The Darkness Cancel Tour For Medical Reasons

Ed Graham, the drummer of The Darkness, is having hip troubles again.

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The Darkness have been forced to cancel their upcoming tour of Australia with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts for medical reasons, according to Antimusic.

Ed Graham, the drummer of The Darkness, is having hip troubles again, which has forced the band to pull out of the tour which was set to kick off on April 2nd.

The band explains, "It is with great regret that we are having to cancel The Darkness' planned April dates in Australia / New Zealand. As some of you maybe aware, Ed has had some prior history with hip problems, which resulted in extensive surgery a few years ago, and caused him to miss some US dates in 2012.

"Unfortunately, over the course of the past few weeks' touring, Ed has been feeling that all is not right in that department, and has been advised to undergo some rest & tests before potentially taking a backwards step and making matters worse.

"He will continue with the last few European shows and will then be forced to take some time out immediately to ensure him back to 100% fitness. This very sadly results in the immediate cancellation of the Antipodean tour.

"We will of course look to reschedule dates into our scheduling and itinerary as soon as possible but have nothing solid to be able to make work currently hence this being a cancellation rather than a postponement. All ticket holders can get refunds from the point of purchase.

"The Darkness also feel that to visit countries which do not get enough shows by them as it is, and not have the full, proper and original band line-up, is simply not the right thing to do. To that end there won't be any possibility for stand in's or alternative Ed's for these shows and we won't be touring with any ersatz model! We hope to have details of re-scheduled shows very soon. The Darkness sends its most heartfelt apologies to everyone involved and look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible."

Canceled Dates:

04/02 - Adelaide - Entertainment Centre Theatre 04/04 - Brisbane - The Riverstage 04/05 - Sydney - Hordern Pavilion 04/06 - Melbourne - Hisense Arena

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    So glad I managed to catch them last week before it happened. Absolutely awesome show, gutted for the people who are missing out on it (for now at least).
    Fair play to them, they must believe in a thing called love for their drummer
    Man, I'm so bummed out. I was really looking forward to the show, but at the same time, I respect their decision. The Darkness just wouldn't be the same without Ed!
    They're a great band, and it's nice to see that they care that the members are in good health standings before performing. I'm glad I saw them in Georgia in January, one of the best shows i've seen to date.
    Why is it so fashonable to make fun of The Darkness? Because they're unfashionable? That's the point of rock, being an outcast, doing what you want no matter what ppl say. Besides, if you actually listened to more than their big hit, you'd see they're incredible musicians and excellent live.
    Good! Why are these guys even still around anyway? The new album is total s***.
    Yeah man, good that a guy is in quite a lot of pain, and good that many paying customers don't get to see a band that they really wanted to see man! LOLjk you're a douche. Not like you're forced to listen to them, let people enjoy the music they like.
    Spectacular live band. No need to hate on them. They are who they are and are totally unapologetic about it. I'm personally thrilled that they've made a comeback and am bummed for the people who will be missing out on their concert experience b/c they put on a f***ing incredible show.