The Black Keys Get In On 'Rock Band' Craze

Video gaming and popular music go hand-in-hand these days, and now, The Black Keys are really getting into the fun.

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Video gaming and popular music go hand-in-hand these days, and now, The Black Keys are really getting into the fun. Harmonix, the company behind the Rock Band video game brand, has announced that they are adding more tracks from the popular alternative rock band to their popular game Rock Band 3.

The new, three-track "The Black Keys Pack 02" content pack offers a few of the Keys' latest, greatest hits: "Tighten Up" and "Howlin' For You" from 2010's Brothers, plus "Lonely Boy" from their 2011 release, El Camino.

Gaming fans can pick up "The Black Keys Pack 02" beginning this week for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. For a full list of the tracks offered on Rock Band 3, go here.

Thanks to Gibson for the report.

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    Why is this news? Rock Band has been adding new tracks literally every week for the last couple years, so I'm not really sure what makes this week any different.
    I like that Harmonix is still supporting DLC even after the big rhythm game craze was sort of killed off in 2009.
    Interesting how they slam other bands and modern music in general for being too mainstream and image driven, and going too commercial. Yet they're all over tv ads and movies, now rock band. El Camino is simply commercializing what they have failed with for the past 12 years. Now they are relavent....
    The Keys are admitted sell outs. In an interview I saw Patrick (I think) said why should rappers get all the money? They do it full scale and don't get heat, but for some reason Rock has this unwritten rule of turning down money. I am paraphrasing but that was the jist. And I love The Black Keys. At least hey honest.
    I think it's kind of funny that there is some unwritten rule of turning down money when it comes to rock music. As if anyone who criticizes musicians for doing it wouldn't accept money so they could make a living doing what they love. Also kudos to them for the honesty.
    "The Black Keys Pack 02" You do know that there was a "The Black Keys Pack 01", right? How is this article relevant?
    Good to hear. Hopefully pro versions as well, even though I've already got at least one of those on Rocksmith.
    The only two positive things about music video games is that the ones who play them are sooner or later bound to get tired of them - Because no, pressing buttons on a plastic controller made to resemble an instrument doesn't make you develop musically except maybe for learning rhythm - and actually start playing real music, and they (hopefully) get exposed to good bands. Once you get past that, huge waste of time and money.
    Because God forbid someone just try to have fun right? My girlfriend loves to play the drums on Rock Band, but does she want to actually learn to play? No. Does that mean it's a waste of time? If she's having a good time, then no. I play guitar (obviously) and I don't mind playing every now again. Not every second needs to be devoted to creative activity. It's nice to veg out every now and again. I really don't understand this ridiculous anger some musicians have against rhythm games. It's pointless.
    Playing a real instrument allows you to have more fun because you're not bound to an electronic pre-made, extremely simplified spin-off track, and you're free to play what you can't on a plastic guitar replica with five "frets" and a clicky-clacky bar meant to replace the strings in the pickup section. Besides, I have to disagree with you there, because everyone naturally, more or less, always seeks to develop and extend their playing through new licks, playing methods, etc. Admitted, I too used to play rhythm games in the past, but that was before I realized how much more rewarding it is because of the above said reason.
    Disagree with you on the "not every second needs to be devoted to creative activity" part, that is. UG's comment fields really need an editing feature...
    Damn it, I thought a "Rock Band: Black Keys" was in production haha