The 1975's Matt Healy: 'I'll Always Find Ways of Disliking Myself'

Frontman discusses self-analysis of his behaviour.

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Frontman of the 1975, Matt Healy, has spoken out again about his 'self-loathing' and perception of himself - adding that he'll "always find ways of disliking himself."

Healy was speaking to Digital Spy at Reading Festival (via Gigwise) when asked about how much of his personality is on their self-titled debut album - a record largely occupied with sex, hedonism and addiction.

"I feel like that record's so neurotic and so self-deprecating and self-loathing, and there's a genuine distaste for my behaviour," he said. "To even talk about that let alone expose it is a bit of a weird idea, but that's what all the best music's like."

When asked if he really feels the level of "self-loathing" present on the record, Healy replied: "Of course I do. That never really goes away, because that's not something that's part of your projected self. That's not something that's part of the forefront of your consciousness, that's only something that comes retrospectively.

"It only comes with self-analysis and being that analytical and that neurotic, like I am. I don't think that'll ever leave me.

"I think I've bettered myself and I've amended situations, but I'm always going to find ways of disliking myself because that's just part of who I am."

The 1975 will be embarking on UK tour this Autumn, kicking off in September - with dates in Manchester, Glasgow, Wolverhampton and London.

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    Just goes to show you that shitty bands with shitty attitudes and shitty alternative rock just keep making the world an ever worse place to live. 30 years ago, frontmen were frontmen and didn't talk about how much they hated themselves in public, call me old fashioned, but for someone who's fronting a band shouldn't be such a wuss.
    You got some thumbs down, but I understand where you're coming from.I've been reading music magazines for over 20 years now, and I don't remember artists being so whiny like they are these days. It could also be the type of journalism we have today, where the focus is on how the artist feels instead of his work. It used to be "How did you achieve that guitar sound?", these days is "How did you feel when you achieved that guitar sound?" Response then "I used a Boss DS-1 before the wah pedal, etc.", now "I hated myself on that day and my 2 techs and 3 producers arranged the pedals in some weird way and it still sounds like shit." : How you feel appeals to more people I suppose, therefore more sales.
    Yeah you're right. Fronting a band should leave you unable to feel negative emotions. Maybe back then, so many musicians holding in things like that lead to them becoming drug addicts? That would be crazy to think, though...
    He probably just listens to his music and says "wow I hate myself."