The Black Keys Slam Justin Bieber

artist: The Black Keys date: 02/13/2012 category: music news
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The Black Keys Slam Justin Bieber
The Black Keys are making a name for themselves as vocal critics on - well, everything. Singer Dan Auerbach says he "doesn't really care" if rock music dies out, which follows comments by his bandmate Patrick Carney who blamed Nickelback for killing off the genre. Whatever you might think of their rock comments, some may cheer at Carney's more recent anti-Justin Bieber rant. "Is rock music dead? Ha. Honestly? I don't really care," Auerbach told The Independent. "As long as music doesn't die, I'll be OK. All that talk is just fads and stories and that's not my job. I don't worry about anything other than playing music. We've always ignored the trends." Auerbach also revealed to The Sun how his band used to be impatient that it wasn't bigger, and would become frustrated at the lack of attention they received. "Stuff used to p--- me off and I'd moan about it. Like 'Why aren't we up here on the bill? Why aren't we playing a higher festival slot? ... I'm glad it took us this long because we appreciate every opportunity that we've got. Every step up we feel better about it." Their band are finally seeing success, with a headline slot at Coachella marking them as alt rock flag bearers (though some speculate that they would have been second to Black Sabbath, had Tony Iommi not been diagnosed with cancer). Of course, that doesn't mean either member will be tactful towards the rest of the recording industry. Speaking about the Grammy Awards, Carney was critical: "There's so much good music in the US and there is just a small section that gets recognized at the Grammys," he said. "I don't have any patience and I can't bulls--t myself by sitting through a Justin Bieber song. I am not interested in that s--t. I am an adult and really I don't know who the f--k listens to Justin Bieber"
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