Temple of the Dog Considering Reunion: 'We've Talked About It'

"I think that would be fun to do if everybody wanted to do it," says Chris Cornell.

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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell recently addressed the matter of Temple of the Dog reunion, saying that such an endeavor was already considered several times. While chatting with 107.7 the Bone, Cornell explained: "We've talked about it, we've talked about it a bunch of time but we don't have any plans to do it. For us to actually be able to play a show, we only ever played one show, so I think that would be fun to do if everybody wanted to do it. Play a couple shows where we can play all the songs, because we never did that." Temple of the Dog was founded in 1990 in Seattle and consisted of Cornell and drummer Matt Cameron, as well as future Pearl Jam members Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready and vocalist Eddie Vedder. The group released a self-titled debut in 1991 and disbanded a year later. You can check out the full chat below.

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Would you like to see the arguable supergroup back on track, at least for a one-off show? Let us know in the comments.

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    Please for the love of god, do it
    I think a Soundgarden and Pearl Jam tour where the encore are Temple of the Dog songs would be amazing. Provided Chris takes it easy on the voice.
    How about another record while you're at it?
    In a way I wish they would. But I kinda also hope they don't. I don't want there to even be the slightest chance that they'd tarnish Temple Of The Dog's legacy.
    Still funny adding Chris Cornell to Pearl Jam equals a new band haha. But seriously go for it. So long as Mr Andrew Wood gets some love and more exposure to the masses I'm game
    This could be so awesome that listeners will need a lot of Hair-Of-The-Dog after being subjected to it.
    No mention at all that Temple of the Dog was a tribute to Andrew Wood...love to see them play some shows but no need to do an album
    I vote Soundgarden and Pearl Jam do a co-headlining tour with Temple of the Dog opening. Because Matt Cameron could totally pull that off..
    I went to PJ20 Festival back in 2011 and Cornell came out both nights doing 5 or 6 songs in the middle of Pearl Jams first encore. I would so be down for a full on Temple show
    YES! The album was a work of art. It'd be awesome to hear some of that stuff in a live form, and if they did it and decided to produce some new material it would be interesting to hear
    UG: Temple of the Dog considering reunion. Cornell: We have no plans. No surprise I guess, lol. But seriously, that record is in my top five and I'd kill to be able to see them live or get another record from them.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET IT BE SO. I wouldn't care if Led Zeppelin decided to reform for one last, exclusive show in my living room with a hologram John Bonham: to me a TOTD reunion would be the gig to end all gigs. I would literally stop caring about other concerts from there on
    A Led Zeppelin reunion would be awesome, a sex pistols reunion would be awesome, A TEMPLE OF THE DOG REUNION WOULD BE AWESOME, a Iggy and the Stooges reunion would be awesome, an AC/DC reunion would be awesome. Your wrong "shwilly".
    If ever there was a time to do this, it would be at the Bridge School Benefit shows coming up this weekend.