The Cult Survive Serious Bus Crash

artist: The Cult date: 07/06/2012 category: music news
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The Cult Survive Serious Bus Crash
The Cult have survived a serious bus crash while touring in Europe. The group was on its was from Croatia to Slovenia when the tour bus veered off the road and almost fell off a cliff, says singer Ian Astbury. "I was the only one awake," he said (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "All of a sudden, the bus veered violently, hit the guard rail and tipped on a 45-degree angle, then righted itself and came to a halt. The guardrail was the only thing that prevented us from going over an 80-foot drop." Astbury was the only band member awake when the bus took a topple, with the other members tucked up in their bunk beds. As a result, the singer was thrown around the bus and injured his neck, back and shoulder. The crash could have been serious, but thanks to the guardrail, the driver was able to get the bus to a nearby garage and fix it up before continuing their tour. But they might need a little more rest after being literally shaken up, says Astbury: "No one has had any sleep, so the guys are pretty beat, and we are still in shock to be honest. You never think something like this is going to happen to you, and it just did." The Cult will continue their European tour through to July 19 before continuing in the US to promote their latest album "Choice Of Weapon".
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