The Clash 'Never Reformed Because Of The Sex Pistols'

The Clash never reformed because of The Sex Pistols, according to their former manager.

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The Clash never reformed because of The Sex Pistols, according to their former manager.

Artist Caroline Coon, who was a close friend of the band and briefly managed them, says that as soon as Joe Strummer plucked up the courage to reform the band, the Sex Pistols would reform, making him change his mind.

"On some level, Joe was too dependent on what the press thought about him. They always said that rock'n'roll was for the young, and that The Clash should never reform," she says.

"And just when Joe would get his confidence together together and say, 'Fuck the press, we're going to get together again!', do you know what happened? The Sex Pistols would reform!"

She added: "It happened a number of times. Joe insecure as he was had quite a big ego, and he just couldn't reform The Clash on the tail of the Sex Pistols."

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    This is a bit disappointing to hear. Still... The Clash > Sex Pistols.
    I don't know why he would be afraid The Clash would tail Sex Pistols. The Clash is a million times better. Still like Sex Pistols but The Clash are the true kings of punk.
    It's always a shame when an over inflated ego dictates. Just as well though, reformations rarely work out unless it's just for a tour.
    Not sure I would call his ego over inflated. Seemed more like insecurity and worries about comparison between the two, press abuse and the likes.
    I'm with LeakyFlask on this one. Media can thrash a band to the point that screw things up... gosh, I hate this.
    I like both the Sex Pistols and the Clash. I've also been fortunate enough to see the Pistols on the Filthy Lucre tour and Joe with the Mescalaroes prior to his death. Whilst the Clash were more "talented" than the Pistols is still nice to see a band retain it's legacy (to a certain degree) rather than tarnish it by coming back and not living up to expectations. There are too many musicians that seem all too willing to milk their personal cash cow at the expense of their reputation instead of having the good grace to either retire gracefully or change direction. Mr. McCartny, that includes you.
    Are you nuts, man? Paul's last solo albums are just amazing, especially "Memory Almost Full"... also, the guy is 70 years old and still puts out one of the most upbeat, amazing live performances I've ever seen.
    You can't capture lightning in a bottle twice, which is why reformations never workout in a satisfying way. I was a huge Clash fan back in the day and while I'm certainly sad that Joe is no longer with us, I'm also glad that they never did the kind of cash in that the Pistols did. Moreover, most songwriters and bands run out of creative gas after about ten years anyway, if that. The Beatles broke up at the right time. It's too bad that more bands didn't follow their lead (the Who should have said farewell the day Keith died, for example, and the Stones haven't been worth listening to since about 1976).
    Strummerboy Leo
    The Pistols had nothing on The Clash. I'm not sure what Topper's up to, but Mick and Paul still play like it's 1977 and so did Joe when he was around. Probably one of the few bands that could pull of a reunion like that. Pity it'll never happen now.
    As Lou Reed once said about the Velvet Underground Reunion -- "Reformed doesn't automatically mean good." which I agree with. Just look at the Stooges's last album. Better a cemented legacy than a crappy reunion. It's not like their albums can grow old and die.
    Great, thank you johnny rotten, again. And the reformation probably would've been ok, they're talented musicians and apart from topper weren't ****ed on drugs really and they all carried on writing great music independently so the i would've had faith in a reunion.
    At least good old Mr. Strummer went on to have another band which I was very lucky to see (let alone know about, they barely got any exposure for some reason). If there was any point to make about The Clash vs the Sex Pistols, it's as simple as Joe Strummer didn't advertise butter.
    Battery Chicken
    The Clash on their worst day were a ****ton better than the Sex Pistols. I've never considered the Sex Pistols as anymore than successful amatures.
    Who gives a **** about a band that had ONE album, and had a shitty bassist who was a murderer? I *hate* how the PIstols have been made out to be these romantic heroes, when they deserve *none* of it.