The Darkness Plan World Domination

artist: Darkness date: 05/25/2011 category: music news
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The Darkness Plan World Domination
The Darkness have announced their first world tour since re-grouping from their 5-year split earlier this year. Frontman Justin Hawkins made the announcement, saying the comedy hair-metallers will also release new music. "There'll probably be a The Darkness album in 2012, but somehow we'll get new music out before then", he told Q Magazine. "A UK tour at the end of that year and then the world. Again." UG were one of the first to report that the band might see a return after an official looking website for the band appeared early this year. Spinner later confirmed it's authenticity with the domain records, which showed the site to be registered by their original PR company. An official confirmation arrived soon after, with the band being comprised of their original lineip of Justin and Dan Hawkins, bassist Frankie Poullain, and drummer Ed Graham. Their first live performances will take place in Norwich, Leamington Spa and London in early June. The gigs will act as a warm-up for their festival appearance at Download on June 10th. Thanks for the report to
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