The Groupie Hall Of Fame

Let's take a minute to salute the best groupies ever.

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Groupies rock. A special few have gone above and beyond the call of duty by accommodating as many famous guitarists as possible and then immortalizing them with words, videos, andin one case in particulareveryday household objects. So let's take a minute to salute the best groupies ever.

Pamela Des Barres

Kate Hudson's character in Almost Famous was loosely based on the misadventures of the queen of groupies. Her 2005 book, I'm with the Band, cataloged an amazing backstage life that started as a member of Frank Zappa's girl group, the GTOs. Her marriage to periphery glam rocker Michael Des Barres between 1977 and 1991 briefly kept her out of the game, but she came back strong. A breast cancer survivor, Des Barres is still happily regaling the masses with her kiss-and-tell memoirs.

  • Famous Conquests: Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, Don Johnson

  • She Said: I started dating rock stars when I was 16, and I haven't stopped.

    Pamela Anderson

    The former Baywatch star has appeared in not one but two Internet sex tapes with her rock star beaus. As well as dating numerous famous actors, models, and Hollywood hanger-ons, she married and divorced both rap-rock icon Kid Rock and Mtley Cre drummer Tommy Lee, with whom she has two sons, Brandon and Dylon.

  • Famous Conquests: Kid Rock, Tommy Lee, Bret Michaels

  • She Said: I'm definitely through with rock stars.

    Tawny Kitaen

    Best remembered for splashing her body across expensive cars in Whitesnake videos in the '80s, Kitaen ended up marrying the group's lead singer David Coverdale, before sensibly moving on to California Angels pitcher Chuck Finley. She was last seen as a cast member on VH1's The Surreal Life.

  • Famous Conquests: David Coverdale, Tommy Lee, Robbin Crosby (Ratt)

  • She Said: In this business, you don't cultivate relationships. You look at each other, there's a spark, and the first thing you do is get married. When you're an actor or a musician, immediate gratification is what you live for.

    Bebe Buell

    Liv Tyler's mother, a former model and Playboy Playmate, served as the default muse for rock stars in the late '70s and early '80s. When she became pregnant with the Aerosmith singer's daughter in 1977, she famously let Liv believe that Todd Rundgren was her biological father until she was a teenager.

  • Famous Conquests: Steven Tyler, Todd Rundgren, Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart, John Taylor (Duran Duran)

  • She Said: I think women have a right to an affinity and a love for music just as much as men do. I mean, no one calls Keith Richards a groupie just because he goes to see Chuck Berrybecause he hangs on Chuck Berry's vibe every second of being there. It's really no different. I was really, really very much in tune with the music. Courtney Love and Chrissie Hynde have dated a lot more pop stars than I have.

    Carmen Electra

    Another former Baywatch star with a fondness for dating men with guitars, the famous Prince prodigy appeared with husband Dave Navarro in the MTV reality series, 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave. They divorced a few months after production wrapped.

  • Famous Conquests: Dave Navarro, Prince, Fred Durst, Kid Rock, Tommy Lee, Cypress Hill's B-Real, Joan Jett

  • She Said: Even though it didn't work out, we're so glad we did it and we were able to celebrate our love. We'll always love each other and we'll always have this deeper connection.

    Connie Hamzy (aka Sweet Connie)

    This Little Rock, Arkansas native prides herself on being prolific, happily obliging any band member who passed through her town. She achieved special notoriety by scoring a mention in Grand Funk Railroad's We're An American Band, in the lines, Sweet, sweet Connie, doin' her act/ She had the whole show and that's a natural fact.

  • Famous Conquests: Jimmy Page, John Bonham, David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Keith Moon

  • She Said: So I'm out on the tour bus, smokin' dope and who comes into the back lounge? Neil f****** Diamond. Neil looks me up and down and nods his approval A few minutes later, his manager says he wants to see me in his dressing room. So I knock on the door, and there's Neil waiting for me in a blue robe.

    Winona Ryder

    Along with a flourishing acting career, Winona has held a thriving romantic life with various rock stars over the years. Despite a long engagement to Johnny Depp, she moved on to a remarkably credible list of hip singer-songwriters through the '90s. A recent report has her engaged to current boyfriend Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley.

  • Famous Conquests: Beck, Ryan Adams, Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), Paul Westerberg

  • She Said: Break-ups are hard for anybody, but it's particularly tough when it's being documented and you see the person's picture everywhere. Most people don't have that added problem when they break up with someone. When you're romantically involved with an actor, it's hard not to get the feeling that they're just reading lines, even in your most intimate, private moments.

    Cynthia Albritton (aka Cynthia Plaster Caster)

    A groupie with a twist, this Chicago native immortalized her conquests by creating a plaster cast of their penises. Her collection includes some prize pieces, including a replica of Jimi's little Hendrix. Kiss celebrated her in the song, Plaster Caster. Her website is perfectly obscene.

  • Famous Conquests: Jimi Hendrix, Wayne Kramer (MC5), Frank Zappa

  • She Said: What's wrong with being attracted to sexy men who make fabulous music and are really smart? And occasionally are fabulous in bed!

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