The Black Keys Slam Justin Bieber

The Black Keys are making a name for themselves as vocal critics on - well, everything.

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The Black Keys are making a name for themselves as vocal critics on - well, everything.

Singer Dan Auerbach says he "doesn't really care" if rock music dies out, which follows comments by his bandmate Patrick Carney who blamed Nickelback for killing off the genre. Whatever you might think of their rock comments, some may cheer at Carney's more recent anti-Justin Bieber rant.

"Is rock music dead? Ha. Honestly? I don't really care," Auerbach told The Independent.

"As long as music doesn't die, I'll be OK. All that talk is just fads and stories and that's not my job. I don't worry about anything other than playing music. We've always ignored the trends."

Auerbach also revealed to The Sun how his band used to be impatient that it wasn't bigger, and would become frustrated at the lack of attention they received.

"Stuff used to p--- me off and I'd moan about it. Like 'Why aren't we up here on the bill? Why aren't we playing a higher festival slot? ... I'm glad it took us this long because we appreciate every opportunity that we've got. Every step up we feel better about it."

Their band are finally seeing success, with a headline slot at Coachella marking them as alt rock flag bearers (though some speculate that they would have been second to Black Sabbath, had Tony Iommi not been diagnosed with cancer).

Of course, that doesn't mean either member will be tactful towards the rest of the recording industry. Speaking about the Grammy Awards, Carney was critical:

"There's so much good music in the US and there is just a small section that gets recognized at the Grammys," he said. "I don't have any patience and I can't bulls--t myself by sitting through a Justin Bieber song. I am not interested in that s--t. I am an adult and really I don't know who the f--k listens to Justin Bieber"

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    Kind of a misleading title, but who doesn't love a Justin Beiber hating circlejerk?
    They only mentioned Justin Bieber at the very end of the article. Why did they put his name in the headline?
    you guys complaining about the title up there. I've read this title with a porn connotation. yes, I'm feeling mentally raped by myself.
    Justin beibers music is aimed at 13 year olds, so therefore its childrens music like the wiggles and should not be considered as a leggitimate art form by anyone, but just another way to get parents money, i mean a barbie doll is not a sculpture fit for an art display is it
    Why are the Black Keys turning into the American Noel Gallagher? Always complaining...
    How is everything alternative? Alternative to what? If you call everything alternative, there's nothing left for it to be alternative to.
    emidog wrote: Why are the Black Keys turning into the American Noel Gallagher? Always complaining...
    What are you talking about? The drummer is the only one that really rants, and although it is quite annoying, he is also right (at least somewhat).... Dan (the singer) just stated all he cares about is the music, which is good enough for me.....
    BigSpence wrote: They only mentioned Justin Bieber at the very end of the article. Why did they put his name in the headline?
    To piss everyone off. Really UG, you are getting headline lessons from shit 9gag users say? Other than that, they're right. There is a tremendous amount of good music not just in the US but all over the world. The fact that people are pissed off that Bon Iver won and Skrillex didn't is just really sad. It's the exact comparison of how music is today. All that is the best out there isn't being featured publicly enough, and once one of these artists make a break, they're ridiculed because someone who's doing what every other DJ is doing now didn't win?
    I don't know what you guys are upset about. They have been saying what you guys have been saying in these news discussion threads for years. New mainstream rock sucks, pop stars come and go because they're disposable, Justin Bieber sucks... It also isn't like they're going out of their way to make these statements available to you. People asked them questions in interviews and Patrick Carney answered. The Black Keys are certainly the best band getting circulation in America right now, and that's what we should focus on.
    Am I thew only one who thinks these guys are self-righteous *****s? Seriously, just shut the **** up and play some music! Every time I see a Black Keys-Slam... article, I enjoy their music less and less! What a pair of bloated toads! They can't get the popularity they want so they need to bag on everybody bigger then them? It blows my mind!
    Who really cares though? The Black Keys really dont have any room to talk about who is or isn't ruining music cause i think the're doing a pretty good job of it by themselves
    I'm getting a bit tired of their constant Gallagher-like complaining, but I kinda agree with this one. I don't care about clinging to genres, as long as good music thrives in any form I'll be happy.
    I like when all you guys says "The Black Keys are a bunch of jerks." There are two guys in the band, and Dan Auerbach never says anything negative. Patrick Carney just trolls people for his own entertainment.
    I agree, and the black keys can say whatever they want. There doesnt need to be an article about it just because theyre famous though.
    They can complain all they want, their awesome!! Last album not so much but still, awesome!!
    The Black Keys are a couple of opinionated jerks. I own and have read their rolling stone interview and they come off as uninterested snobs who don't care about anything around them. I love their music, but eventually their sour attitudes will eclipse their great sound. Kinda like how the Gallagher brother's mouths ruined their music for them too.
    JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS... Ok Ok! We all know it! It's a constant, agreeable and credible piece of fact... But having a very very firm grasp of the obvious is kinda' ridiculous.
    It's funny that commercial pop stars are ragging on other commercial pop stars. The Black Keys got into this biz to make money and gain success not to just play music. That's very transparent.
    Ehh I still hate Black Keys. They're a bunch of self-righteous idiots. Even a Justin Bieber hate post can't change that.