Testament: 'We Never Do the Same Record Twice'

Frontman Chuck Billy also hoping to share the stage with Primus at Soundwave 2014.

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As the band is warming up to hit the studio earlier next year, Testament frontman Chuck Billy discussed what the new record might sound like, stressing that the five-piece is still going for the unpredictable approach. "I never know until Eric Peterson throws a riff at me," Billy told Metal Obsession. "He keeps me on my toes, and we never do the same record twice, so I don't know yet. If he writes something that sounds like the 'Demonic' album, then I'll probably go with the death metal vocals. With that being said, I usually go with what he writes and what sort of vocals would suit it. I would definitely like to mix it up though." Chuck also touched on the subject of next year's Soundwave festival Testament is scheduled to perform at. Asked on which band he'd like to share the stage with, Chuck gave a fairly unexpected answer - Primus. "I haven’t seen the full festival lineup yet, but I noticed that Green Day are headlining. I've never seen them before, so it would be nice to see them live. I also heard that Primus are coming over to Australia in February and March, so I'm hoping that they'll be announced for Soundwave. It's going to be with their original drummer Tim as well, so I'd love to see him back in the band again. I'm not sure if it's an announcement coming up, or if they've actually been announced." The band's latest live effort, "Dark Roots of Thrash," saw its release on October 15 through Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the opening track "Rise Up" below.

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    testament is ****ing awesome. theyre a total exception to the trend of classic metal bands sucking in modern times. theyve kept up with the times really well, yet they still sound undeniably like testament
    Oh come on man !!! classic metal band ??? First it was hearing Van Halen on the "Classic" channel now I read this... you guys really know how to make a guy feel old...
    well they did come out in the 80s. im pretty sure anything earlier than the EARLY 90s is considered "classic" these days lo.
    Overkill and Kreator have also been putting out some killer Thrash albums in most recent years.
    agreed, I was going to name drop Kreator as well. Also, I think Exodus are a fairly solid band as well
    Agent 00Awesome
    He's right. For a thrash metal band, Testament has a pretty good amount of variety while still staying true to their sound. Can't wait to hear some new material!
    Can't wait to hear new music from Testament! Last two records were freaking awesome. These guys get better with age.
    Formation of Damnation is for me, one of the best metal albums to come out out of the 2000's, crushing album and Dark Roots was awesome too. Just an overall awesome band
    Share the stage with Primus? Chuck Billy is too fat to share the stage with anybody
    between him and gene hoglan, im surprised the guitarists arent forced to play in the pit lol