The Black Keys Slam Michael Jackson Album 'Xscape'

artist: The Black Keys date: 05/15/2014 category: music news
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The Black Keys Slam Michael Jackson Album 'Xscape'
The Black Keys' Patrick Carney doesn't approve of the posthumous Michael Jackson album "Xscape" - in fact, he's called it "f--king bullsh-t."

"Xscape" was released on May 13, the same day as the Black Keys' new LP "Turn Blue," and Carney is extremely sceptical about the nature of its release. Speaking to Rolling Stone (via Gigwise), the drummer stormed: "[It's] some f--king bullsh-t that sucks so bad that it took them three years after he died to make it listenable ... Like he had to be dead for three years for it to be released."

Carney then specifically turned his attention to Epic Records boss LA Reid, who helmed the project, saying "Xscape" has only been released because the record executive "needed a new boat."

Carney isn't the only person to express his disapproval of "Xscape" - Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine recently said he thought his family should have been more involved in the project, whilst Michael's nephew TJ previously told the Sun he had "mixed emotions" about the record.

"Xscape" features 8 unreleased tracks from Jackson's extensive archive that have been reworked by producers Timbaland, Stargate and Rodney Jerkins. The LP features "Chicago" and the Justin Timberlake-assisted "Love Never Felt So Good."
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