The Cure: Original Drummer To Rejoin The Band?

The original Cure drummer, Lol Tolhurst, has revealed that he wants to rejoin his old band.

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The original the Cure drummer, Lol Tolhurst, has revealed that he wants to rejoin his old band and has appealed to frontman Robert Smith in the hope he might team up with his old band and take their 1981 album "Faith" on the road.

The Guardian reports that Tolhurst announced his wishes in an interview with the KXLU radio station, stating that the tour would mark the 30th anniversary of "Faith" and is quoting as saying that "the ball is now in Robert's court."

That Tolhurst and Smith are in touch at all is real progress, as Tolhurst was sacked from the group in 1989 due to an alcohol problem. Their relationship deteriorated further in the 90s when the drummer sued Smith for royalties and demanded shared ownership of the Cure name.

Tolhurst lost the case after a three-year battle, prompting Smith to later remark that the whole episode was "very Kafkaesque."

Tolhurst made up with Smith earlier this decade, and now plays in his own band, Levinhurst. Tolhurst said of any future collaboration back in 2003, "I think we both have the idea that there's lots of things that we can still do [together] ... and I'm sure that it will happen. It's not a question of 'if,' it's more a question of 'when.'"

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    I know this is an old article but this would be awesome!!! I hope this happens!!!