Teenage Girl 'Disfigured' After Flare Fired During Soundwave Set

The flare fell into the crowd where a girl was "horribly burned" - now Soundwave boss AJ Maddah has offered huge rewards to anyone who can identify the criminals involved.

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A horrific accident at the weekend will serve as a tragic reminder to take safety seriously at festivals.

According to reports, a girl has been "horribly burned and disfigured" after a member of the audience watching Bring Me The Horizon fired a flare above the crowd during their set at Soundwave Festival in Sydney, Australia.

Now she has had to seek emergency surgery after sustaining serious burns, according to Blabbermouth.

It wasn't the only flare to go off at Soundwave this year. A flare went off during Metallica's headline set on the mainstage, though it appears that people escaped injury that time.

Now Soundwave boss AJ Maddah is furious, and is calling on festival attendees to help identify the criminal involved in these risky stunts.

"If anyone can correctly identify this son of a bitch, I will shower you with so much tickets, backstage and cash, you won't know what to do," he said. "If you see anyone with a lit flare please take their photo and tweet to me so I can hand to police."

Soundwave, like many festivals, has had its fair share of unfortunate accidents. Last year a 23-year-old man was critically injured after falling five-meters from a staircase, and suffered head injuries.

Watch the flare go off during the Bring Me The Horizon set at Soundwave and get caught in these stage before falling into the audience here:

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    Just so people know the girl wasn't disfigured, she stated this on tumblr, she copped a nasty burn to shoulder but. I hope the idiot who threw the flare gets whats coming to him. Oh and UG it's AJ Maddah, not Maddag.
    Honestly, do we want concerts to have security comparable to an airport? What a dumbass. I hope this punk gets arrested soon.
    Insanity ninja
    It's idiots like this that ruin other people's times by their stupid actions. I remember people did this at Leeds last year, all I remember thinking was "Douchebags"
    Way Cool JR.
    What kind of moron sparks up a flare in the middle of a giant, tight packed group of people. Come on dude use your damn brain for a second!
    Mr Winters
    That's what you get for seeing awful bands like Bring me the Horizon In all seriousness, this sucks. It's like people don't even know what a music show is. It's a place to see and hear a band you like, not a damn fireworks show.
    and know whats worse? i went to soundwave and Metallica was on at the same time! why would't you see them?
    The person who fired it was clearly a ****ing moron. I hope they get what's coming to them...
    There's always that one moron at every concert that has to do that one thing that he figures will get him noticed and praised. Firing a flare? Seriously? Welcome to infamy, jackass.
    Come on people use your brain for once. Enjoy the show and leave the lights and spectacle to the stage crew that knows what they're doing.
    The guy who fired that is as much of a d*ck as oli sykes.. and thats hard to achieve.
    There's always one who has to f*** it up for everyone else
    It's a good thing this is all that happened, I mean, the flare could have lit the stage on fire causing it to collapse and possibly kill/injure more people.
    from being there i missed bring me the horizon set. but through metallica playing fade to black i believe was a guy in the middle of the crowd with a flare lit holding it. no security or anything stepped in. In fact the camera guys were watching him so hopefully there is footage from that. they focused on him for ages.
    Too bad some people really don't take security seriously until an accident bites them in the ass. Speed recovery to the girl and please, serious security check at venues, concerts, clubs and so it goes.
    link no1
    I would probably be disfigured if went. It wouldn't be an accident, I would have put the flare willingly into my own ears.
    It sounds like they've idendtified the guy who lit the flare and let the police know so hopefully they'll catch the idiot soon.
    These articles are getting worse. "A horrific accident at the weekend..." The first damn sentence doesn't even make sense. The authors of these articles first language can't be english.
    What doesn't make sense about that? The first sentence is grammatically correct, and nobody else seems incapable of understanding it.
    If you wanna be a total grammar Nazi, then I should probably tell you that your use of "language" is incorrect because it would be plural since you mention multiple authors. Oh, and the world "english" would be capitalized since you are describing the language. Not to judge or anything.
    I'm still trying to figure out what he thinks is wrong with it :S Is he trying to suggest it should be 'An historic accident...' (seem to see a lot of people unnecessarily using 'an' before a 'h' that isn't pronounced with a vowel sound)? Perhaps he's trying to suggest you can't structure a sentence that way (for some reason)?
    'An is the form of the indefinite article that is used before a spoken vowel sound: it doesn't matter how the written word in question is actually spelled. So, we say an honour', an hour', or an heir', for example, because the initial letter h' in all three words is not actually pronounced. By contrast we say a hair' or a horse' because, in these cases, the h' is pronounced.' Source: http://oxforddictionaries.com/words/a-hi... So I suppose it depends on how you pronounce it in your accent. Also maybe he thinks you should have used 'on the weekend' instead of 'at the weekend' but again, I think both are acceptable in different circumstances/regions. I personally think people who come to someone else's free website to complain about grammar are a bit sad, but just thought I'd share for arguments' sake.
    Sorry about garbled characters I tried to edit after pasting but it didn't work
    Yeah, but in regard to the point about the usage of 'an' - who has an accent where they pronounce it 'An orrific accident' and don't realise they're speaking improperly?!
    First, I'm not submitting an article for the world to consider, I'm slapping down a comment on a smart phone in 10 seconds. Second, that wasn't a grammatical error, it was a typo. I missed the "s"
    Ooh guys, Y U ALL SO MAD, don't be a grumpy ol' granpa! this is r0ck N r0ll yeah! #YOLO!!!
    Well it was a bring me the horizon concert. I wish it was me who shot off the flare, I would aimed it at all those scene kids face. not ignorant, just mean.
    Must have thought for a moment he was at a soccer game. Seems funny I've heard reports the gate security were forcing people to throw out food they had, but apparently they missed the flare someone had packed.
    Have you read the way most people respond on here? If you can't beat them, join them.