Testament 'Deeply Apologize' for Offending Indonesian Fans

"Shows don't always run on time, but we had a flight to catch in just a few hours," the band explains.

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After causing a fan uproar by pulling the plug for a local support act during a recent Indonesia show, thrash icons Testament have issued an apology to clear out the entire matter.

As reported, the whole show was running late, causing the Testament road crew to simply storm the stage while the support band Power Metal was playing and start unplugging equipment.

According to the official announcement, Testament has no problem with concerts running a bit late, but the band had a flight to catch, making it impossible for them to wait. Check out the post below for a detailed explanation.

"As Testament returns from our first trip to Indonesia, a country we've looked forward to visiting for many years, it is with deep disappointment that our performance didn't turn out as planned. While our experience in this great land had been nothing but wonderful from the time our first plane first touched down - from the warm hospitality of our fans, local staff and others to whom we are grateful, to being honored by the mayor and the press shortly before appearing in front of 50,000 fans at Kukar Rockin' Fest 2014, things went awry only at the moment we were scheduled to hit the stage.

"That's when the support act directly before us began their set. Normally this would not be a big issue - rock'n'roll shows don't always run on time as everyone knows - but in this case, there was a serious problem: we had a flight to catch in just a few hours. The flight was from Balikpapan Airport, several hours from Tengarrong (the location of the concert) which required several hours driving over rugged terrain. Making matters worse, several pieces of luggage had never arrived and these needed to picked up in Jakarta before we could board our connecting flights. Missing our connecting flights in Jakarta would have caused the entire band and crew to miss our further connecting flights home (after nearly a month on tour) followed by a trip to Mexico City's Hell and Heaven Fest within three days of arrival back to the US.

"So in order to play our full set and be sure we made this flight, an attempt was made to play our set on time, with the support act following us. The local stage managers, while well intentioned, did not seem to grasp the urgency of the situation as the support act (Power Metal) continued to play and we watched our set time disappearing. When our singer, Chuck Billy, came out and attempted to address the support band and audience, he was not understood. Regretfully, this led to a minor confrontation with the support act who only stopped playing once their gear was finally turned off by our crew (for which they responded by dousing water on one of our own amplifiers). While this situation was interpreted as the headliner being disrespectful to the local band, that was not the intention.

"Not helping these miscommunications was the language barrier for which no one can be blamed - our concern wasn't understood and nobody in our entourage speaks Indonesian. We were also short of our full crew, some of whom hadn't been available when this show was added to our tour at the last minute. Regardless, the result was a crowd that was visibly unhappy during our set and for that we accept responsibility.

"To our Kukar Rockin' Fest audience: we deeply apologize for any hurt that was caused. While we would have appreciated the support act being more accommodating, we nonetheless apologize to them as well and meant no disrespect. In hindsight, it might have been a better decision to just let them continue and cut much of our own set. But in the heat of the moment, a judgment call was made that backfired. We regret this turn of events, which does not represent what Testament is all about, nor what we'd travelled all that way for.

"Testament deeply appreciates the fans of Indonesia and hopes they find it within their hearts to understand what has happened and forgive. We truly hope to return to this region one day amidst deeper understanding and better circumstances."

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    What a horrible situation for everyone. At least Testament sent an apology. Sounds more like poor planning on their part but at least they took responsibility for it.
    You can only respect the attitude of Testament in this matter, not all bands would apologize in such a sincere and respecting way and they did.
    (for which they responded by dousing water on one of our own amplifiers)
    What a dick thing to do.
    Vicryl 2.0
    i heard that was an accident which was actually caused by Testament's crew during the unplugging of the cables.
    Testament crew and Chuck Billy were the one who started it. The fans found it disrespectful to Power Metal, then they committed to sit down during Testament set, instead of making some chaos at the venue.
    A word of advice for the next time they go to a non-english speaking country: hire a translator.
    Yeah they should have played a shorter set. If it was happening at their local festival then fair enough, but to do that to a local band in a different country is only going to cause the trouble it did. At least they put out a decent apology though.
    Why would you not take a translator? I know we English spent quite a lot of our history colonising other countries and forcing our language on them but now we can't even hold on to Scotland, why should the whole planet speak English?
    "Regretfully, this led to a minor confrontation with the support act who only stopped playing once their gear was finally turned off by our crew" Not sure I like the way that is phrased. Makes it seem like they think they were justified for doing that in the first place. Props to them for the apology though.
    seems like a bunch of lies to me. I've traveled all over the world and I do not believe for a second that no one involved in producing the show spoke enough english to translate properly.
    Vicryl 2.0
    the guy they pulled out to talk with cant understand english. but they didnt bother to ask anyone else.
    They actually ask for extra 1 hour sound check before the concert start which ruining the whole schedule and try to blame it on their own crew? funny, besides you have to see what they do live there, it's not just unplugging the set, they also screaming and cursing all the people there BTW their manager wasn't even there
    Maximus Rogue
    If you pull plugs on another band, then you are a DICKHEAD, no matter what your reason is. Everyone know shows hardly ever go according to schedule, so learn how to plan. I wasn't there, but how I read it here: "Boohoo I want to go home to my mummy, so lets mess up another band's show." Screw their apology, they should think before doing retarded shit like that.
    Colgate Total
    They could've just not played instead. I'm sure the people who paid to see Testament would've liked that some shit local band took over their set.
    Power Metal is one of Indonesia's biggest metal bands (I should know, I'm Indonesian). I think there people will be more pissed with Testament being taken over than the opposite.
    @Maximus Actually not. Cancelling opening acts' entire sets is extremely common to accommodate the schedule of touring bands as big as them. And while planning is mandatory, anyone who's ever organised a show will know that things always go wrong somehow. This just seems like a complication made difficult by the language barrier, no one can be fully blamed.
    If everything posted above is true, Testament hasn't done anything wrong.... and yeah dousing one of the amps was a dick move
    I don't believe for one second that they couldn't reschedule for the next day, bunch of plugs if you ask me... if they unplugged me on stage they'd probably regret it, i don't know about anyone else but unplugging another band in the middle of a set is extremely disrespectful, especially to a local band in their home country. These **** tards need a translator, in a country of 250 million people there is bound to be an Indonesian translator that speaks english for hire.
    While things could have been planned better (seriously, no translator?) I guess there should be at least 4 flights to get them to the states. There isn't a direct flight from Borneo to Mexico. It's Borneo->Jakarta->China->USA->Mexico. Plus because they cross the international date line, they lose 1 day during the whole flight. They HAD to catch the flight. It was just a lose-lose for everyone in this situation. - Nevermind rebooking ALL connecting flights and paying airline rebooking fees for not just the band, but roadies. - Nevermind that you have luggage that's still sitting in the airport in Jakarta - Nevermind missing a concert they have play for in Mexico on March 15 that's across the Pacific They can't just reschedule the flight for the next day. It'd be a logistics nightmare.
    So is unplugging equipment during the middle of a set. It was all just a communication barrier problem? Who the fu ck goes to a foreign country to do business without someone in the crew who.can speak that language?
    Who the fu ck hosts a show for bands of the magnitude of Testament without someone speaking elementary english?
    Good point. Me, I just think if you're traveling to a foreign country it's your responsibility to learn the language/customs. Maybe this was a little complicated....
    Now how many foreign countries do you think Testament visit? A 'World Tour' doesn't exactly consist of playing the pub down the road
    Okay that was supposed to post as a response to the purple pacman guy up there. Wtf is up with this site as of late?
    Love testament, but should have just cut their set short,wanting to get home after a month of touring.WOW!
    From what I've seen they didn't cut the set to catch up the flight but due to audience response who were sitting down through their set, and when they were asked for encore, they said they want Power Metal back