The Cure's Official Photographer to Release Book Featuring Unseen Band Photos

Frontman Robert Smith says Andy Vella's "Obscure" is "funny and strangely melancholic."

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The Cure's officialphotographer Andy Vella will release a new book featuring never-before-seen and rare photographs of the band, NME reports.

Andy's tome "Obscure" will be released on September 18 and includes a foreword from the band's frontman Robert Smith, who describes it as being "dreadfully funny, terribly honest and strangely melancholic."

Vella is the artist responsible for the artwork to the Cure's albums "Faith," "Inbetween Days" and "Disintegration" and has followed the band since their first photoshoot in 1981. Obscure features photographs spanning four decades and concludes with shots from the band's gig at Royal Albert Hall earlier this year.

Speaking about his work, Vella said: "I have no fixed idea of the image I'm after. I always like and trust spontaneity. I love light and dark and what sits in the middle. With the Cure I love putting images to poetry. When I photograph the Cure I am always transported somewhere new."

Earlier this year frontman Robert Smith revealed that the group's next album will be a mix of brand new material and unused material from 2008's "4:13 Dream," their most recent record.

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    Kinda cool... but I'm much more interested in hearing new Cure music. I love almost their entire discography but the last Cure record that I could really get into was Bloodflowers from 2000. I still think that Smith's got another great album or two left in the tank.
    They are way over due for a release let alone another classic for sure.