Testament Part Ways With Bassist Greg Christian, Announce Return of Steve DiGiorgio

"I'll have a musical announcement soon, as soon as the vocals are ready," Christian adds in follow-up statement.

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Thrash metal titans Testament have officially announced parting ways with longtime bassist Greg Christian and the return of Steve DiGiorgio to the band's fold.

Known as one of the pioneers of fretless bass in the metal domain, DiGiorgio was a member of Testament on 1999's "The Gathering" and 2001's "First Strike Still Deadly" record. He is also known for performing with a vast array of metal greats such as Death, Sadus, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach and more.

"It is with much respect that we announce our mutual parting with bassist Greg Christian. Metal fretless bass pioneer Steve DiGiorgio will be returning to Testament," the official announcement reads. "He will be joining Testament on their upcoming shows in Australia on the Soundwave Festival, Japan and Mexico City. Steve will also be taking part in the new Testament album. We are looking forward to continuing the momentum you, the fans, have made possible."

Although the reason behind Christian's exit wasn't unveiled, the bassist did issue a follow-up comment via his personal Facebook profile, announcing future musical endeavors. "[I am] just home with my four-year-old, being Dad ... and [by the way] I'll have a musical announcement soon," he said (via Blabbermouth). "As soon as the vocals are ready ... I just don't want to say too much until I can bust it out. And it's dependent on the vocals now."

Greg was previously forced to leave Testament's North American tour with Lamb of God, citing only "personal reasons." Jack Gibson from Exodus was announced as a temporary replacement.


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    Tomorrows news: Greg Christian - "I did not quit Testament"
    Testament is one of those bands that can really do no wrong by me, really like these guys. Straight to the point Metal!! \m/
    Hope everything is ok with Greg. Best wishes to him. Pretty awesome that Steve Digiorgio is back though! Testament now has the Individual Thought Patterns rhythm section!! Hopefully Steve will be on the new album with Gene!! Can't freaking wait!!
    It'd be cool if they got Dave Lobardo back, too, since Hoglan is starting Dark Angel again. Then it'd 'The Gathering', but with Skolnick!
    kind of a bummer, but this band is hitting on all cylinders and should not miss a beat.
    In with the old, out with the new
    Clever girl. (I am not intentionally feminizing your pun; I have recently watched Jurassic Park). I digress - awesome bassist.
    Such a shame, I adore Greg's work. Nice lad, too; I met the band in 2009 and Greg was one of the kindest and overall collest people I've ever met. DiGiorgio is as good a replacement as you can get, but still.
    Best wishes to Greg, good to have Steve in the band though, he's an incredible bassist.
    Hell yeah, Steve DiGiorgio rocks. Can't wait to see him with the Cynic guys on the Death To All tour.