Testament, Pantera, FFDP Members Share Clashing Thoughts on Future of AC/DC

Meanwhile, Malcolm Young's nephew Stevie rumored to be replacing the guitarist.

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As rock legends AC/DC are going through a rough patch due to guitarist Malcolm Young's health issues, several prominent figures of the guitar-driven world have shared their thoughts on whether the band should continue.

Chatting with HornsUpRocks, members of Testament, Pantera, Five Finger Death Punch and more have shared different viewpoints on the band's future, with some insisting the guys should call it quits and others noting they should venture on.

"No, not this far in," Kirk Windstein of Crowbar kicked off with his distinctive voice. Noting it's just his opinion, he concluded, "I mean, God, it's AC/DC, what else do they have to prove?"

Sharing a bit different stance, Testament singer Chuck Billy said, "I think they should probably continue writing music. But I understand, I could see them not [continuing]. I could understand and respect it because Malcolm is a big part of the thing."

"There's no AC/DC without Malcolm!" Rex Brown of Pantera fame said. "To me Malcolm epitomizes AC/DC. I mean, he's the real thing." Check out what the rest of the guys had to say in the clip below.

In related news, Malcolm's nephew Stevie Young is rumored to be stepping into the AC/DC fold as a new guitarist. As Blabbermouth reports, the band's fan Jeff Lorenz posted a photo he took in Vancouver showing Stevie with the rest of the guys, adding, "Ok so there we have it. Welcome Stevie Young to AC/DC - all the best guys, do it for Mal!" The photo was since removed.

Stevie already played with AC/DC back in 1988 when Malcolm was struggling with drinking issues. Stay tuned for more info.

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    Imagine if they pulled the pin when Bon Scott died. Sure, they've got nothing to prove now, but if the remaining band members have still got the energy to keep going, why shouldn't they? I think they epitomise the Aussie "never give up" attitude. Good for them. Keep going fellas.
    Glad it's a relative of Malcolm and Angus that's stepping in! Although i'm not sure how the songs are going to turn out. Malcolm wrote most of the classic AC/DC riffs.
    At this point, living the rock and roll dream till you die seems like the only coarse for this band
    Well I want them to continue making music and maybe even touring, so I could definitely live with Stevie stepping in. Not that I know of him as a guitarist, but since he's also a 'Young' I'm pretty confident he can handle it
    None of this is actually confirmed, right? It's just speculation from a bunch of people not in the know.
    So a bunch of people who have no business offering their opinion offered their opinion anyway. I'm going to go tune my radio to static to see what else is going on...
    I think the thing is that Malcom was writing a lot of their riffs, right? So if he can't do that anymore either, I don't know if I'd want to hear another album.
    Agreed. Hopefully Malcolm already had lots of ideas from the past few years and Stevie is just stepping in to play/record.
    If it was Stevie, I would be down for them to continue. If however, they end up using someone else unrelated, I think it would be better to stop AC/DC, and maybe form a new band, or release new material under a new name. Just an idea.
    He probley got his brain clot for having to cover up anguses mistakes too much
    When KerryKing01 steps out of his role as the community troll to say that your comment was harsh, you know you ****ed up
    Sorry about the double post folks
    dont worry about it, we will downvote one and upvote the other because nobody here has cognitive dissonance
    When KerryKing01 steps out of his role as the community troll to say that your comment was harsh, you know you ****ed up
    I may get a lot of thumbs down for this but I will say it anyway. Although I think AcDc is a great band, I found their music a little bland. Its just party and have a good time music. Its a little repetitive too. I could never get into them the way I got into The Beatles, Pink Floyd or even Zeppelin.
    I love ACDC, and you're absolutely correct. But that's all they're supposed to be, they found one sound and stuck with it, it's why the world loves them so much, easily accessible and just plain fun.
    I disagree. Ride On, for example, shows that they can be very introspective. And their main talent is songwriting. I mean, who else in the world could write multiple classic albums like Back in Black and Highway To Hell with mostly basic chords? They take simple tools and use them in very creative ways.
    They should not continue without malcolm but money talks.
    Come on come on, love me for the money! Come on, come on, listen to the money talk! In all seriousness though, money is the LAST reason AC/DC would want to keep going now.
    Well,Malcom is not leaving.He just takes a rest for health issues.So,he could even give some tips or ideas for the new material.I actually find it a bit morbid to talk about it like he took the big trip.
    Sticks and stones DON'T break my bones I know what you lookin for!! You and your cake you want some more.