The Black Keys Say They're Ready to Make New Album

But drummer Patrick Carney says touring plans may postpone studio sessions.

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The Black Keys have said that they are ready to start work on a new album, NME reports.

In an interview with Billboard, drummer Patrick Carney said that he and bandmate Dan Auerbach wanted to begin work on a follow-up to their 2011's LP "El Camino" immediately, but acknowledged that their plans would likely be held up by touring commitments.

"I think if it were up to Dan and I, and we didn't have to consider the fact that we need to complete the full tour circuit, we'd probably be back in the studio in January," he said.

"I think by the time this record came out we were ready to make another one. We started the band because we wanted to make albums," he added. "We wanted to make one record, and then we found out we had to tour. We didn't play our first show 'til after our first record was recorded, so it's always been about making records, and it's been a process in growing to become good performers."

Speaking about their plans for the album, meanwhile, Carney said: "It's not like we have an idea of what direction we want to go in or anything. I'd like our next record to be ... I don't want to go somewhere too pre-planned. We always want to go somewhere different."

The Black Keys recently announced plans to tour the UK in 2015. The band will return for a run of five arena shows in February 2015. The US duo, who released their latest album "Turn Blue" earlier this year, will kick off the tour in Manchester at the Phones 4u Arena on February 27 before playing in Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Leeds.

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    Say what you will, they have talent and resolve or they wouldn't have made it this far. But even as a big fan I have my own complaints. Meaningless lyrics. Average lead guitar. I can't say much about drums or effects but obviously theyre not impressing you guys. Dan can sing pretty well and they can make "good" guitar riffs and singing melodies but that's it. Really the one thing they were truly exceptional at was taking Junior Kimbrough and RL Burnside songs and adding their own emotion. Chulahoma is their best work. This is coming from a guy who has accurately tabbed out 40+ of their 150-so songs and can play them from memory.
    I really wish to thank you for that tabbing-effort. People like you are gold.
    I am not big fan, but I like their music, it so light and matches every mood.
    We want Tool back! TOOL! TOOL! TOOL!
    Tool >>>>> The Black Keys But of course, that's obvious.
    The Black Keys know the way to finish something they started, Tool seems to have forgoten that. so for actual musical output TBK > Tool
    Quality over Quantity my friend. I'd rather wait to bust a nut to a Tool album then spittle out new Black Keys records every year
    I thought Turn Blue was okay at best. A lot of cheesy writing, "Gotta Get Away" and "Fever" are cringe worthy at points. However, I love everything they did prior to that album, so hey jump right into the studio.
    2 riffs per song, meaningless lyrics, no bass, no nothing...Big deal!
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    Just get back to the way you were on your first albums where it was just guitar, drums, and vocals. Get back to the blues rock you used to make, and for the love of God, stop making albums with Dangermouse.
    This guy. Do you really think they could make Rubber Factory again? What if they did try to reproduce that sound and it sucked? You'd just give them more shit. I mean, I agree they're going in a weird direction but come on man.
    I liked them after El Camino when I heard about the band but now I can't say that anymore.
    Nice, so didn't know anything about this band until their 7th studio album (9th if you include their cover album and Dan's solo record), then stopped liking them on their 8th? Go back and listen to The Big Come Up and Thickfreakness.
    Turn Blue was an embarrassment to listen to. One of the laziest albums of all time and it really put me off when I heard it. I can only hope that that album was a troll and they have a real one coming out soon.