Testament Frontman Remembers Ending Up in Hospital With Slayer Singer, Screaming 'Satan Rules Your Holes!'

artist: Testament date: 06/06/2014 category: music news
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Testament Frontman Remembers Ending Up in Hospital With Slayer Singer, Screaming 'Satan Rules Your Holes!'
Testament vocalist Chuck Billy recently took a moment of his time to share an unbelievably metal story from back in the day, involving fellow metal singer Tom Araya from Slayer.

As Chuck told Affliction, the escapade took place in Scotland in 1992 during the Clash of the Titans tour.

"There was a lot of drinking involved, it was Jack Daniels that night," Billy kicked off. "Me and Tom got wasted. I remember getting into the elevator and it had this menu with glass. I don't know why, but it looked like it needed to be broken, so I punched it and I cut my wrist open right here, still got the big scar.

"I was bleeding all over the place and I went, 'You know what? Let's go downstairs to the bar!' And I was bleeding - I remember just walking up to Jeff Hanneman and rubbing my blood over his blonde hair!", Chuck excitingly continued.

"So me and Tom ended up going to the hospital; Tom's barefooted, we're both wasted and in a hospital, there's a bunch of people, we're trying to get in, of course we're drunk so we're like, 'Where's the f--king doctor?! Get over here!'

"They were scared to get us in there and they got us into the room, the doctor's shaking to get me stitched up and Tom's like, 'Come here! Gimme that, I'll stitch him up! F--k, gimme that thing, I used to be an ambulance driver! I'll just stitch him up, come on!'

Ultimately, Billy ended up with three stitches from the doctor. "It looked horrible, I got a terrible scar 'cause he did such a bad job."

Sharing an awesome detail, Chuck added, "Tom just watered out there while the doctor was doing it, I could just hear him yelling out in the hallway, 'Satan rules your a-shole!' That one goes in the books as a pretty f--ked up night."

So there's your fresh dose of metal for the day, you could say it's nearly as metal as the one about Slayer and Exodus nailing pizza to the hotel room ceiling.

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