The Black Keys' Patrick Carney: 'I Only Talk Sh-t To Entertain My Bandmate'

artist: The Black Keys date: 03/30/2012 category: music news
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The Black Keys' Patrick Carney: 'I Only Talk Sh-t To Entertain My Bandmate'
The Black Keys' Patrick Carney has claimed that he only talks "sh-t" in interviews to entertain his bandmate, singer Dan Auerbach. Speaking to Spinner, the drummer revealed that most of his barbed comments with recent victims of his vicious tongue-lashings including Spotify's Sean Parker and Nickelback were only made to "get a rise" out of the singer. Earlier this year, Carney said that rock'n'roll was dying because of the popularity of Nickelback and described the Canadian band as "sh-t", although he later apologised for his comments. When asked if the press had been constantly asking them about his comments, he said: "Just that one interview in Canada. I didn't mean to single out that band. I tried to apologise. I don't want to seem like I don't stand by my comments from earlier. Whatever. It's like someone acting surprised that I don't like a band like that. It's like them being surprised that I don't watch 'The 700 Club' every Sunday. What the f--k?" When asked what Auerbach's reaction to his comments was, meanwhile, he added: "That's usually why I end up saying retarded sh-t sometimes, is just to get a rise out of him." The drummer also hinted that the band could release a live album in the future, and said that he and Auerbach were planning on starting work on a new LP soon. "We booked some studio time for two weeks in July," he revealed. "So I know we're going to start working on the next album in a couple of months. We haven't really talked about it. We just want to get in the studio and start." In addition to descring Napster founder Sean Parker as an "a-shole" earlier this week (March 26), Carney also took a verbal pop at Carl Barat in December last year, when he claimed there was nobody he would rather punch in the face than the former Libertines co-frontman. The Black Keys released their last studio album, "El Camino", in December last year. The LP is their seventh studio effort and the follow-up to their 2010 record, "Brothers". Thanks for the report to
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