Testament Anger Indonesian Fans After Sabotaging Local Band's Set

artist: Testament date: 03/12/2014 category: music news
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Testament Anger Indonesian Fans After Sabotaging Local Band's Set
Testament appears to have caused controversy at an Indonesian festival after pulling the plug on a set by a local band.

As Lawless Jakarta notes, the incident took place at the Kukar Rockin Fest 2014 in Tenggarong, East Borneo. Reportedly motivated by a dispute over soundcheck times, Testament's road crew took to the stage during the set of local band Power Metal, and began unplugging equipment. While Power Metal stepped down and let Testament take to the stage, many members of the audience protested, sitting down during the band's set and chanting for the former band. After 10 songs, a visibly frustrated Testament left the stage to be replaced by Power Metal.

Speaking about the incident, eyewitness and Lawless Jakarta writer Sam Bram notes:

"Maybe Chuck [Billy, Testament singer] didn't know about what was happening at that moment. Maybe he didn't know about the last minute soundcheck that was causing the schedule to be late. Maybe nobody told him because the crew were too scared of him being angry or something. All we know is that Testament asked for a sudden soundcheck, but still wanted to be on stage on the original time, didn't tell the organizer nor the bands about it, and ended up forcing Power Metal to step down. I heard the communication process in the band was really bad. They didn't even bring their tour manager. A band as big as Testament having internal communication problems? Assumption is the mother of all f--k-ups. Testament was not formed yesterday. Communication shouldn't have been a problem."

You can check out video of Testament's set below:

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