didn't take it personally - I kew drugs had destroyed their sense of logic and their sense of decency. 'No, I don't want any of that, Bon and why you're killing yourself, I'll never understand. If I had your voice, I'd rule the planet.'"

Nugent has come under fire in recent months after posing for pictures with animals he shot and killed, saying US President Barack Obama "hates freedom" and having to respond when a music promoter pulled one of his gigs because of his "history of racist and hate-filled remarks."

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    Sadly, leaving the bottle behind is much harder than it looks. Most alcoholics don't want to admit that they have a problem with alcohol in the first place. A mate of mine has been trying to quit it for some time now and I've seen him go through some truly awful shit because of that. It takes much more than wishful thinking, mr. Ted. Anyway... I'm just glad that he actually talked about a touchy subject without largely overstepping common decency. Improvement.
    Despite his record he wasn't disrespectful and he does make a good point.
    Really? He doesn't pretend to know what it's like to have that addiction so why does he think he knows about dealing with it.
    Maybe cause he's smart enough not to get addicted in the first place and warning others what could happen to them based on what he's seen
    "Nugent also reveals he warned a raft of musicians about the dangers of addiction - but says they didn't listen" Ted, I think you're addicted as well, but to the sound of your own voice.
    Ted is being sensible and correct about something? Hmm. I haven't seen a pig sprout wings yet, I'm not the Queen of England and I'm fairly sure Earth's core is still molten. Shame UG had to ruin it with that headline.
    Philip Xander
    Much wisdom in his words, actually. Shame, UG, you had to headline it with "slams" and "weak" - that's the least important part of his entire monologue.
    Every time UG uses 'slam' in a headline I imagine it being read by Hulk Hogan.
    I watched SuperGroup and Sebastian was getting obliterated every night then being complete a nutsack to everyone.
    People ride the band wagon to bash Ted...I think he's right in telling people to get clean, at least he tried.
    He's right, but the dude has no rational thinking before he speaks. His statements 90% of the time come off as a Narcisistic, Bi-Polar dude off his meds on a manic high. There's more to him then we know. I'm telling ya the dudes not right in his head. As far as telling ppl not to drink or use drugs he's right. But even a dog can fake morality.
    Yeah I'm with this guy. Ted's words may not be too outlandish but it does ooze of self-righteous, narcissistic balgona. Ted is just a character, not one I think I could care too much for, no modesty in this one.
    Lashed out? Are you serious? He said I love you man but You need to get sober?? How is that a problem? And further more does any one actually believe Sebastian Bach is sober?! Lol
    First Gene Simmons makes asinine comments about addiction, then Ted does the same to show everyone how "edgy" and "hard-nosed" he is. Just a little too late again, eh Ted?
    Sebastian is weak, he ain't like me! I can kill a buck or bear with my bare hands...HELL! I can kill them both, at the same time, with my bare hands. I french kissed death and death died! I know what is right or what is wrong! And you all don't! I am the alpha male! Snap into a slim jim!
    LOL...sarcasm, or riot nugent, is no ones game...Either way, F YOU ALL!!!!! Because everyone knows right wing christianity is the true way. LOL go suck another beer down, think about it, then get back to me.
    The body as a temple? Rich coming from the guy who sh*t all over his "temple" to dodge the draft
    Should we check Ted Nugent for something? He's actually taking over Axl Rose's role as biggest D-Bag in rock n' roll.
    Well Ted hasn't started a riot yet so Axl is still the winner of that title in my book
    despite the shit he gets for being too cocky (which he deserves) hes not actually a rascist. sabastian is just getting pissy because he got called out on a fault
    This is the first time I've seen Ted make a statement that isn't utterly retarded.
    I thought Ted was the kind of guy who wants everyone to decide for himself what to put in his/her body.