The Beatles' Music Played On Mars

NASA reveales that they use various songs to wake up the Mars Rover Curiosity each morning, including The Beatles, The Doors and Simon and Garfunkel.

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During an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit, NASA reveales that they use various songs to wake up the Mars Rover Curiosity each morning, including The Beatles, The Doors and Simon and Garfunkel.

The playlist of "wake-up-calls" for the Mars Rover was revealed by Eric Blood, who works in surface systems at NASA.

The Beatles' "Good Morning Good Morning" has previously been used, as well as The Doors' "Break On Through" and George Harrison's "Got My Mind Set On You". Most recently, the Rover awoke to Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me".

Obviously the guys at NASA enjoy a laugh, as they've used the theme from "Star Wars" in the past to wake up the remote-controlled robot.

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    Low Profile
    They should use "Satellite 15... The Final Frontier" by Iron Maiden to wake up Curiosity sometime.
    Apparently they used Parabola by Tool once too. Look it up. Nothing makes me feel more awesome about the state of the human race than the fact that there are Tool fans at NASA.
    It should wake up to accelerating beeps. That way Martians will think we're blowing them up every morning.
    What if accelerating beeps in martian is a slew of rude insults, whilst the beatles music resembles, by a strange coincidence, their version of a countdown timer?
    Rocket Man, anyone? Sir Elton John says himself that Mars is no place to raise your kid, but it must be okay for space rovers.
    There is an atmosphere, its just very different than ours. But i assume it would still carry soundwaves
    Alice Cooper - Might As Well Be On Mars, anyone? Obviously, like some posted, David Bowie would be perfect, especially "Space Oddity" and "Life On Mars?". Pink Floyd? A must-play... in any part of the universe.
    It should've been 2001 Space Odyssey. And at the perfect cue, everyone at the control center would scream "WOOOOO!" /ric flair pun
    NASA should use this as a chance to play Nirvana's entire catalogue, it's not like Courtney Love will be able to do anything about it.
    they should wake it up to some parliament funkadelic. maybe funk will get the martians to come out and groove... cuz when funkadelic starts playin, nobody can hold it in!
    I think this just kind of proved a point that smart people listen to what we here at UG will refer to as "good music" I mean NASA scientist and technicians and Anthrax? Didn't see any pop or rap on that list...
    X DogBert X
    The fact that they played Anthrax up there is way more interesting than the obvious choice of the Beatles. At least mention the interesting part of the story
    Don't worry about the dislikes, I liked your post. Got the time?
    If you really wanna wake it up, use Bodies by Drowning Pool..makes you wake up and try to hit snooze before the song gets insanely loud
    Shoulda played 'Must Kill' by Cavalera Conspiracy just to show them we mean business.
    goos to see NASA is showing the Martians good music, not the crap shit most of our species listens to.
    NASA doesnt have a great taste in music. it should be one of justin biebers song. BIEBER FTW
    Oh my, a narrow minded metalhead! Haven't seen one of those before! Bowie beats the living hell out of any metal band you can think of, and this coming from a long-time fan of metal music.
    @iommi600 As so many here on UG have yet to learn, stating an opinion does NOT make it a fact. Just because you, as a metalhead, like Bowie better than any metal band, it certainly doesn't MAKE them better than any metal band. I don't know what you were replying to - I don't see that comment anymore - but your reply accomplishes nothing except making you seem fanboyish, offensive and, in general, stupid.
    Sorry if I don't exactly have to put "in my opinion" before every opinion I give around here, I thought it was implicit...
    Shit, this was supposed to be an answer to @Shreddfest96's comments up there... **** UG and this messed up new style of comments section.
    It's all about progression man, you'll soon get used to it, just like what the facebook timeline meme says about the facebook timeline
    So if a tree falls on mars, and there is no one to hear it....Just sound waves up there. I think it's great...
    Dude, don't let the RIAA hear of this, they could start an interplanetary war. Imagine the Martians' disdain when they want to search for Beatles' songs on Youtube and get "This song is not available on your planet".