Testament To Split?

Founding guitarist Eric Peterson says the band won't last in its current lineup if their next album isn't a big hit like their last release.

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Testament guitarist Eric Peterson has suggested the band's current lineup might not last if its next album isn't a big success.

"There's definitely some politics in the band now," he told Radio Fireball (via Classic Rock). "If the record does good, which I think it will, it'll see Testament doing another record."

Peterson, who co-founded the band, says he'll stick around no matter what, but he's not that all the other members feel the same.

"There's some people in the band, I think, aren't a hundred percent there unless it keeps going good. That's pretty extreme.

"If Testament sees darker days, I don't know if this lineup would stick."

Several members have quit Testament in the past. Guitarist Alex Skolnick and bassist Greg Christian are both on their third run with the band. Drummer Gene Hoglan has quit once before returning again.

Frontman Chuck Billy has been with the band since 1986. He says their current album "Dark Roots Of The Earth" will be a hard one to top, but said: "We're pretty confident and comfortable as band members and friends at this point with Testament having Alex and Greg back in the fold. It was real natural."

Meanwhile, the band has posted a new set of dates for a UK tour in November (via Metal Hammer):

11/27 Glasgow Garage 11/28 Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 11/29 Manchester HMV Ritz 11/30 London KOKO

Are you worried that Testament won't last in its current form? Who would you recruit for its lineup? Let us know in the comments.

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    Agent 00Awesome
    I think (might get some flame) that Dark Roots is the best thrash release of the year, and the best album by Testament since their 80s material. Its a fantastic record. I'm sure things will be just fine.
    They've definitely been publicizing this album more, so it'll probably do better than some of their most recent stuff.
    It's done pretty good so far so I think that they should be alright. I mean Testament is really Eric Peterson and Chuck Billy and the main contributors all of these years (not to say that everyone else hasn't, but they just been main). So I mean Eric and Chuck seem good about Testament so they would probably continue on the name, if they didn't. I'm sure they'd both go to the other stuff, like Eric's Dragonlord.
    I hope this isn't true. The new record kicks ass and I'm hoping to see them in September with Anthrax.
    As one of the founders of thrash metal... It would be hard to see this band fade from existence.
    Forget about that... the fact is this album is AMAZING... Formation of Damnation had some good tracks, amazing drumming. This record blows Death Magnetic (and FOD) out of the water and is the best of the all of big 5's recent albums. Chuck Billy has never sounded better. Actually, he's never sounded good to me until this album. Great mix of Thrash and Death Metal. Peterson is a great riff writer but he's no good at solo's, he's all speed. As great as Skolnick is I hope they don't break up the band just because he's pouting.
    To quote Alex Skolnick... "Eric and I had a good chuckle about this yesterday."
    I'm actually disappointed that UG posted this. Not only is it old, but it's untrue. Alex Skolnick did in fact say that him and Eric Peterson were laughing about it. Testament is doing fine. They're not going to break up.
    Considering Dark Roots of Earth is one hell of an album and it's been doing well on the charts so far, I'm really hoping this isn't going to be the case. Especially since it feels like the current lineup still has so much left of their creative vein and could very well put out material for another two or three albums.
    Battery Chicken
    Even though I don't listen to all that much metal anymore, Alex Skolnick is one of the reasons I started playing guitar.
    They've definitely been publicizing this album more, so it'll probably do better than some of their most recent stuff.
    From what I heard from Dark Roots it's a great album! Is this a threat so the fans will buy the album?
    Testament just isn't as awesome without Skolnick.
    I don't know, I liked what I heard in Low, Demonic and The Gathering... But yeah, Alex Skolnick is a gifted guitar player.
    As far as I'm aware, Dark Roots of The Earth is doing very well right now, so I'm not really worried about a split-up.
    I dunno... Dark Roots is better than the last few Testament albums, and they are better with Skolnick in the band, but I hope they don't they split, but it would be a high note to go out on.