The Clash 'Never Reformed Because Of The Sex Pistols'

artist: The Clash date: 08/12/2012 category: music news
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The Clash 'Never Reformed Because Of The Sex Pistols'
The Clash never reformed because of The Sex Pistols, according to their former manager. Artist Caroline Coon, who was a close friend of the band and briefly managed them, says that as soon as Joe Strummer plucked up the courage to reform the band, the Sex Pistols would reform, making him change his mind. "On some level, Joe was too dependent on what the press thought about him. They always said that rock'n'roll was for the young, and that The Clash should never reform," she says. "And just when Joe would get his confidence together together and say, 'Fuck the press, we're going to get together again!', do you know what happened? The Sex Pistols would reform!" She added: "It happened a number of times. Joe insecure as he was had quite a big ego, and he just couldn't reform The Clash on the tail of the Sex Pistols." Thanks for the report to NME.
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